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Corporate Interests Should Not Trump Common Sense On The Massey Tunnel Replacement Project.

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[An older piece, but it fits with today's theme of politicians in bed with corporations to fulfill the grand neoliberal scheme. *RON*]

Jack Trovato, Facebook Page, 24 August 2016

Some British Columbians still hold a small flicker of hope that Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberals will, for once, put the welfare of its citizens ahead of big business – yet time and time again, this small flicker is extinguished by the actions of this supposedly (ahem) “liberal” government. Once more, Premier Clark has shown who she represents and, unfortunately, it is not average British Columbians. 
Thinly veiled as an initiative to address our traffic problems, the BC Liberal government has committed to build the largest bridge ever constructed in British Columbia. However, a very superficial analysis of this mega project reveals that not only is the bridge economically and ecologically unwise, but it also will not address our traffic issues. What will it a…

With 'Time Running Out,' G20 Fails on Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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[As noted just yesterday, Christy Clark's new "Climate Plan" is chockablock with taxpayer funded subsidies to oil and gas companies. As should be glaringly obvious: 'Handing out money to the fossil fuel industry is simply not compatible with the Paris agreement' *RON*]

by Deirdre Fulton,Common Dreams, 5 September 2016

Despite calls from environmental leaders, major insurance companies, global investors, and climate groups, the G20 has failed to put a deadline on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, yet again.

German press agency DPA reported Monday that a late draft of the G20 Leaders' Communique "did not mention plans to fulfill a promise the G20 made seven years ago to put an end to controversial fossil fuel subsidies."

That recalcitrance runs counter to wide swaths of public opinion.

An open letter (pdf) in June from more than 200 civil society organizations called for a 2020 cut-off date, warning that the …

Why is Trudeau following Harper's lead and giving special protections to powerful corporations?

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[We may agree that corporations rule the world, but this is in no way inevitable. It's the result of political decisions such as this being made day after day. "CETA will undermine Canadian democracy, handing foreign corporations a powerful lever for pressuring our governments to, for instance, abandon environmental, health or financial regulations, while leaving Canadian taxpayers potentially on the hook to pay billions of dollars in compensation to some of the wealthiest interests on earth." See also: How the TPP Special Court Crushes Domestic Laws and Plunders the Public*RON*]
By Linda McQuaig,, 1 September 2016

Foreign investors -- including some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful corporations -- typically generate little public sympathy and aren't usually lumped in with groups deemed worthy of special protections.

So the Trudeau government, which is in the process of granting wealthy foreign invest…

How the U.S. Government Is Helping Corporations Plunder Native Land

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[A 6-month investigation reveals that the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs—tasked with negotiating the best possible deal for Native landowners—often makes it cheap and easy for outside corporations to exploit Native resources. As a result, corporations are able to drill, frack, farm and fell timber on Native lands, paying landowners little in return. Companies like Koch Industries and Walmart, however, reap huge profits. *RON*]
By Stephanie Woodward, Photos by Joseph Zummo, In These Times, 6 September 2016

THEY ATTACKED MY AUNT LIKE A BUNCH OF COYOTES ATTACKING SHEEP IN A CORRAL,” recalls Navajo tribal member Roberta Tovar. “They were going, ‘Mary, Mary, just go ahead and sign it.’ ”

The “coyotes” included representatives of Western Refining, a Texas-based oil company. One of the company’s pipelines carries 15,000 barrels of crude a day from oil fields in the Four Corners region to a refinery near Gallup, N.M. On the way, the line crosses a 160-ac…

Citi: Central banks are only helping the rich and 'the damage caused to the system isn’t worth the benefit'

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[Somewhat unbelievably, this analysis, which demolishes the neoliberal agenda, comes from CitiBank. *RON*]

Jim Edwards, Business Insider, 6 September 2016

The US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank's policies of low interest rates have increased economic inequality across the West, made the rich richer, and hurt pensions, according to Citi Research analyst Hans Lorenzen.

"The damage caused to the system isn't worth the benefit," he wrote in a recent note to investors.

It's obvious that central banks' near-zero interest rates have distorted markets globally.

With bonds paying little or no interest, investment money has flowed into equities. But it is less obvious that this is making society more economically unequal.

'Is That Not Genocide?' Pipeline Co. Bulldozing Burial Sites Prompts Emergency Motion

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[The International Criminal Court has classified destroying cultural artifacts as a war crime with a maximum sentence of 30 years. When Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi admitted to destroying religious monuments in the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali, the prosecutor said "Such attacks affect humanity as a whole. We must stand up to the destruction and defacing of our common heritage." Note, also, that one of the firms involved is Enbridge Pipelines, from Calgary, who have proposed the Northern Gateway pipeline across Northern BC and promised to consult respectfully with the First Nations communities affected. Yeah, right. See also: New Investigation Names Wall Street Banks Behind $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline, and Michigan Proposes Approval for Controversial Mine Near Sacred Tribal Sites*RON*]

By Lauren McCauleyCommon Dreams, 5 September 2016
In a last ditch attempt to protect burial and prayer sites, North Dakota's Standing Rock …