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Super Tuesday: 5 things to watch for in the U.S. races

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[It ain't over 'til it's over, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to win big in Tuesday's primaries and caucuses. Here are a few things to think about as the returns get reported. Also, a 50-second 'explainer': US election 2016: What is Super Tuesday?*RON*]

By Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC News, 1 March 2016

Super Tuesday, the most anticipated day of the U.S. primary season, has arrived.

A dozen states and one territory hold their primaries and caucuses today, with hundreds of delegates at stake. Whoever gets the most delegates wins the nomination, so Super Tuesday is super important.

Here are five things to watch on the big day:

1. Who comes second?

Donald Trump is heading into Super Tuesday in a comfortable position and is poised to emerge with an even stronger frontrunner title for the Republicans. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are fighting to be the anti-Trump alternative and both are counting on Super Tuesday for…

B.C. court rules against Site C dam protesters, says campers can be removed

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[No right to protest in Christy Clark's BC. Read this along with this description of how Trudeau can, and should, delay Site C. *RON*]
The Canadian Press, Vancouver Observer, 29 February 2016

VANCOUVER — A judge has granted BC Hydro an injunction to remove people protesting the Site C dam project at a tent camp near Fort St. John.

The ruling means demonstrators have no right to obstruct the hydroelectric project, which has regulatory approval from both the federal and provincial governments.

The utility argued last week that the actions of a group of Peace Valley farmers and First Nations were illegal and could cost millions of dollars.

BC Hydro lawyers told court the protesters set up camp in late December and have prevented workers from clearing the area for construction, even building camp fires near tree-felling and excavation operations.

Yvonne Tupper of the Saulteau First Nations said outside court that BC Hydro is violating Treaty 8 Tribal…

DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders

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[The US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced her decision on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning. Meanwhile notice that Clinton stage-managed the court-ordered release of the last of the emails she had been holding back until late on the day before Super-Tuesday: U.S. State Department releases final batch of Clinton emails. *RON*]

Deirdre FultonCommon Dreams, 28 February 2016

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii announced Sunday that she will resign as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee and endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

"I think it's most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, is to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment," Gabbard said on MSNBC's "Meet the Press."
BREAKING on #MTP: @TulsiGabbard just announced her resignation as DNC Vice Chair and endorsement of @BernieSanders#Decision2016 —…

Pfizer: tax dodger, price gouger

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[Corporations rely on public goods to advance their interests - i.e., profits. How much could the public good be advanced, and how much more social justice would be created, if corporations were only taxed fairly? *RON*]

Tax Justice Network, 26 February 2016

A new report from Americans for Tax Fairness concludes:
“In addition to dodging its fair share of taxes, Pfizer—maker of Celebrex, Lipitor, Lyrica, and Viagra, among many other health-care products—has also been aggressively raising prescription drug prices, thereby straining patients and our health care system and in some cases putting needed medications out of reach. By dodging taxes while boosting prescription drug prices, Pfizer squeezes American families and communities from two sides at once. In the company’s biggest insult to America yet, Pfizer’s merger will allow it to go on enjoying all the benefits of being based here—everything from a publicly educated workforce to an excellent c…

Days After 3 Young Muslim Americans Shot ‘Execution Style,’ Indiana Governor Still Silent

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[Governor who falls over himself to offer condolences for deaths of white people is nowhere to be seen following the shooting deaths of three young American Muslim men in his state. See also: Focus on Islamist terror plots overlooks threat from far right – report. *RON*]

BY JOSH ISRAEL FEB 28, 2016 9:46 AM
A week ago, after three Manchester University students died in a car crash, Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) tweeted his condolences. In December, after the San Bernadino shootings, Pence ordered flags in Indiana be flown at half-staff. And after last year’s Roanoke, VA shootings, the 2014 beheading of an Indiana aid worker by ISIS, and the November Paris attacks, Pence quickly offered out his “thoughts and prayers.”

On Wednesday, police reportedly found three Muslim American men dead in Fort Wayne, the victims of multiple “execution style” gun shots at a local hangout spot. According to Vox, the victims, Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam K. Mekki, 20, and Muh…

Dow Chemical Would Rather Pay $835 Million Than Take Its Chances With a Scalia-less Supreme Court

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[Republican justice. Good evidence of how plainly things were rigged in favour of the corporatocracy under a Republican-dominated Supreme Court. Dow Chemical Co. has decided to settle an antitrust case for big bucks now that Antonin Scalia's gone. *RON*]
By Michael ArriaAlterNet, 28 February 2016

In a move that highlights a notorious aspect of Antonin Scalia's legal legacy, Dow Chemical has decided to settle an antitrust case for millions of dollars rather than trying to overturn a jury award.

The company was planning to challenge a $1.06 billion award to purchasers of compounds for urethanes, chemicals that are used to make foam upholstery. A jury found that Dow conspired with four other companies to fix urethane prices. Dow disputed the decision and asked the Supreme Court to take the case on appeal.

But now with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the corporation has changed its mind. Scalia had a long history of siding with companies…