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Court Rejects Dakota Access Injunction, But Standing Rock Sioux Vow 'This is Not The End'

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[So much for that bit of righteous play-acting by Obama. 'This ruling puts 17 million people who rely on the Missouri River at serious risk.' *RON*]

By Nika KnightCommon Dreams, 10 October 2016

A U.S. federal court of appeals ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe late Sunday evening and denied its request for an emergency injunction against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.
"This fight is far from over." —Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network "The ruling allows Energy Transfer Partners—the Dallas-based company funding the project—to move forward with construction of the pipeline on all privately owned land up to the Missouri River," NBC notes. Construction was temporarily halted in late August while the case was considered by the court.

The ruling was handed down the evening before Columbus Day, which celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas—an event that heralded centurie…

Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national security

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[The saber-rattling continues on both sides. See also: Russian jets resume heavy bombing of eastern Aleppo: rebels, monitor, and Putin shuns Paris visit after France offers talks only on Syria. *RON*]
Maria Kiselyova, Reuters, 9 October 2016

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday he had detected increasing U.S. hostility towards Moscow and complained about what he said was a series of aggressive U.S. steps that threatened Russia's national security.

In an interview with Russian state TV likely to worsen already poor relations with Washington, Lavrov made it clear he blamed the Obama administration for what he described as a sharp deterioration in U.S.-Russia ties.

"We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia," Lavrov told Russian state TV's First Channel.

"It's not just a rhetorical Russophobia, b…

More than one-third of calls to VA suicide hotline are left unanswered, official says

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[Shockingly bad. And what is worse, see this follow-up story: VA Suicide Hotline Reform Bill Sails Unanimously Through House, Harry Reid Crushes It (Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid blocked the legislation and refused to let it come to the floor for a voice vote). *RON*]

Matthew Daly, Associated Press / PBS News, 26 September 2016
WASHINGTON — More than one-third of calls to a suicide hotline for troubled veterans are not being answered by front-line staffers because of poor work habits and other problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to the hotline’s former director.

Some hotline workers handle fewer than five calls per day and leave before their shifts end, even as crisis calls have increased sharply in recent years, said Greg Hughes, the former director of the VA’s Veterans Crisis Line. Hughes said in an internal email that some crisis line staffers “spend very little time on the phone or engaged in assigned produ…

Health conditions worsen as aid trickles into Haiti

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[Remote, devastated regions struggle to recover from hurricane without power, medical supplies. Click here to donate to Doctors Without Borders in Canada. See also: Canadian Red Cross assures Hurricane Matthew donors after Twitter backlash. *RON*]

Associated Press with files from Reuters, CBC, 11 October 2016
In the most western tip of Haiti, 300 patients with festering wounds lay silently on beds at the main hospital in the seaside village of Dame Marie waiting for medicine a week after Hurricane Matthew hit the remote peninsula.

Among the injured was Beauvoir Luckner, a cobbler and farmer who walked 12 kilometres in three days after a tree crushed his leg and killed his mother when it fell on their house. His leg might have to be amputated, but all doctors can do is clean his wounds because the hospital has run out of everything, including pain killers.

"There's no water, no antibiotics," Dr. Herby Jean told The Associated Press. &q…

Yemen in Mourning After U.S.-Backed, Saudi-Led Airstrike Kills 140

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["U.S. government is concerned it could be implicated in potential war crimes in Yemen" See also: A Yemeni Journalist Speaks Out After US-Backed Bombing Strikes Wedding*RON*]

Democracy Now! Headlines, 11 October 2016

In news on Yemen, documents obtained by Reuters show the U.S. government is concerned it could be implicated in potential war crimes in Yemen because of its support for a Saudi-led coalition air campaign. The Obama administration has continued to authorize weapons sales to Saudi Arabia despite warnings last year from government lawyers that it might be considered a co-belligerent under international law. This comes as residents of Sana’a are mourning airstrikes on a funeral hall on Saturday that killed at least 140 mourners and wounded more than 500 others, making it the single deadliest attack during the ongoing U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war in Yemen. This is one the mourners.

Yahya Mohammed Saree: "This act is comple…

Real health care would be maintaining wellness, not treating illness

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[Ours is an illness care system, not a health care system, focused on doing too much, too late and, because of this, it will always be unaffordable, over-worked and ineffective. The reason? The foxes (doctors) are in charge of the hen house (our health). *RON*]
By Ed Finn,, 11 October 2016

When people die of disease, they are said to have died from natural causes. When they recover, the doctor gets the credit of curing them. -- George Bernard Shaw. This may be an apocryphal tale, but a city in ancient China is purported to have had a public health-care system that was the reverse of ours. Physicians were paid a monthly fee for each of their patients as long as the patients remained in good health. When a patient became ill, the fee was suspended.

In that genuine health-care system, the doctor's main incentive was to keep patients well. So the emphasis was on scheduling frequent visits and tests; monitoring nutrition, exercise and othe…