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Vast Moroccan Solar Power Plant is Hard Act for Africa to Follow

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by Reuters, Fortune, 5 November 2016

Green projects could help reduce natural disasters that hamper African development.
On the edge of the Sahara desert, Morocco is building one of the world’s biggest solar power plants in a project largely funded by the European Union.
It is a hard success for other African nations to match as they seek to implement a new global deal to combat climate change.

‘Prediction professor’ who called Trump’s big win also made another forecast: Trump will be impeached

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[So let's say Trump torpedoes the TPP and the US stays sovereign, he doesn’t do a Syrian No-Fly Zone, so no war with Russia, and then he flames out in a legitimacy crisis. What’s not to like? :-) *RON*]

By Peter W. Stevenson, Washington Post, 11 November 2016

Prof. Allan Lichtman was one of the few professional prognosticators to call a Donald Trump win – and now he has another prediction. (Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)

Few prognosticators predicted a Donald Trump victory ahead of Tuesday night. Polls showed Hillary Clinton comfortably ahead, and much of America (chiefly the media) failed to anticipate the wave of pro-Trump support that propelled him to victory. But a Washington, D.C.-based professor insisted that Trump was lined up for a win — based on the idea that elections are “primarily a reflection on the performance of the party in power.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau needs to stop talking about mental health

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[People with mental illnesses "need stable housing, professional counselling, fair wages, appropriate health care (physical and mental), disability accommodations and a guarantee that their safety will not be taken from them if and when they can't work." Sophia tells you to leave your children with the nanny, put on your designer clothes and talk it out with your girlfriends over a nice brunch. *RON*]
Liz Kessler,, 13 November 2016

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau calls herself "an activist for women’s empowerment and gender equality" and has spoken out a number of times about her struggles with bulimia and anorexia. Most recently she spoke at an event called "Girlfriend's Guide to Mental Health" in Ottawa.

While I'm sure her "philosophy of promoting strong mental health for girls and women of all ages" is appealing to some wealthy women with self-esteem issues but all I could do when I read abou…

New Canadian study explains why working class should be angry

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[Workers are more productive than ever, yet the middle class stagnates. "In Canada, the productivity of labour -- the amount workers produce per unit of effort -- went up by over one per cent per year over the 38 years between 1976 and 2014. The average worker's earnings, however, barely budged over that same period. The rise in wages was less than one tenth of one per cent per year. Put differently, the rise in productivity was more than ten times that of earnings." *RON*]
Karl Nerenberg,, 13 November 2016

An angry (white) working class, which has not experienced the benefits of trade and globalization, provided Donald Trump with his margin of victory in a few key states that had not voted Republican in decades.

That's what most who analyzed the results of last Tuesday's vote are saying.

Highly unionized populations in places such as Erie County Pennsylvania and Macomb County Michigan were so disaffected and angry th…

B.C. Liberals announce former Global morning anchor Steve Darling as new candidate

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[The mainstream media ARE the 1%. Our 'unbiased' media: a farm team for the BC Liberals. Steve Darling, Jas Johal, plus Pamela Martin. *RON*]

By Maryse Zeidler, CBC News, 13 November 2016

The B.C. Liberals have announced Steve Darling, former morning anchor for Global television, as the party's new candidate for Burnaby-Lougheed.

"I am honoured to be running for the B.C. Liberals in the riding of Burnaby-Lougheed. It's an exciting time for me, my family and our province as well," Darling said in a written release.

"For the past 18 years I have gone to work in Burnaby, telling stories that matter. Now, I'm looking forward to fighting for the priorities that matter, such as good jobs, a strong economy and world-class services for young families like my own. "

Darling was let go from Global in early October, after having worked there for almost two decades.

Why people shouldn’t snigger at Trump’s opulent $100m penthouse

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[Guillotine watch in the Guilded Age. The Financial Times channels Thorstein Veblen: "Conspicuous consumption in the homes of the super-rich — and how it is supporting fading crafts." Visit the original article to pause and admire the ineffable snootiness of the comments. *RON*]

Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times, 11 November 2016

From the outside it looked like a normal suburban home. Yet the interior of this Californian house gave away something of its inhabitants, Ike and Tina Turner. The TV was in a fake ivory cabinet in the shape of a whale. The coffee table was the shape of a guitar and, on the wall, above a redundant fireplace, was a metallic sunburst with a hole where a clock should have been. A bright blue couch featured an arm which turned into a tentacle to wrap around the sitter. In 1970, when record company executive Bob Krasnow walked in, he said: “You mean you actually can spend $70,000 at Woolworths?”

It is easy to mock th…