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Here’s How To Craft A Winning Climate Message

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[An excellent messaging tool. I hope it gets deployed well across Canada. *RON*]

By Mike Gaworecki, DeSmog Blog, 21 April 2016
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Just in time for Earth Day, the Climate Narrative project and the Sightline Institute have released a new, updated guide to fighting back against dirty energy industry spin when discussing the climate crisis.

The Climate Solutions for a Stronger America messaging guide is based on data from a repeat national survey of likely voters. Researchers examined the data to determine how to successfully communicate climate issues and identified three top-performing messages.

Together, those messages form a “persuasive narrative triangle,” according to the website,

The three points of the triangle include:
The Threat: Highlight extreme weather and our responsibility to protect children to drive home the urgency of dealing with climate challenge. “We can no longer ignore our st…

Meet The Scandalous Companies Working For BC Hydro

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[A bit of detail on the lovely companies Christy Clark is contracting with for the Site C dam: "Maybe if it wasn't in such a rush to reach the point of no return, BC Hydro could have performed a little more due diligence." See also: NDP turns up the heat on BC Hydro file. Just the other day Hydro had to pay out $17.5 million to mainly friends of the Liberal Party for nothing under the agreements the Libs forced them into for run-of-river projects. *RON*]

Dermod Travis, Executive Director, IntegrityBC, Huffington Post, 20 April 2016

Another month, another Site C contract, and once again with one of those almost -- but not quite -- Canadian companies.

On April 6, Canadian Press quoted Premier Christy Clark as stating "Montreal-based Voith Hydro Inc. will design, supply and install six turbines, six generators and associated equipment."

Voith would be more accurately described as a family owned, Germany-based company with ope…

Internal Finance Canada document says Liberal "middle class tax cut" actually benefits the rich

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[The richest people in Canada pay tax at all tax bracket levels. So, a tax break at the second bracket benefits people in the third and fourth brackets too. Saying that this 'helps the middle class' is partly true, but it is being coy about the fact that the richest people in the nation receive the same benefit. "So in reality, half of all the benefits from the 'middle class tax cut' end up in the hands of Canada's top 10% of tax filers. Canadians earning less than $45,000 receive no benefit from the 'middle class tax cut.' The Liberals previously criticized Stephen Harper's Conservatives for implementing tax policies that saw 'benefits mostly going to wealthy Canadians.'" *RON*]
By PressProgress, 19 April 2016

Does someone earning a $199,000 salary sound "middle class" to you?

Internal documents obtained by PressProgress through access to information show even Finance Canada thinks the…

Canada earns ‘D’ grade on environmental record

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[Canada ranked 14th out of 16 peer countries; only Australia and US are worse. See also: Energy sector's woes could put taxpayers on hook for cleanups. *RON*]
Associated Press, GLobal News, 21 April 2016

OTTAWA – A new report suggests Canada ranks 14th among 16 peer countries when it comes to environmental performance, with only the United States and Australia doing worse.

The report by the Conference Board of Canada on Thursday gives Canada a “D” grade based on nine indicators covering climate change, air pollution, and freshwater management.

On climate change, the agency says with 20.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are among the highest of the peer countries, with only the U.S. and Australia faring worse.

'Covert, shocking': Mike Duffy cleared on all charges as judge slams Harper PMO

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[For all that he gave the appearance of being an incredible weasel, Judge Charles Vaillancourt came down extremely hard on Harper's Prime Minister's Office ("Could Hollywood match their creativity?" the judge asked. "It is interesting that no one suggested doing the legal thing.") and not at all on Duffy. We might still say he is guilty of nothing in a completely broken Senate. See also: 8 of the most scathing quotes about the former PMO in the Duffy judgment. *RON*]

CBC News Posted: Apr 21, 2016 7:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016 5:43 PM ET

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Read Justice Charles Vaillancourt's ruling in Duffy case
(Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.)

Justice Charles Vaillancourt dismissed every charge related to Mike Duffy's residency, travel claims and expense contracting. The Crown has failed to get a single conviction for fraud, breach of trust or bribery.


Joint Statement by Global Greens on Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony

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[See also: Mining Association of Canada says it’s time for a price on carbon. *RON*]
Global Greens, Green Party of Canada, 22 April 2016

(OTTAWA) April 22, 2016 - Green Parties around the world stand united in our commitment to addressing climate change and implementing the Paris Agreement with its undertaking to constrain global temperature increase to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C.
We recognize that, in order to succeed, global emissions will need to reduce by 33% below current pledges by the year 2030 to achieve a 2°C world, and by 44% for a 1.5°C world, according to the UN Environment Programme.We recognize that these targets must be translated into an ambitious reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the remaining Global Carbon Budget as estimated by the IPCC.We recognize that to have just a 50:50 chance of preventing a 2°C rise in global temperature 80% of global fossil reserves of coal,…