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Half of All American Adults Have Pictures in Police Facial Recognition Systems

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[Law enforcement agencies are looking into ways to expand on that number. See also: Baltimore Police took 1 million surveillance photos of city. *RON*]
By Kali HollowayAlterNet, 19 October 2016

If you’re already worried about the growth of the surveillance state, a new study may give you pause. Researchers from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology have found that half of Americans have photos in facial recognition networks used by law enforcement around the country—and many are likely unaware of it. The resulting report notes that the study is “the most comprehensive survey to date of law enforcement face recognition and the risks that it poses to privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights.”

Ottawa should step up gun control: advocate

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[Another area where Trudeau has done little or nothing to countermand the works of his predecessor, despite all the protesting he did over the Long Gun Registry when he was in opposition. Heidi Rathjen, survivor of the Polytechnique massacre is calling for stiffer gun laws. If you have time watch this recent, excellent documentary on gun lobbyists in Canada: Up In Arms. *RON*]
CTV Montreal , 14 June 2016

The shooting in Orlando has reignited the debate over gun control in the U.S., but advocates say there’s more that Ottawa can do as well.

Heidi Rathjen survived the Polytechnique Massacre in 1989 that left 14 women dead and has been fighting for tougher gun control laws ever since.

Semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says Mateen used in the Orlando nightclub assault, are just as available in Canada as they are in the U.S., said Rathjen.

AR-15s are restricted weapons, meaning they can only be used at a sh…

For European Wind Industry, Offshore Projects Are Booming

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[As Europe’s wind energy production rises dramatically, offshore turbines are proliferating from the Irish Sea to the Baltic Sea. It’s all part of the European Union’s strong push away from fossil fuels and toward renewables. See also: U.S. Energy Shakeup Continues as Solar Capacity Triples. (Now THAT is sunny ways!) *RON*]

Christian Schwägerl, Yale Environment 360, 20 October 2016
On a sunny October morning, our boat passes the run-down relicts of Liverpool's maritime past and heads down the river Mersey and into the Irish Sea. As we steam offshore, I see in the distance a cluster of tall structures that soon reveal themselves to be towers of a wind turbine array. Arriving at the wind farm, six miles offshore, the turbines rise as high as 650 feet, taller than the tallest church in the world. Each of the turbines’ three shiny metallic rotor blades is nearly 300 feet long.

“A single rotation of an eight-megawatt turbine will cover the daily e…

Most states inch closer to full employment, although energy-dependent states continue to struggle

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[Perhaps Mister Sunny-Ways-Through-Pipelines should read the news more often. *RON*]

David Cooper, Economic Policy Institute, 21 October 2016

This September state jobs data, released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, show state labor markets largely unchanged from August conditions. Most states continue to add jobs, although a number of states—primarily those heavily dependent on the energy sector—are still showing losses over the past several months and past year. Unemployment rates have been relatively stable, although more significant changes, both positive and negative, can be seen in a handful of states.

From June to September, 38 states and the District of Columbia added jobs, with the largest percentage job gains occurring in Florida (1.2 percent), Nevada (1.1 percent), and Tennessee (1.0 percent). Over the same period, 12 states lost jobs. New Mexico (-1.2 percent), Alaska (-0.9 percent), Louisiana (-0.6 percent), and Oklahoma (-0.…

'Final Death Blow' to CETA as Delegates Hold Firm Against Pro-Corporate Deal

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["It's time for a fundamental shift toward international agreements that put people and the planet before corporate profits. That's the message from Europe today." See also: The 2016 Election Has Failed the Future on the complete absence of the environment as an issue in the US presidential election. *RON*]

Lauren McCauley,Common Dreams, 21 October 2016

Dealing what campaigners say is the final "death blow" to the pro-corporate Canada-European Union trade deal, negotiations collapsed on Friday after representatives from the Belgian region of Wallonia refused to agree to a deal that continues ignore democracy in favor of multi-national corporations.

Canada's International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland reportedly walked out of talks with the Wallonia delegation, which had ruled to maintain their veto against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) after the parties reached a stalemate over the contro…

Lululemon: Foreign Worker Rules May Force Us To Leave Canada

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[Notice that, despite the supposed basis of their complaint, Lululemon is NOT calling for new and improved training programs for Canadian workers. I.e., all they want is slave-wage labour. *RON*]
Daniel Tencer & Jesse Ferreras, Huffington Post, 21 October 2016

Yogawear giant Lululemon told a parliamentary committee this summer it may move its headquarters out of Vancouver if it doesn’t get an exemption to temporary foreign worker (TFW) rules.

“We require — and will require — top experienced global talent,” the company said ina submission to the House of Commons finance committee, obtained by several news sources.

“Despite our investments in training and education, including partnerships with post-secondary institutions, Canada simply does not produce enough skilled, specialized workers to meet our demand,” the company said, as cited at the Globe and Mail.

Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin played down the remarks in an emailed statement to The Huff…