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On the Knife-Edge of Western Globalization: A Stint at Standing Rock

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[Includes, near the end, a donation list of items that are being sought by the protesters. *RON*]
By Robert Barsocchini, Washington's Blog, 14 November 2016

Armed men in jackboots, some masked and toting assault rifles, stand mockingly, defiantly, heavily on the mound of graves – a sacred indigenous burial ground. A site non-natives can understand as similar to Arlington National Cemetery. How US nationalists would feel if the situation were reversed, and people were occupying or plowing up Arlington to bury a pipeline that will hasten the destruction of the planet and likely poison a major water-source, does not, at this time, seem to matter or occur to the militants trampling the bones. While some appear to be “just following orders”, the infamous defense, ruled invalid, of many Nazi grunts who were then executed by the US at Nuremberg, others are smiling – apparently enjoying themselves, enjoying the near absolute power over their unarm…

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims in US surge 67 percent

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[Number of anti-Muslim hate crimes rose in 2015 to the highest level since the aftermath of 9/11. See also: Bullying in Schools Is Out of Control Since Election Day. *RON*]
Al Jazeera News And News Agencies, 15 November 2016

Hate crimes against Muslims in the United States shot up 67 percent in 2015 to their highest levels since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, according to new FBI statistics.

Overall, 57 percent of the 5,850 reported incidents were motivated by race or ethnicity, while 20 percent of hate crimes were related to religious bias, the federal law enforcement agency reported on Monday.

Trident Lakes: Subterranean Doomsday Prepper Village being Built in Ector, Texas

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[Guillotine watch. *RON*]

Tara Dodrill, Inquisitr, 12 November 2016
A $300 million subterranean doomsday prepper village is being built in Ector, Texas. The Trident Lakes retreat in the rural region of the state will encompass 700 acres of land.

The group of investors involved in the Trident Lakes doomsday village plan on constructing enough bunkers to comfortably house more than 1,000 people. If a massive disaster strikes, the prepper residents of the subterranean village will be riding out doomsday in the lap of luxury.
Check up our most recent write up in the @HoustonChron — Trident Lakes (@TridentLakes) November 8, 2016 Trident Lakes comes complete with an underground gun range, multiple white sand lagoons, and an equestrian range, the Daily Mailreports. Even though the upscale prepper doomsday village is being built almost entirely underground, it will still be easy to spot with the naked eye.

A massive 50-foot tall Posei…

It’s Class, Stupid, Not Race

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[The 0.1% (the rentier class) runs both of the major US parties. The only way to change this is by explicitly building political strength for the vast majority - a strange sort of thing to have to say in a democracy! *RON*]
Marshall Auerback, Counterpunch, posted on Naked Capitalism by Yves Smith on 15 November 2016
By Marshall Auerback, a market analyst and a research associate at the Levy Institute for Economics at Bard College ( Follow him on Twitter at @Mauerback. Originally published at Counterpunch

During the Presidential campaign of 1988, the Reverend Jesse Jackson was asked, “How you are going to get the support of the white steelworker?” He replied: “By making him aware he has more in common with the black steel workers by being a worker, than with the boss by being white.” Jackson also did speak of reviving a “rainbow coalition”, but in spite of being associated with black radicalism by much of the country, he was able to o…

Remembering Gwen

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[Bummed about this; she was born 11 days before me. With Bill Moyers retired and news media in general headed down the road of crapification we're going to have to completely re-imagine PBS News now. *RON*]
PBS New Hour, 14 November 2016

Gwen Ifill, a journalist to her core, who served as the PBS NewsHour’s co-anchor and managing editor and, in her own words, sought to always “tell the stories that shed light and spur action,” has died from complications of cancer. She was 61.

Gwen covered eight presidential campaigns, moderated two vice-presidential debates and served for 17 years on the NewsHour and as moderator and managing editor of “Washington Week.” In her early career, she covered politics and city hall for some of the country’s most prominent newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Evening Sun, carving a path as one of the most accomplished journalists in U.S. media. She won countless awards, in…

Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph

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[Time to reclaim the world for humanity from the clutches of Hayek's followers. How a ruthless network of super-rich ideologues killed choice and destroyed people’s faith in politics. *RON*]
George Monbiot, The Guardian, 14 November 2016
The events that led to Donald Trump’s election started in England in 1975. At a meeting a few months after Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party, one of her colleagues, or so the story goes, was explaining what he saw as the core beliefs of conservatism. She snapped open her handbag, pulled out a dog-eared book, and slammed it on the table. “This is what we believe,” she said. A political revolution that would sweep the world had begun.

The book was The Constitution of Liberty by Frederick Hayek. Its publication, in 1960, marked the transition from an honest, if extreme, philosophy to an outright racket. The philosophy was called neoliberalism. It saw competition as the defining characteris…