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Are Americans Drinking Themselves to Death?

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[Alcohol destroys more lives than all other drugs combined. Why aren't policy makers wringing their hands over that? One thing the article does not mention is how much money alcohol contributes to GNP and to tax coffers; something that causes all politicians to tug their forelocks in obeyance. *RON*]
By Kali HollowayAlterNet, 16 October 2015

While our current political conversations often involve concerned discussions about marijuana’s imagined dangers or potential benefits (the most recent Republican and Democratic debates both dedicated time to the question of pot legalization), our most problematic relationship actually seems to be with alcohol. America, it seems, has a drinking problem—and studies indicate it is only getting worse. There are real reasons, in addition to the pressing issue of mass incarceration and the failure of the drug war, for us to start thinking seriously about the cost of our increasing reliance on alcohol when we …

After Bernie Sanders Rejected His Campaign Donation, Price-Gouging Exec Fractured His Wrist...or Did He?

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[He's such a lying creep and massive idiot that he will undoubtedly run against Donald Trump in the 2020 US election for Emperor of the United States - and probably win. *RON*]

—By Inae Oh, Mother Jones, 19 October 2015

Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive who back in September was caught price-gouging an HIV drug by more than 5,000 percent, is upset with Bernie Sanders.

After attempting to donate to the Vermont senator's presidential bid—with an offering of $2,700, which Sanders' campaign swiftly declined—the "most hated man in America" took to Twitter last night to claim that he was so enraged by the public rejection that he punched a wall and was left with a broken wrist.
SO ANGRY AT @BernieSanders I COULD PUNCH A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) October 18, 2015Ugh, does anyone know how to treat a wrist fracture without going to a hospital?— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) October 18, 2…

A CIA Tie to JFK Assassination? Book on Ex-Director Allen Dulles Questions Agency's Role

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[Here's one for my friend Richard! :-D It's Part 2 of a 3-part series, with links to the others. *RON*]
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! 19 October 2015

The Rise of America's Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles

TOPICS: CIAAuthor Interviews

GUESTS: DAVID TALBOT, author of the new book The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government. He is the founder and former CEO and editor-in-chief of Salon. He is also author of the best-seller,Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.

David Talbot, author of "The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government," re-examines what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and looks at John F. Kennedy’s relationship with his former CIA director. "The weekend of Kennedy’s assassination, Allen Dulles is not at home watching television like the rest of America," Talbot …

Israel-Palestine: As Stabbings, Shootings Kill Dozens, Endless Occupation Fuels Vengeful Resistance

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[Signs mount that we're headed toward a third Intifada in the Occupied Territories. *RON*]
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, 19 October 2015

GUESTS: JAMIL DAKWAR human rights lawyer. He’s a Palestinian citizen of Israel who previously worked as senior attorney at Adalah, a leading human rights group in Israel. NATHAN THRALL senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, covering Gaza, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. His new article for The New York Times is headlined "Mismanaging the Conflict in Jerusalem."

The death toll from violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories has increased with new Palestinian stabbing attacks and an intensified Israeli crackdown. On Sunday, an attacker identified as a 21-year-old Arab citizen of Israel knifed an Israeli soldier to death and then opened fire at a bus station in Beersheba, wounding 10 people. The attacker was killed. In an apparent case of racial profiling, a mob of soldiers and bystande…

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Poverty This Election?

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[Here's our first good hint that none of the major parties are expecting to anything really significant about income inequality. *RON*]
Sen. Art Eggleton, Huffington Post, 18 October 2015

Do you remember the game, "Where's Waldo"? For those that don't, the object of the game is to look at a picture filled with a bunch of images and you have to find Waldo. Waldo is usually wearing his patented red and white shirt and hat. Sometimes finding him is easy. But sometimes it's extremely hard. You sit there, even as an adult, and spend a good amount of time trying to find Waldo.

Well in this election campaign, poverty is Waldo. Where is it? Has it been discussed? Debated? Mentioned even? Perhaps a bit, usually as add on to another discussion or point, but never the main focus. It's like it doesn't even exist.

Unfortunately I know it does. I know there are 4.8 million people living in poverty in this country, with close to o…

US companies don't pay what they're supposed to in taxes — and it's getting worse

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[There is a huge loss of US tax dollars to overseas locations, yet, with the US dollar being so high, corporations with US markets have been outperforming more globally oriented companies. This has created the interesting result that companies who pay the most in taxes are outperforming those who pay the least. *RON*]

Myles Udland, Business Insider, 18 October 2015

The US corporate tax rate is among the highest in the developed world.

But the 39% statutory rate isn't even close to what most big US companies pay.

About 33% of S&P 500 revenues came from outside the US, but with most companies doing business abroad electing to park those earnings overseas, effective tax rates for America's biggest companies have stayed below statutory rates.

"A tax incentive to repatriate foreign profits continues to be a topic of debate in Congress and has received some bipartisan support," David Kostin at the equity strategy team at Goldma…

Monsanto Solicited Academics to Bolster Their Pro-GMO Propaganda — Using Taxpayer Dollars

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[Thousands of emails reveal how the biotech giant enlisted public university academics to prop up their massive PR machine. *RON*]
By Katherine PaulAlterNet, 15 October 2015

The Monsanto public relations machine has done a stellar job in recent years of reducing the GMO debate to one that pits “pro-science advocates” against “anti-science climate-denier types” — with Monsanto portrayed as being squarely planted in the pro-science camp.

But that well-oiled machine may be starting to sputter.

Turns out that Monsanto executive solicited pro-GMO articles from university researchers, and passed the “research” off as independent science which the biotech giant then used to prop up its image and further its agenda.

We know this, thanks to thousands of pages of emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). And because a host of news outlets—including the New York Times, the Boston GlobeBloomberg, the StarPhoe…