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Nestle Outbids Township That Wanted Well For Drinking Water

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[How is the not only legal, but merely shrugged at by our governments? "The Nestle well near Elora sits on the traditional territory of the Six Nations of the Grand River, 11,000 of whom do not have access to clean running water.'' *RON*]
By Keith Leslie, Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 23 September 2016

TORONTO — A small but fast growing Ontario community looking for a safe drinking water supply has been outbid in its attempt to buy a well by multinational giant Nestle, which acquired the site to ensure "future business growth.''

Nestle, which can already take up to 3.6 million litres of water a day for bottling at its site in nearby Aberfoyle, Ont., bought the well from Middlebrook Water Company last month after having made a conditional offer in 2015.

A spokesman for Nestle said the company had "no idea'' the other bidder for the five-hectare site was the Township of Centre Wellington, but it waived all c…

Loss of Planet Reflectivity an Impending Catastrophe

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["…existing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is sufficient to cause unacceptable amounts of warming in the future. We no longer have a ‘carbon budget’ that we can burn through before feeling worried that we have caused massive climate change. We have burned through the budget and are causing the change now." On the Canadian political scene, see: The New Climate Denialism: Time for an intervention. *RON*]

By Robert Hunziker, Counterpunch, 19 September 2016

The planet’s air conditioning system is on the blink, working intermittently, losing its glinting, lustrous white reflectiveness, as it turns deep blue, absorbing 90% of sunlight rather than reflecting it back into outer space. The repercussions of Arctic sea ice loss are immense.

“Our planet has actually changed colour,” Peter Wadhams, A Farewell to Ice (Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books, 2016). Loss of Arctic sea ice has such an overriding powerful impact on the planet…

Armed 'AnBot' airport security droid uses electric CATTLE PROD and facial recognition technology to deter terror threats

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[The 'anti-terrorist' AnBot - which has four facial recognition cameras and a cattle prod - has begun 24-hour patrols at the Shenzhen International Airport in Guangdong.
By Sam Adams, The Mirror, 22 September 2016

This Acne Treatment Now Costs Almost $10,000

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[It contains two cheap and common ingredients that are "possibly effective" against acne. See also: A 93-year-old drug that can cost more than a mortgage payment tells us everything that's wrong with American healthcare. *RON*]

By Madeline Farber, Fortune, 21 September 2016

The U.S. drugmaker Novum Pharma has raised the price of two of its skin care treatments that are commonly used to treat conditions such as eczema and acne to nearly $10,000, according to figures by the Financial Times.

Last week, Novum raised the price of a 60g tube of Aloquin, which is used to treat conditions such as eczema and acne, by 128% to $9,561, the Financial Times reports. The drugmaker increased the price, Alcortin A, another skincare treatment, by the same amount. And a third ointment, Novacort, saw a $2,956 price increase from $4,186 to $7,142 for a 29g tube.

But what’s particularly baffling about the Aloquin price hike is that the two main ingredients…

Wage Gap Between Black and White Americans Is at 40-Year High

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[Unsurprisingly, income inequality is racialized. But the discrimination found in this new report is astounding. *RON*]
By Elizabeth PrezaAlterNet, 20 September 2016

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute reveals a stark disparity between the hourly pay of blacks and whites; on average, whites make 26.7 percent more than blacks, earning $25.22 an hour compared with $18.49 for blacks. Amazingly, blacks today earn less relative to their white counterparts than they did in 1979.

“The finding that stands out the most, our major result, is that the racial wage gaps were larger in 2015 than they were in 1979. That’s huge because the impression people have, in general, is we know there’s still racism in this country, but we think or at least believe that it’s getting better,” Valerie Wilson, director of EPI’s program on race, ethnicity and the economy, told the Guardian.

According to EPI, the driving force behind the pay gap is “discrimination……

To Police Unions: Stop Protecting Rotten Cops

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["Police unions are much like police chiefs. When an an officer is caught doing a very bad thing, they start to circle the wagons. 'That's their job, that's their story.' They stick to it no matter how nonsensical it is and how much it insults our sensibilities, no matter how unreasonable it is to a reasonable person." *RON*]

Joshua Ostroff, Huffington Post, 23 September 2016

People like to excuse police violence by claiming that it's just a few bad apples. Perhaps that's true, but then who is electing the police union leaders who make it their job to defend these bad apples?

See, here's the thing about bad apples -- if you don't root them out, then the whole barrel will rot.

If the police union was really protecting the police force, then they'd be the most outspoken critics of police brutality and unnecessary police-involved shootings. But they're not.