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B.C. Liberal MPs Brace For Backlash On Trudeau's Kinder Morgan Decision

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[They can thank their boss for the fact that they now all have one foot out of the door. See also: Trudeau's Kinder Morgan approval final, cynical betrayal to Canadians who voted for real change. *RON*]
Althia Raj, Huffington Post, 30 November 2016
OTTAWA — Federal Liberal MPs in the Greater Vancouver area are gearing up for the potential backlash from electors angry that Justin Trudeau’s government agreed to approve the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray sent an email to 11,000 of her constituents Tuesday night after Trudeau announced that he was greenlighting the $6.8 billion project, which twins an existing pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C., and almost triples the current volume of crude oil by 890,000 barrels per day.

Gitga'at First Nation celebrates "final victory" over Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

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[At least there's this. The Gitga'at are from Hartley Bay, the village where my mom was from. The Gitga'at First Nation is celebrating the federal government's decision today not to approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and to enact a moratorium on crude oil tankers on the North Coast of BC. The decision ends a more than decade-long struggle that pitted the Gitga'at and their allies against the energy giant in a David vs. Goliath battle that was waged in courtrooms, and in living rooms, for the hearts and minds of Canadians. *RON*]
Vancouver Observer, 30 November 2016

"This is a final victory for the Gitga'at, our allies and all Canadians," said Arnold Clifton, Chief Councillor of the Gitga'at First Nation.

B.C. allocated 10 times more to fight swine flu than fentanyl crisis

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[This is their idea of dealing with a public health crisis with 622 people dead. See also: 'Blood on the premier's hands': B.C. government fails to deliver fentanyl crisis fix'It's like pulling teeth': No treatment bed for B.C. fentanyl addict who overdosed 11 times'A small Band-Aid on a big cut': Vancouver firefighters race to revive fentanyl addicts. *RON*]
By Natalie Clancy, Manjula Dufresne, CBC News, 30 November 2016
When 57 people died of H1N1, or swine flu, in B.C. in 2009, the province put $80 million towards fighting the flu pandemic.

But B.C. hasn't been quite as generous in combating fentanyl overdoses, which have killed 622 people this year alone.

The Desert Rock That Feeds the World

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[My friend Harry drew this to my attention yesterday. It's crazy that this has garnered so little attention. A dispute over Western Sahara’s phosphate reserves could disrupt food production around the globe. *RON*]

Alex Kasprak, The Atlantic, 29 November 2016 
Aided by the longest conveyor belt in the world, a steady stream of chalky white powder emerges on the North African coast from deep within the desert. The belt, its presence betrayed by the bright windswept powder scattered around it on the brown earth below, travels 61 miles across the rugged terrain of Western Sahara, from the mines of Bou Craa to Port El Aaiún, where massive ships transport its contents across the globe.

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These Apocalyptic Maps Show The Holes Income Inequality Has Left In Cities

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[Highly effective visualization technique. Tall buildings represent the wealthy; short ones represent the poor. What's missing? The middle class. *RON*]

Adele Peters, Fast CoExist,  29 November 2016

In one part of Chicago's Near West Side, the median household income is $104,000. In another—about a mile away—it's about $20,000.

A recent data visualization maps out the city's stark income inequality in diagrams that look like a skyline: The taller the "building," the higher the income on that block. Slide show here.