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Kinder Morgan Project Was Approved Using A Flawed Process

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[It's nearly an all-Trudeau set of stories today, but the man simply cannot disappoint me more than he has already. *RON*]
Adam Olsen, Candidate, BC Green Party, Huffington Post, 8 December 2016

I am profoundly disappointed with the federal government's approval of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX). As an intervenor in the National Energy Board (NEB) hearings, I witnessed first hand that the process was fundamentally flawed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his decision saying the science backed him up, but none of the evidence submitted to the NEB was tested by cross-examination and scientists are publicly questioning the approval.

What Amazon’s cashier-free store could mean for millions of workers

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[The future of labour. This would certainly help Jeff Bezos cut back on all those employees inconveniently leaping from the top of his buildings. See also: Fast-food CEO who says machines are the answer to rising wages is expected to be named Trump's next labor secretary. And, in a not unconnected manner: Goldman Sachs shares are up 30% since Trump's victory. *RON*]

Alison Thoet, PBS News, 7 December 2016
Amazon forayed into the brick and mortar grocery industry Monday by testing its first convenience store, Amazon Go. But the high-tech, small-scale market could drastically change the way people shop and eventually eliminate the need for millions of workers, industry experts predict.

The first Amazon Go location is situated in Seattle and is only available to Amazon employees until early 2017. It looks like a typical small grocery store with one thing missing–cashiers.

Liberals' online survey is a tactic to derail electoral reform

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[I threw away my invitation to participate in this fake consultation opportunity. I may still dig it out of the garbage, to determine if it is even possible to answer strongly in favour of proportional representation given the way the questions are slanted. *RON*]

Karl Nerenberg,, 7 December 2016

The current Liberal government has put a big chunk of the electoral reform process in the hands of a data analytics firm called Vox Pop, and that is truly disturbing.

If you go to the Democratic Reform section of the Government of Canada website you will be directed to Vox Pop's survey. What you will find is simplistic and manipulative.

The questions and options offered point to a clear bias against electoral reform, especially any reform that would include a large element of proportionality.

Liberals' Digital Surveillance Proposals Far Scarier Than Bill C-51

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[Out-Harpering Harper! Trudeau is attempting to push warrantless public surveillance into areas that even Stephen Harper didn't dare to try. *RON*]
Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 7 December 2016
Imagine how you would feel if the government installed cameras in your home that recorded everything you did, then gave police the power to review the footage without a warrant, whenever they want.

If that sounds to you like a gross violation of your privacy, you should probably be aware that the federal Liberals are contemplating pretty much exactly that for the digital world.

Universal Pharmacare Would Make Medicine More Affordable In Canada

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["It is possible to be fiscally conservative without burdening Canadian patients in need of drugs." Corporate welfare queens and neoliberal Prime Ministers make for ugly but contented bed partners. *RON*]
Colleen M. Flood, Huffington Post, 7 December 2016

Most Canadians would likely agree that those who need potentially life-saving prescription medications should have ready access to them. Yet prescription drug coverage in Canada varies widely depending on where you live, your health status, your income and your age.

Canadians don't like to hear this, but when it comes to pharmaceuticals, our health-insurance system has plenty in common with the United States. In fact, the U.S. is marginally ahead of us where prescription medication is concerned.

Trudeau's Liberals join with Conservatives to vote down anti-poverty bill

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[His true colors are showing. Pro-pipeline, opposed to helping the poor. *RON*]
by Press Progress, 7 December 2016

Well, it was worth the shot.

One in seven Canadians currently live in poverty, but Liberal and Conservative MPs voted together Tuesday night to defeat Bill C-245 which called for the creation of a "national poverty reduction strategy in Canada."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 156 Liberal MPs plus every Conservative MP in the House of Commons voted against the bill – although five Liberal MPs broke ranks and voted in favour of the private member's bill sponsored by NDP MP Brigitte Sansoucy.