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The Rise of the Right Wing Populist: Blame It on the Banks

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[Fear of loss is a far stronger motivator than joy over gain. No surprise, then, that right-wing populism rises whenever there is a strong economic down-turn. *RON*]
By Thomas Fricke, Posted on Naked Capitalism by Yves Smith19 April 2016

By Thomas Fricke, Chief Economist and a member of the ECF leadership team and previously, Chief Economist of Financial Times Deutschland. Originally published at Speigel Online; English translation published at the Institute for New Economic Thinking website

Everywhere, so it seems, right-wing populists are feeling the wind in their sails. Contrary to common belief, this shift is not so much caused by the refugee crisis, but rather by the historical disaster that followed the big financial crisis since 2007.

The number of refugees coming to Germany are dwindling, the right to asylum has been tightened, and integration issues are being addressed. So what reason is there to rant against foreigners, to lament over Me…

I cancelled my newspaper subscriptions cold. And everything's just fine.

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[Decline and fall (and rise?) of Canadian news media. A good list of online sources here. *RON*]
By Rafe Mair,, 18 April 2016

When I was born, well, quite a while ago, R.B. Bennett was Prime Minister of Canada, Herbert Hoover was President of the U.S., Ramsay Macdonald was Prime Minister of the U.K., Simon Fraser Tolmie was Premier of B.C., and Louis Taylor was Mayor of Vancouver, my natal city.

From then until March 28, 2016 the Vancouver Sun and Province were in our house and, when it was alive, from 1933-53, the News Herald as well. I delivered the Province as a boy, was a proud member of their Tillicum Club and sneered at members on the Sun's Sun Ray Club with Uncle Ben.

I am not going to spend much time today complaining about the newspapers' inability to deliver quality. That's a given and I'm not sure that they would deny that. There's not enough money, they say, and, not being in the business, I can't argu…

Smyth: Can Horgan stop the NDP slide?

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[Our non-progressive progressives. I can't believe I just gave this guy a donation! But what else can you do in BC? - Christy Clark must go. *RON*]
By Michael Smyth, The Province, 18 April 2016

Province columnist Michael Smyth says it will be difficult for B.C. NDP leader John Horgan to defeat the governing B.C. Liberals in the next provincial election.
It's amazing how quickly a political party's fortunes can go from dazzling to dismal.

Consider the dizzying tumble of the New Democratic Party at both the federal and provincial levels.

Less than a year ago, the NDP had just won power in Alberta — something once thought all but impossible — and the federal party under Tom Mulcair was riding high in the polls and seemed the odds-on favourite to win the national election.

Mulcair ended up finishing third, losing official Opposition status in the process.

Now party members have voted to dump Mulcair as leader while they consider adopting the so…

Wage gap: The more women lean in, the more unequal their pay

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[It's quite sneaky to put a photo of a woman of colour at the head of this article: I'd very much like to see these data done over by race. My strong suspicion is that what we're seeing here is Hillary Clinton feminism, "Equality for rich white women now!" All they're saying is that they want the same inequality between top and bottom earning men to be extended to women. That said, I'm glad to see meaningful data being reported by a mainstream news outlet. *RON*]
By Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News, 18 April 2016

If you’re a woman, the more professionally successful you are, the less you make relative to your male colleagues.

That’s true in any industry or occupation: in the health sector and management; in education, mining, finance and retail — the latter being both the most gender-balanced, compensation-wise, as well as the lowest-paying industry in the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives study, published Mond…

Free tuition in N.B., Ontario likely start of new trend: student leader

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[Many countries have either free higher education, or extremely low tuition and grant aid that offsets it for most students. These include the usual suspects in Northern Europe (including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), and our friends to the south in Mexico and Brazil. Scotland and Germany provide free university for nationals. *RON*]
Michael MacDonald, Canadian Press / CTV News, 17 April 2016
HALIFAX -- New Brunswick's recent decision to follow Ontario's lead by covering tuition for college and university students from lower income families has prompted student leaders to suggest it's the start of a trend decades in the making.

"It means that (people) who are traditionally under-represented in post-secondary institutions ... are being given more opportunity to access the system," says Erik Queenan, chairman of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations.

"Students are thrilled to see this progressive …

House poor: Canadians who earn the least pay the most for a home

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[The poorest 20% in BC spend 70% of their income on housing. "Richmond, B.C. is ahead of the curve: It now requires developments with more than 80 units to set aside five per cent of floor space for low end market rental, adhering to rent and income thresholds the city defines." I emailed our Coquitlam mayor about this and all he did was huff: "Oh, you can't compare us with Richmond!" *RON*]
By Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News, 18 April 2016

Jaimi Zammit left North Vancouver to escape unreachable rents but they followed her — north along the Sea-to-Sky highway to Squamish, where she and her family found themselves renting a $2,000-a-month house on an income of $2,000 a month.

That was three months ago, when they were kicked out of their old rental (the landlord’s property values soared along with everyone else’s, and she was selling) and moved the kids to the best place they could find — a little more cramped, a little fart…