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Hillary Goes to War

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["Hillary the Hawk, as US Senator and Secretary of State, never saw a weapon system she did not support not a US war practice she did not endorse." *RON*]

by Diana Johnstone, Counterpunch, 26 February 2016

When voters elected Bill Clinton president of the United States in 1992, they were also electing his wife. Bill announced the fact himself, but after the failure of her health reform plan, Hillary’s only political success was her excellent performance in the role of a faithful wife who “stands by her man”. Her brave defense of her frivolous husband was widely appreciated, but as a qualification for the highest office in the land, it seems a bit skimpy. Having played a part in wars in the former Yugoslavia might seem more presidential.

During the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, Hillary evoked the foreign policy experience she had gained as First Lady by repeatedly regaling audiences with an exciting account of her trip to the Bosnian c…

Noam Chomsky Wants You to Wake Up From the American Dream: 10 principles of oligarchy

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[If I see where this is playing locally, or is available online, I'll post the information here. You do likewise, okay? *RON*]

By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy / AlterNet, 27 February 2016

If you've just seen Michael Moore's movie and are wondering how in the world the United States got diverted into the slow lane to hell, go watch Noam Chomsky's movie. If you've just seen Noam Chomsky's movie and are wondering whether the human species is really worth saving, go see Michael Moore's movie. If you haven't seen either of these movies, please tell me that you haven't been watching presidential debates. As either of these movies would be glad to point out to you, that's not how you change anything.

"Filmed over four years, these are his last long-form documentary interviews," Chomsky's film, Requiem for the American Dream, says of him at the start, rather offensively. Why? He seems perfect…

Robert Mugabe eats giant cake at birthday party in drought zone

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[The one and only bright side is that he can't live much longer. Zimbabwean president marks 92nd birthday with $800,000 celebration in area where 75% of staple maize crop failed. *RON*]
Reuters, The Guardian, 28 February 2016

President Robert Mugabe marked his 92nd birthday with a lavish party and a huge cake in a drought-stricken area of Zimbabwe on Saturday.

Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s only leader since its independence from Britain in 1980, claimed no one would starve as a result of a drought which has left 3 million people in need and prompted the declaration of a state of disaster in most rural areas.

But in a characteristic jibe aimed at western countries, he said Zimbabwe would not accept aid if it came with conditions that the country should accept gay rights.

“If aid, as I understand, is to be given on the basis that we accept the principle of gay marriages, then let that aid stay where it is,” Mugabe said during an hour-long speech. “We don’t w…

Aid group urges Europe to halt arms to Saudis bombing Yemen

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[I sent this one to Trudeau via his public email address. See also: Trudeau's Stance On Saudi Arms Deal Unpopular, Poll Suggests, and American Cluster Bombs Are Being Used To Kill And Maim Civilians In Yemen. *RON*]

By Maggie Michael, AP / Washington Post, 26 February 2016

CAIRO (AP) - An international coalition of 100 aid and rights organizations on Friday urged Western countries to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia for its extensive air campaign against Iran-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen.

The Control Arms Coalition released a report listing 11 countries - including France, Britain, U.S. and Germany - that it says sold arms such as drones, missiles and bombs worth $25 billion to the kingdom in 2015.

The report says the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen amounts to a “gross violations of human rights and possible war crimes.”

The United Nations says the fighting in Yemen has killed more than 6,000 Yemenis since March 2015, and more than 35,000 have…

B.C. Liberals' fail to act with regressive clawback, low disability assistance increase

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[Social Darwinism: the only province in Canada: a) with an AAA credit rating, and b) without a poverty plan. As a nice comparison of the 1% versus the 99%, see also: Canadian Taxpayers Federation gives Premier Christy Clark a cushy ride over her use of private planes ("If you're in the business of data mining to advance right-wing causes, a scandal involving a right-wing premier's use of private planes isn't going to be of much use, is it?"). *RON*]
By Alyse Kotyk,, 26 February 2016

The B.C. Liberals lifted a nine-year freeze on persons with disability (PWD) rates as they released their budget for 2016 on February 16.

The previous monthly rate of $906 has been increased by $77 per month starting Sept. 1 and will affect 100,000 said British Columbia Finance Minister Michael de Jong.

The increase was much needed, however, it was coupled with a clawback in the form of a simultaneous increase to transit subsidy rates, wh…

Racist backlash against refugees is the real crisis in Europe

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["The European coalition of the inhumane – contriving to trap refugees in Greece – cannot go on. A humanitarian evacuation plan is urgently needed." *RON*]

Apostolis Fotiadis, The Guardian, 25 February 2016
A coalition of the inhumane is rising in Europe. A group of political leaders have been meeting this week in Vienna to coordinate how to seal the western Balkan refugee passage. The countries involved, including Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia, don’t want to risk hosting thousands of stranded people in their poor societies. They expect that by intentionally causing a humanitarian disaster in Greece they are going to stop the misery of the world getting in their backyard. Only this week Greece pleaded with Macedonia to reopen its border as 4,000 refugees became stranded.

Meanwhile the four Visegrád countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) who have not been not invited to join these discussions, are also at the forefro…

The neo-colonial booming industry of private mercenaries

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["This is another sign of a saturated system which struggles to find new fields in order to fuel its obsolete machine. While millions of jobs being lost, companies continue to function on the logic of maximizing profits. The result: business on the corpses of devastated countries with thousands killed or displaced." *RON*]

By system failure due to insufficient evolution, failed evolution, 27 February 2016

Those who profit from human misery

In the 15 years since the declaration of a ‘war on terror’ and the invasions of first Afghanistan and then Iraq, the world has witnessed an enormous proliferation of private military and security companies (PMSCs) seeking to profit from instability and conflict. Hundreds of companies have been established in the past few years alone, and there now exists a vast private industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Sadly, rather than introducing binding regulation of the industry, the British governmen…

Trump Plays Dumb On David Duke’s History Of White Supremacy. Here’s Proof He’s Lying.

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[There's enough evidence on a daily basis to classify this guy as a sign of the Apocalypse. See also: Donald Trump Wavers on Disavowing David Duke; Jean-Marie Le Pen endorses Trump days after ex-KKK leader urges supportDonald Trump Blames Earpiece for Declining to Disavow David DukeTrump retweets quote attributed to fascist leader MussoliniDonald Trump’s Truly Absurd, Word Salad, Gibberish Health Care PolicyThe First Senator to Endorse Donald Trump Is a Longtime Opponent of Civil Rights. *RON*]

By Caset Quinlan, ThinkProgress, 28 February 2016
Two days after disavowing an endorsement from David Duke, Donald Trump suggested Sunday that he doesn’t know anything about the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard. But that was not his tune back in 2000.

“I disavow it, OK,” he said on Friday when asked about Duke urging white supremacists to support his campaign.

But in an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Trump declined to …