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Kellie Leitch, Tory Leadership Contender, Explains What She Means By 'Anti-Canadian Values'

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[The Conservatives have learned absolutely nothing since Canada ousted Harper. See also: Conservative MP suggests 'diversity and human rights' are 'un-Canadian' and 'endangers children'. *RON*]
By Ryan Maloney, Huffington Post, 2 September 2016

A Conservative leadership contender has elaborated on what she sees as "anti-Canadian values."
Ontario MP Kellie Leitch caused a stir this week after The Canadian Press revealed her campaign asked supporters in a survey if the federal government should screen refugees and landed immigrants for values that clash with this country.

For some, the news harkened back to a controversial moment during the election campaign last year, when Leitch promoted creating an RCMP tip line for so-called "barbaric cultural practices" such as forced marriage or female genital mutilation. The Conservative pledge spurred accusations of xenophobia and anti-Muslim prejudice.

In a stat…

Navy analysis found that a Marine’s case would draw attention to Afghan ‘sex slaves’

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[Yet serial security criminal Hillary Clinton continues to sail on to the Presidency with impunity. *RON*]

By Dan Lamothe, Washington Post, 1 September 2016 Last fall, the Navy Department had a controversial disciplinary case before it: Maj. Jason C. Brezler had been asked by Marine colleagues to submit all the information he had about an influential Afghan police chief suspected of abusing children. Brezler sent a classified document in response over an unclassified Yahoo email server, and he self-reported the mistake soon after. But the Marine Corps recommended that he be discharged for mishandling classified material.

The Navy Department, which oversees the Marine Corps, had the ability to uphold or overturn the decision. However, rather than just looking at the merits of the case, Navy officials also assessed that holding new hearings on the case would renew attention on the scandal surrounding child sex abuse in Afghanistan, according to mili…

How Congress Makes Regular Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Oil Pipeline Fat Cats

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[Legal crime for corporate welfare queens. A terrible law, a ‘phantom tax,’ and a captured regulator mean that big businesses are forcing you to pay their taxes without even knowing it. *RON*]
David Cay Johnston, The Daily Beast, 31 August 2016
A regulation has forced Americans to pay the corporate income taxes of an industry that Congress exempted from that tax in 1986, an outrage I have chronicled for years.

Now a federal court has determined that this taxpayer abuse is worse than I reported. In fact, it’s twice as bad.

Yet despite the latest court ruling in a long-running case, this rip-off may continue.

The idea that any business could force you to pay its taxes may strike some readers as beyond belief. When I first heard about this more than a decade ago my skepticism meter hit high alert. Then I started reading the laws, regulations, and official proceedings, none of which made the news. I’ve been writing about it ever since, hoping the public…

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

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[Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical. *RON*]

By Justin Gillis, New York Times, 3 September 2016
NORFOLK, Va. — Huge vertical rulers are sprouting beside low spots in the streets here, so people can judge if the tidal floods that increasingly inundate their roads are too deep to drive through.

Five hundred miles down the Atlantic Coast, the only road to Tybee Island, Ga., is disappearing beneath the sea several times a year, cutting the town off from the mainland.

And another 500 miles on, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., increased tidal flooding is forcing the city to spend millions fixing battered roads and drains — and, at times, to send out giant vacuum trucks to suck saltwater off the streets.

For decades, as the global warming created by human emissions caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand, scientists warned that the accelerating rise of the sea woul…

What Keeps the Rich and Powerful up at Night, and Why They’re Happy You Don’t Care

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[The powerful are pleased we find interest rates boring. If you never truly understood things like why low interest rates protect the value of the assets of the rich, this is an excellent primer. The little tables at the end of the article are great cheat-sheets. *RON*]

By Tom Streithorst, Evonomics, 3 September 2016

Imagine Beyonce’s stylist’s hairdresser’s cousin tells you exactly what happened in that elevator between Solange and Jay Z. The story is compelling, explains obscure lyrics in Lemonade, makes intuitive sense. You can’t wait to tell your friends. Everybody chatters excitedly about your news, each adding his or her own analysis and interpretation. And then, the conversation shifts to something else and neither you nor they ever think about it again.

Knowing which big Hollywood action star has taken steroids for so long he can’t get it up, which gangster rapper prefers trannies, which supermodel passed out at so many parties that a p…

'The archetypal dictator' dies

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[See also Foreign Policy's Where the War on Terror Lives Forever. *RON*]

BBC News, 2 September 2016

It has been confirmed that the president of Uzbekistan has died, following days of speculation that his 26 year rule was over.

Islam Karimov came to power as a Communist leader, and banned all political opposition and independent media in the country.

Human rights groups say as many as 12,000 political prisoners are in jail and many others have been murdered.

Steve Rosenberg reports.