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Germany's energy revolution is a revelation Canada should import

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[Europeans continue to simply go ahead and do the things North Americans say are impossible and pie-in-the-sky. *RON*]
By David Suzuki,, 15 June 2016

In the early 1990s, Germany launched Energiewende, or "energy revolution," a program "to combat climate change, avoid nuclear risks, improve energy security and guarantee competitiveness and growth." Renewable energy grew from four per cent in 1990 to more than 27 per cent in 2014, including a significant increase in citizen-owned power projects, according to energy think tank Agora Energiewende.

Germany's greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 27 per cent during that time. Its goal is to reduce emissions 40 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020 and more than 80 per cent by 2050. Polls show that 90 per cent of Germans like the program -- even though it means paying higher rates for electricity.

There's good reason for this widespread support. The primary technologies of w…

Republicans cook up plan to cripple consumer agency

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[The Republicans are working hard to kill off the minuscule amount of re-regulation of the financial services industry that passed at the height of the reaction to the great recession. See also: Ryan’s ‘Better Way’ for Wall Street Includes Hensarling’s Dodd-Frank Rollback. *RON*]
David Lazarus, LA Times, 14 June 2016
If there’s one thing the financial services industry hates, it’s adult supervision.

Last week, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican who serves as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, unveiled a plan that he said would rectify the “grave mistake” that was the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which tightened the regulatory screws on financial firms and created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as an industry watchdog.

“Dodd-Frank’s false premise is that an alchemy of Wall Street greed, outsized private risk and massive Washington deregulation almost blew up the world economy,” he said in a speech last week to the Economic…

Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball

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[Read, in particular, about the shocking connections between BC mainstream media and the oil and gas industry. The mainstream media, and the Liberal Party of BC, are the 1% See also: Is Christy Clark's government the most ethically challenged in Canada? *RON*]
Rafe Mair, Commonsense Canadian, 14 June 2016

I’ve been critical of John Horgan, leader of the official opposition, because I don’t think he understands his job and hasn’t been performing it. There are so many issues that care must be taken not to lose one’s way in the morass of meanderings the Clark government has taken us on.

One of the major issues, if not the major issue, is BC Hydro and a former NDP leader, Adrian Dix, is finally doing the kind of job that proper opposition requires. He has the facts and is persistent at getting the arguments out everywhere possible.

Media quit doing its job

That leads me to a problem Mr. Horgan has and it started with the Campbell election in 200…

All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go

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[I nuked my LinkedIn account. Basically, you have no interest in anyone who wants to be linked to you, and no one you want to be linked to wants to be linked to you. Plus, you need to already know someone to be linked to them. "The roots of the LinkedIn vision of prosperity-through-connectivity lie in the circular preachments of the positive-thinking industry." *RON*]

Ann Friedman, The Baffler, Number 23.

How do U.S. gun laws compare to other countries?

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[Americans live on a different planet from the rest of us where gun violence is concerned. See also: The Second Amendment Hoax. *RON*]

By Jonathan Masters, Council on Foreign Relations, PBS News Hour, 13 June 2016


The debate over gun control in the United States has waxed and waned over the years, stirred by a series of mass killings by gunmen in civilian settings. In particular, the killing of 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012 fueled a national discussion over gun laws and calls by the Obama administration to limit the availability of military-style weapons. However, compromise legislation that would have bannedsemiautomatic assault weapons and expanded background checks was defeated in the Senate in 2013, despite extensive public support.
Gun control advocates sought to rekindle the debate following another string of deadly mass shootings in 2015, including the killing of nine people at a church in Charle…

For every gun used in self-defense, six more are used to commit a crime

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[And even at that, the indications are that statistics on the use of guns for self-defense have been grossly exaggerated. *RON*]

By Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post, 14 June 2016 Last December a woman in Florida was awakened by the sound of an intruder in the house. She grabbed her gun, confronted the intruder and fired one fatal shot, according to police.

This is the type of scenario many Americans envision when buying their first or second or third firearm.Forty-eight percent of gun owners say they own a firearm primarily for protection, according to the Pew Research center, a share that's up 22 percentage points since the late 1990s. Gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association compile reports of incidents like the Indianapolis home invasion to point out the social benefits of good guys with guns who protect themselves and their communities from would-be wrongdoers.

But the latest research on the prevalence of firearm use in se…