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Strangers Become Family at This Multigenerational Housing Project

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[This is a great idea! A unique affordable-housing community supports both foster families and elders who might be looking for a few extra grandchildren. Here's another good one that BC should be paying attention to: Facing Homelessness Emergency, Seattle Weighs Bylaw Protecting Rights of Campers. *RON*]

Kim Eckart posted Sep 25, 2016

After a long day of preschool, 5-year-old Joaquin Crowell still has energy to burn. He bounds from a TV cartoon to a magnetic fishing game, from blowing up a green balloon to listening to his favorite story,Bedtime for Frances. And 73-year-old Chris Conners is only too happy to oblige. To Joaquin, she is his oma— “grandma” in her native German. And to Conners, “He’s like my grandson. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him.”

Joaquin isn’t the only child Conners watches regularly in the comfort of her apartment. She is one of 29 senior citizens who live at Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon, where elders…

Goodbye, elephants

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[Incredibly sad and frustrating. A new report shows the steepest declines in African elephant populations in 25 years. I wonder what, if anything, Canada is doing in this area? I couldn't find anything specific to this on the Government of Canada web site (though I notice they've introduced the Ministry name "Environment and Climate Change Canada"). Also enlightening to note that "The United States is the world’s second-largest ivory market, after Asia." *RON*]

Samantha Page, ThinkProgress, 25 September 2016

By the time today’s children are grown adults, there may be no more wild elephants on the African continent.

With only 400,000 elephants left there, and 30,000 to 40,000 lost to poachers every year, the population’s prognosis is dire, according to the newest African Elephant Status Report.

Poaching has had a resurgence in the past decade, according to the IUCN, the international wildlife organization that produced th…

Canada subject to UNESCO expert review over threats to Wood Buffalo and indigenous communities

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[A press release about a UNESCO ten-day monitoring mission will hear from indigenous groups, scientists, and experts about impacts of hydroelectric and oil sands activities such as the Site C dam and proposed Teck Frontier Oil Sands Mine. See also: Dozens Of U.S., Canadian Tribes Unite Against Proposed Oil Pipelines, and Here Are The Major Canadian Pipelines The Oil Patch Wants Built, and Federal government’s ‘social licence’ for pipelines ‘permission’ cuts out communities, and UN Experts to United States: Stop DAPL Now. *RON*]

Montreal Gazette, 25 September 2016

EDMONTON, Sept. 25, 2016 /CNW/ - The UNESCO World Heritage Committee starts a 10-Day monitoring mission on Sunday to Wood Buffalo National Park.

This mission comes one year after UNESCO expressed concern about "… the environmental impacts on the Peace-Athabasca Delta from hydro-electric dams, oil sands development, and proposed open-pit mining in the vicinity of the property…"…

The Root Cause of Protest: Unjust Income Inequality for African Americans

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[It's shocking to think it could be shocking to point out that African Americans are heavily represented among the US poor. On the positive side, as people connect the dots there will be a growing recognition of the common enemy. See also: Black men have legitimate reason to run from police, Supreme Court rules. *RON*]

By John Komlos, Evonomics, 25 September 2016

Even conservative Republican Alan Greenspan, an ardent advocate of free markets, is beginning to see inequality as a fundamental threat to the system and admits that, “You cannot have the benefits of capitalist market growth without the support of a significant proportion, and indeed, virtually all of the people; and if you have an increasing sense that the rewards of capitalism are being distributed unjustly the system will not stand.”

Well, the system was not standing very sturdily during the days of rage in Baltimore or in Ferguson. So we need to look beyond the ugly surface mani…

Finance Is Ruining America

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[Has The Atlantic always been this conservative? I don't think so. Yet it only took eight years for this to sink in. And they can still say, "Raising tax rates on the rich might not seem particularly feasible right now." *RON*]

Alana Semuels, The Atlantic, 23 September 2016

BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—Few places in the country illustrate the divide between the haves and the have-nots more than the county of Fairfield, Connecticut. Drive around the city of Bridgeport and, amid the tracts of middle-class homes, you’ll see burned-out houses, empty factories, and abandoned buildings that line the main street. Nearby, in the wealthier part of the county, there are towns of mansions with leafy grounds, swimming pools, and big iron gates.

Bridgeport, an old manufacturing town all but abandoned by industry, and Greenwich, a headquarters to hedge funds and billionaires, may be in the same county, and a few exits apart from each other on I-95, but thei…

New Class War

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[I think he's off the mark. McCarthy's correct that today's ruling class is nothing much like the Managerial Class of the McNamara Era. But the fact that the 'insurgents' he talks about all have a common foe, 'the bipartisan establishment,' I believe, simply reflects the increasingly bipolar, class-based struggle that is a reaction to extreme neoliberalism. I don't think the fact that they appear to have a common foe has anything to do with the idea that these 'insurgents' are a nascent class in themselves. *RON*]
By Danioel McCarthy, The American Conservative, 7 September 2016

Shock gave way to relief this summer as America’s political establishment—rattled by Donald Trump’s success in winning the Republican nomination—reassured itself of his inevitable defeat come November. For a moment Trump seemed to have created a new style of politics, one that threatened to mobilize working-class voters against the e…