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Here is the world's skewed distribution of wealth in a single graphic

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[Nothing's improved. Last year "just 0.7% of the world's adult population owned almost half of the world's wealth, while the bottom 73% had less than $10,000 each." *RON*]
Ben Moshinsky, Business Insider, 22 November 2016

The distribution of global wealth has stayed just as skewed as last year, according to a huge study by Credit Suisse.

The bank compiled data showing that just 0.7% of the world's adult population owns almost half of the world's wealth, while the bottom 73% have less than $10,000 each.

Here is Credit Suisse:

"The 3.5 billion adults with wealth below $10,000 account for 2.4% of global wealth. In contrast, the 33 million millionaires comprise less than 1% of the adult population, but own 46% of household wealth.

20 Ways to Take a Bigger, Louder Stand in the Post-Election World

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["Sure things suck. But what can I do about it?" Let me count the ways. Many of us are rekindling our activist spirit knowing that the next four years will require everyone to act. *RON*]
Nina M. Flores, Yes! Magazine, 24 November 2016

Everywhere, there are urgent conversations among folks who are committed to justice and who reject an administration with policies grounded in violence and intimidation. They are Bernie Sanders’ “Berners” still hot after his run, or part of a sleepy civil society that has been shocked awake by the Trump victory and Republican sweep. Many people are aching to act but are unsure where to begin, while others are rekindling their advocate or activist spirit. Folks involved in continuing efforts might be ready to take their current actions to the next level. No matter where you are on the “take action” spectrum, there’s something concrete you can do.

Trudeau defends fundraiser with Chinese businessman who later donated $200,000 to father's foundation

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["Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." The Who, We Won't Get Fooled Again. See also: Fuss over ministers' fundraising ignores why politicians chase dollars. Keep ministers off the cocktail circuit by reducing the need for money in politics! *RON*]
By Peter Zimonjic, CBC News, 22 November 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to defend his party's fundraising methods in the House of Commons Tuesday after media reports emerged revealing he attended a fundraiser with a Chinese businessman who went on to donate $200,000 to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

"The prime minister was the star attraction at this exclusive cash for access event with Chinese billionaires," said Tory MP Blaine Calkins during Tuesday's question period.

Donald Trump lost most of the American economy in this election

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[This Trump article is interesting enough to post in itself. "According to the Brookings analysis, the less-than-500 counties that Clinton won nationwide combined to generate 64 percent of America's economic activity in 2015. The more-than-2,600 counties that Trump won combined to generate 36 percent of the country's economic activity last year. Clinton, in other words, carried nearly two-thirds of the American economy." *RON*]

By Jim Tankersley, Washington Post, 22 November 2016.

In the modern era of presidential politics, no candidate has ever won the popular vote by more than Hillary Clinton did this year, yet still managed to lose the electoral college. In that sense, 2016 was a historic split: Donald Trump won the presidency by as much as 74 electoral votes (depending on how Michigan ends up) while losing the nationwide vote to Clinton by 1.7 million votes and counting.



Viewing the CBC as a public good

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[The neoliberal view of the CBC as a commodity in the market, as opposed to a public good outside it, must be challenged. See also: Kellie Leitch vows to ‘dismantle’ CBC, as Tory leadership candidates fight over how to gut broadcaster. *RON*]
Brooks DeCillia,Patrick McCurdy, Policy Options, 24 November 2016

Corporate media in Canada are at it again. Sounding alarm bells that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is once again trying to eat their supper. This time their focus is on how the CBC’s digital news operations and the shift to publishing analysis of contemporary news events are detrimental to the country’s private media.