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The Future of Climate Change Is Widespread Civil War

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[Via my friend Harry. Failure to cap carbon emissions will not only bring on climate shocks, but also worldwide instability, insurrection, and warfare. Thankfully - a LONG way down - he attempts to end on somewhat of a positive note. *RON*]

By Michael T. Klare, The Nation, 3 November 2015
At the end of November, delegations from nearly 200 countries will convene in Paris for what is billed as the most important climate meeting ever held. Officially known as the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP-21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the 1992 treaty that designated that phenomenon a threat to planetary health and human survival), the Paris summit will be focused on the adoption of measures that would limit global warming to less than catastrophic levels. If it fails, world temperatures in the coming decades are likely to exceed 2 degrees Celsius (3.5 degrees Fahrenheit), the maximum amount most scientists believe the E…

Oil may never hit $US100 a barrel again

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[Industry executives now saying the days of oil and gas may be drawing to a close: "I have begun feeling that... we are coming to peak demand.... I believe we may not see $US100 (a barrel) ever again." See also: Only 1 Percent Of Bakken Shale Is Profitable At These Prices. *RON*]

Australia Associated Press, Yahoo! News Finance, 6 November 2015

Just as the energy industry has brushed aside concerns that the world could run out of oil, industry executives now say they believe it is demand, rather than supply, that is nearing its apex.

In 1985, Ian Taylor, today the chief executive of the world's largest oil trader Vitol, was part of a team at Royal Dutch Shell that forecast oil prices would rise five fold to $US125 a barrel in 2015 as global reserves were expected to become more scarce. Now, he says it is unlikely to ever reach those levels again.

Oil today stands at around $US50 a barrel, having more than halved since June 2014 afte…

'Iron-ass' Cheney and 'arrogant' Rumsfeld damaged America, says George Bush Sr

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[Dick Cheney: organ grinder to George W's monkey. Former president claims hawkish reaction to 9/11 attacks and desire to 'get our way in the Middle East' hurt his son’s administration, says new biography. *RON*]
Claire Phipps and Reuters, The Guardian, 5 November 2015
Former US president George HW Bush has hit out at Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, two of the most senior figures in his son’s administration, labelling them too “hardline” and “arrogant” in their handling of the September 11 attacks.

A new biography of the 41st president – Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey Of George Herbert Walker Bush – reveals that Bush Sr held Cheney and Rumsfeld responsible for the hawkish stance that “hurt” his son’s administration,Fox News reported on Wednesday.

The book, by Jon Meacham, is based on audio diaries that Bush recorded during his time in the White House, as well as interviews with the former president and his wife, Barbara.

Syrian refugee plan has officials 'working around the clock,' McCallum says

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[Working our way back to becoming the kid of Canada we remember. Liberals not ruling out airlifts or ships to transport refugees, says Canada's new immigration minister. *RON]

By Louise Elliott, CBC News, 7 November 2015

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The Liberal government intends to honour its promise to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada over the course of the next seven weeks, says newly-appointed Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum.

"It certainly remains our objective to get them here by the end of the year," said McCallum during an interview on CBC News Network's Power & Politics Friday.

To do so, McCallum said his department is working "around the clock" with officials across various departm…

WTF is Wrong with Americans?

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[Nails it. *RON*]

Posted 1 yr by Iamasdaman, Tickld

Tim Hortons, Starbucks knew paper cups were not recycled, employees say

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[Environmental corporatocracy. Starbucks regrets 'disappointing' customers, Tim Hortons says it has 'more work to do.' "Clearly, these companies know the benefit of good green PR. They don't want customers to feel guilty about throwing out all those cups, and they've leveraged goodwill out of those green campaigns. And then to turn around and do nothing about implementing them properly, and making sure that it's not just a bunch of hot air is maddening." *RON*]

By Erica Johnson, CBC News, 6 November 2015
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A CBC investigation into Canada's two largest coffee companies has led to more revelations about poor environmental practices at Starbucks and Tim Hort…

Province accused of hiding Massey Bridge documents

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[The BC government believes it can continue in the old, Harper way. See also: Why isn't Christy Clark facing the fight of her life over triple-deletes? *RON*]
by Jeff Nagel - BC Local News, Surrey Leader, 4 November 2015

The provincial government came under fire again Tuesday for blocking the release of information – this time related to its plan to build a new bridge on Highway 99 to replace the Massey Tunnel.

Independent MLA Vicki Huntington raised the issue in the legislature, saying three separate freedom of information requests – two from her office and one from a Delta South constituent – turned up nothing.

"The people of B.C. have a right to expect that a $3-billion decision has a paper trail," Huntington fumed during Question Period.

Scientists, ministers get green light to speak under Trudeau

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[Two points for democracy, accountability and evidence! "I covered the national health beat for almost 14 years. In the last six or eight years of that assignment, I was never able to interview the federal minister of health. The only time the minister or a government health spokesperson appeared in my stories was following a staged media or public event with prepared statements. Requests for comments or interviews were invariably rebuffed, and often not until days or sometimes weeks after my deadline had passed." *RON*]

By Pauline Dakin, CBC News, 6 November 2015
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