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[As year-end draws nigh I wind up with a pool of stories, since there are always more worth posting every day than I can reasonably fit in. To clear out my list in Pocket, here is an assortment. Check out whatever appeals to you most! Some, unfortunately, may be protected by a pay wall. *RON*]

What Have We Learned From the Lac-Megantic Oil Train Disaster?, DeSmog Blog

F-35 chief: 'This program is not out of control', Business Insider

The Senate just released a massive report on drug pricing — here's what you need to know, Business Insider

The implications of the Andrey Karlov assassination, Al Jazeera

Here is the indictment against the New York hedge funders charged with $1 billion fraud, Business Insider

Sounding the Alarm about Uber’s Impacts on Transit, and on Cities, Human Transit

All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None, New York Times

Rohingya abuse may be crimes against humanity: Amnesty, Al Jazeera

Christine Lagarde avoids jail, keeps job after guilty verdict in negligence trial, The Guardian

House GOP Quietly Closes Flint, Mich. Water Investigation, ABC News

A St. Louis Suburb Jailed Nearly 2,000 People for Not Paying Fines, Mother Jones

As South Sudan Crisis Worsens, ‘There Is No More Country’, New York Times

Amazon Under Fire After Staff Found 'Camping' Near Site, AlterNet

No, minority workers are not taking jobs away from white people, Washington Post


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