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Liberals present plan to phase out coal-powered electricity by 2030

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[We need to give Trudeau credit when he gets something largely right. The proof of it's correctness lies in the public response: half are screaming that we are going to freeze in the dark with no jobs and half are screaming that this is far to slow; the world will be a dead cinder in 14 years. *RON*]
By Kathleen Harris, CBC News, 22 November 2016

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Canada's rejection of coal will clear the air but impact workers and power billsJustin Trudeau and Donald Trump face different politics over coal policiesSaskatchewan premier slams coal-power planAlberta's deputy premier booed by rural politicians for defending coal phase-out The federal government is speeding up the plan to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2030 as part of its comprehensive plan to make Canada a leader in green energy.

100 Million Goddamn Trees Are Dead

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[President-elect Trump: either there is such a thing as global warming or these trees committed mass suicide. See also: ‘Unprecedented’: More than 100 million trees dead in California. *RON*]

Hudson Hongo, Gizmodo, 20 November 2016

California drought update: It’s still bad. How bad? According to the U.S. Forest Service, 102 million goddamn trees have now died in the state since 2010, including 62 million trees in this year alone.

“The scale of die-off in California is unprecedented in our modern history,” one Forest Service official told the L.A. Times. “[Trees are dying] at a rate much quicker than we thought.”

Officials say that five years of drought combined with increased bark beetle activity and higher temperatures have led to the die-off, which represents a more than 100 percent increase in dead trees across the state since 2015. Answers differ, however, on what should be done about the trees. From The Christian Science Monitor:

Tesla’s solar roof to cost less than a regular roof – even before energy production, says Elon Musk

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[If this proves true, this is very different from what he was saying just a week ago. Apparently his conclusion is mainly based on the light weight of the Tesla product and shipping costs. *RON*]

Fred Lambert, Electrek, 17 November 2016

Elon Musk made quite the announcement today. During the special shareholders meeting to approve the merger with SolarCity, which they approved by 85%, he said that he was coming back from a meeting with the SolarCity engineering team about the solar roof and that he now feels confident that they could deliver the product at a lower cost than a regular roof – even before energy production.

That’s different from what the company was claiming before the meeting today.

And it’s an incredibly bold claim since if it turns out to be true, no homeowner would have any reason not to choose a solar roof when buying a new roof.

Trump to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership on first day in office

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[In ideal world, Trump will kill the TPP, keep the US out of the war with Russia that Hillary would have started, then get kicked out of office by the Republican Party. E.g., see: Neocons, War Criminals & White Nationalists: Jeremy Scahill on Trump's Incoming Advisers & Cabinet; or, Wall Street and Private Prisons ‘Licking Their Lips’ Over Trump Presidency.  *RON*]

Nicky WoolfJustin McCurry & Benjamin Haas, The Guardian, 22 November 2016

What is the TPP and is it over? The Guardian briefing

Donald Trump has issued a video outlining his policy plans for his first 100 days in office and vowing to issue a note of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership “from day one”.

In the brief clip posted to YouTube on Monday, the president-elect said that “our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently, and effectively”, contradicting a wealth of media reports telling of chaos in Trump Tower as Trump struggles to build …

Ottawa Didn't Study How Much More We'll Pay For Drugs Under CETA

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['Oh well, it's hard research to do.' But others have done it. 'Oh well, it doesn't matter because they're already expensive.' And how does this make things better? '....' *RON*]
By Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 21 November 2016
Experts have been warning for years that Canada’s trade deal with the European Union would add billions to the cost of pharmaceuticals in Canada, but the government itself apparently did not study the issue.

That’s according to the chief Canadian negotiator for CETA, Canada’s recently-signed deal with the EU.

“The main reason is [that] it’s very difficult to conduct that kind of analysis, we’re finding,” Steve Verheul told a parliamentary international trade committee on Nov. 15.

Four planks for a bold and progressive BC jobs agenda

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[Hey Christy! How's that job plan coming along that you've been working on for the last 12 years?! Jobs are being lost in every part of BC outside of the Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria. *RON*]

By Seth Klein,, 17 November 2016