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Third hunger strike this year highlights despair of Canada's detained migrants

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[An excellent example of egregious government behaviour that Sunny Ways complained about strenuously while in opposition, but which he hasn't done sweet tweet about (and has, in fact, semi-covertly continued to support) since getting elected. *RON*]
Sophia Reuss,, 24 October 2016

On October 17, 17 immigration detainees at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario began refusing food,just two months after nearly 60 immigration detainees in two Ontario facilities ended a 19-day hunger strike protesting the indefinite detention of migrants.

The hunger strike is the third of its kind this year, and detainees' demands remain unchanged: an end to indefinite detention of migrants with a 90-day limit on detentions as an interim measure.

"We want an end to indefinite detention, we don't want to be locked up in maximum security prisons, [and] we want real access to effective legal remedies to contest our detention," …

Rockefeller gave away money for no return. Can we say the same of today’s tech barons?

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[Smiling, happy, for-profit philanthropy. At least you knew where you stood with the Robber Barons. Mark Zuckerberg has plowed funds into health and education but there’s a fine line between philanthropy and speculation. *RON*]
Evgeny Morozov, The Guardian, 16 October 2016
A world where billionaires were blunt and forthright, where they preferred pillaging the world to saving it, was far less confusing. The robber barons of the industrial era – from Carnegie to Ford to Rockefeller – did eventually commit some of their riches to charity but there was no mistaking one for the other. Oil and steel brought in the cash; education and arts helped to spend it.

Of course, the eponymous foundations were neither neutral nor apolitical. They pursued projects that were rarely at odds with US foreign policy and often shared many of its key ideological biases and presuppositions. From modernisation theory to democracy promotion, the civilising imperative behind…

Canadian Mining's Dark Heart

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[On the human cost of gold and the Canadian mining industry. I bring this topic up as often as I can find good pieces covering it. This one's a bit of an alphabet soup of acronyms but still very good. This important issue gets zero traction in the mainstream press. Yet it touches deeply on Canadians' sense of who we are as players on the global stage. "PJV is, according to its operations director, 'the de facto government in the area.'" *RON*]

Richard Poplak, The Walrus, 24 October 2016.

The Virgin Australia flight bound for Papua New Guinea departs from Brisbane bearing a full load: gigantic sun-cured men in golf shirts; neckless security hacks scribbled over by tattoo artists; inscrutable, terrifying power suits. Over a muggy sweep of brine, the plane arcs toward a nation that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and a farrago of smaller islands scattered across Melanesia. Australians, its colonial ove…

Trudeau Gets A 'C' Rating For Failing To Deliver On Promises

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[Another topic that gets ignored are things Mr. Selfie didn't make promises about, but which he criticized Harper for while in opposition and has now merrily gone on to adopt - there is a mighty long list of these items. I'd like to see an article on this as well. *RON*]

Keith Beardsley, Huffington Post, 24 October 2016
Last week when on CTV's True North Political Panel I was asked to give Trudeau a rating for his first year in office. I gave him a "C" not because I am so partisan that I can't say anything positive about him, but because the jury is still out on promises kept or not kept.

I saw one article that said he has only kept about 16 per cent of his promises to date. To be fair no government can deliver on everything in their first year. As the Trudeau Liberals are finding out, promises cost money and even free spending Liberals have to draw a line on what gets spent now and what gets pushed further down the road.…

Bella Bella Oil Spill Called 'An Environmental Disaster'

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[Because who could possibly have foreseen waves and bad weather on the Canadian coast? 'World class' my ass. *RON*]
Canadian Press, Huffington Post, 24 October 2016

BELLA BELLA, B.C. — A report says two tanks containing oil or contaminants from a submerged tug west of Bella Bella, off British Columbia's central coast, were either torn open or severely damaged when the vessel ran aground.

Despite bad weather that has complicated salvage efforts, divers were able to check the bottom of the Nathan E. Stewart on Sunday, as it rests in nine metres of water in a channel about 500 kilometres north of Vancouver.

A joint situation report issued by the American tug owner and federal, provincial and First Nations groups says divers found the lube tank torn and pumped out nothing but water on Sunday from the severely damaged bilge tank.

When the tug ran aground on Oct. 13, the lube tank contained about 2,400 litres of oil. The bilge tank was believed…

Stephen Poloz: Don't Sweat Deficits, Canada Can Handle It

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[As the graph shows, Canada's debt-to-GDP level of 33% is insignificant. No research suggests that levels under 100% can slow economic growth. Yet, in the interest of false balance (i.e., counter-factual ideological spin masquerading as fact), the author states that "others" (he doesn't say who) believe this spells trouble for the Canadian economy. *RON*]
Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 24 October 2016

The head of the Bank of Canada strongly suggested Sunday that he is just fine with the federal Liberals’ deficit spending plans.

“Canada is in a very good fiscal situation, so we shouldn’t be worrying about [deficits] at this time,” Stephen Poloz said in an interview with Global News on Sunday.

Poloz argued that Canada's infrastructure is falling behind, and further spending on it would be a boost to the economy.

It’s one of the clearest signs yet that Poloz is on board with the Liberals’ strategy to deficit-spend our way out …