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Mom angry daughter wait-listed for only high school in Nelson, B.C.

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[The issue here is the under-funding of education in general. Let's not indulge knee-jerk xenophobia. It's perfectly true that the Province boosts its funding for education by charging high fees for foreign students. Click here for the International Public School Education Association web site. And it should not be the case that these students receive higher priority for spaces in classrooms than locals. They don't. This woman was "about a week" past the deadline for registering her child and this is why she did not get into her local school. The affected parents have also been told that their children will be accommodated, and that it is the law that students living in the catchment area must be accommodated - but this may take up to a week because of their late application and the time and effort involved in juggling spaces. *RON*]
By Lisa Johnson, CBC News, 7 September 2016
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A $15 Minimum Wage Would Stop 1.2 Million Households From Going Hungry

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[The neoclassical capitalist model is not working. A working wage is one change needed to reverse gross inequality. Fourteen percent of households are classified as "food insecure." That has to change. *RON*]

By Michelle Chen, The Nation, 9 September 2016

For such a wealthy nation, hunger is shockingly widespread in the United States. Food insecurity has risen about a third since the recession, to 14 percent of households nationwide. So why is it so hard for the world’s richest economy to provide poor people with enough money to feed themselves? Now we have some numbers to help explain to lawmakers what to the rest of us has become painfully obvious.

It starts with a number we’ve been hearing a lot lately: $15. The movement for $15 an hour and union rights has transformed the conversation on inequality this election season. And it forms the basis of a new analysis that reveals one answer to the crisis of food insecurity.

According to The …

Maker of Deadly Fentanyl Kicks in Half a Million to Defeat Pot Legalization in Arizona

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[Concrete evidence for what has long been bruited about: Big Pharma has often been accused of trying to block marijuana legalization. A case in point involving the makers of the most potent and dangerous opioid on the market. *RON*]
By Phillip SmithAlterNet, 9 September 2016

Marijuana legalization advocates have long argued that pharmaceutical companies, which could lose out if marijuana is legally available, are some of the staunchest supporters of pot prohibition, and now an Arizona company is making their case for them.

According to campaign finance reports posted online by the Arizona secretary of state's office, fentanyl manufacturer Insys Therapuetics has donated $500,000 to foes of the Prop 205 marijuana legalization initiative.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid several dozen times more potent than heroin. It has been linked to numerous opioid overdose deaths across the country, especially when mixed with heroin. Marijuana, on the other h…

More Chinese cases target property in B.C., say lawyers

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[The US Department of Justice has been actively investigating and pursuing prosecution in many cases where foreign buyers are making cash purchases of homes as money-laundering schemes. This angle didn't even vaguely interest the Christy Clark government as long as the money flowed into her coffers and she wasn't losing votes. In this connection see also: Seizures of undeclared cash spike at Vancouver International Airport. *RON*]
Sam Cooper, Vancouver Sun, 9 September 2016
Lawyers in Vancouver say they are seeing a substantial increase in B.C. court cases filed by Chinese companies seeking to seize real estate assets from Chinese immigrants in B.C.

The Chinese plaintiffs are asking B.C. judges to enforce monetary judgments awarded in Chinese courts. These Chinese rulings typically involve people found in China to have defrauded Chinese banks or business partners and then fled to Canada with the money and invested in real estate here.

Obama administration orders ND pipeline construction to stop

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[Just yesterday I saw a comment in an article saying, "You know, Obama could stop this just like he stopped the XL pipeline." In essence it simply puts the project on pause, but with significant additional review of the permitting decisions. *RON*]

By Devin Henry, The Hill, 9 September 2016
The Obama administration said it would not authorize construction on a critical stretch of the Dakota Access pipeline, handing a significant victory to the Indian tribe fighting the project the same day the group lost a court battle.

The administration said construction would halt until it can do more environmental assessments.

The Department of Justice, the Army and the Interior Department jointly announced that construction would pause on the pipeline near North Dakota's Lake Oahe, a major water source on the Missouri River for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The agencies will now decide whether they need to reconsider permitting decisions for the …

Joseph Stiglitz Explains How to Grow the Economy: Reduce Inequality and Unearned Income

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[An excellent overview of: a) what's wrong with neoclassical economics, b) how the economy really got to its current state, and c) policies that can reverse inequality. An excerpt adapted with permission from from Rethinking Capitalism: Economics and Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Jacobs & Mazzucato (Eds.), Wiley Blackwell. I've downloaded a sample chapter to my kindle. *RON*]
By Joseph Stiglitz, Evonomics, 9 September 2016
In the middle of the twentieth century, it came to be believed that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’: economic growth would bring increasing wealth and higher living standards to all sections of society. At the time, there was some evidence behind that claim. In industrialised countries in the 1950s and 1960s every group was advancing, and those with lower incomes were rising most rapidly.

In the ensuing economic and political debate, this ‘rising-tide hypothesis’ evolved into a much more specific ide…