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General Electric to shift engine plant to Canada, creating 350 jobs

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[A Harper specialty: privatized profit, socialized losses. GE's customers were getting government-backed loans from the US to buy GE product. Congress cut this off, so GE is moving some operations to Canada, where "the red carpet has been rolled out to us" and Export Development Canada says it "will support sales from the new engine plant." *RON*]

Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail, 28 September 2015

General Electric Co. is planning to build a state-of the art $265-million (U.S.) engine plant in Canada, as it shifts more business out of the United States following the collapse of U.S. government-sponsored export financing.
The global conglomerate said Monday it will close down its operation that makes gas-powered engines in Waukesha, Wis., and construct a plant in Canada, creating 350 new jobs here. The site of the plant has not yet been chosen.

This is the second expansion the company has announced in Canada in the past …

On Knee-Jerk Reactions to Health Care


Abbott says he would have won the election in first radio interview

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BBC World News, 29 September 2015

Ousted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he is confident he would have led his Liberal party to victory, if not replaced by Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Abbott was unseated by Prime Minister Turnbull after losing a party room ballot by 54 votes to 44.

During his first radio interview after being overthrown, Mr Abbott said he could pull off a come-from-behind win like the UK's Cameron government.

He said lagging polls do not always translate to ineffective government.

"You can be not especially popular in these personal approval ratings and at the same time lead a very effective political operation," Mr Abbott told 2GB radio in Sydney.

99ers and 51ers: Two numbers that could decide an election

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[One type of politician tries to please the one person who dislikes him. The other ignores the dissenting minority. The latter describes Stephen Harper and George W. Bush. Harper knows all he has to do is to continue to be divisive and play to his base. As the author says, "Here, we might cue the discussion about dumping our first-past-the-post electoral system in favour of proportional representation." *RON*]

Evan Solomon, Macleans, 29 September 2015

The final debate week of the campaign is supposed to shake off this whole “deadlock” narrative and, if you’re into counting the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin, you can find polls that reveal bits of separation. The NDP is dipping in Quebec, the Conservatives are rebounding in Ontario and the Liberals are inching upward there, too. Okay. I’m watching this too closely; I admit to getting into the daily polls the way Al Pacino dunked his face in a mountain of white powder at th…

Harper sets a target: 700,000 new homeowners by 2020

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[A report prepared in June for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals notes that "Each year in Canada, about 620,000 households move into dwellings they have purchased." So, in what way is "a target of creating 700,000 new homeowners by 2020" in any way meaningful? The rest of what he says is, therefore, pure hot air. Click here to see the report. *RON*]
Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press / CTV News, 29 September 2015

Stephen Harper says Canada's rate of home ownership will increase through lower taxes, economic growth and new well-paying jobs.

VAUGHAN, Ont. -- The Conservatives are setting a target of creating 700,000 new homeowners by 2020.

Party leader Stephen Harper says a combination of previous tax breaks and new promises makes that a realistic goal.

They include commitments made on this campaign to expand the home buyers' plan, establish a permanent home renovation tax credit and measures t…

John Boehner Finally Gives Ted Cruz And Conservatives The Tongue Lashing They Deserve

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[Watch the interview by clicking here. Too true: "Now, the inmates run the asylum and it’s too late for Boehner to do anything about the lunacy that is about to be set loose upon the people’s house." *RON*]

By Stephen D Foster Jr, Addicting Info, 27 September 2015

After years of taking sh*t from the far-right crazies in his party, House Speaker John Boehner took aim at Ted Cruz and hardcore conservatives on Sunday for acting like “false prophets.”

Only a couple days after announcing his intention to resign as House Speaker at the end of October, Boehner demonstrated that he now feels free to say how he really feels about the right-wing conservatives of the Republican Party.

Since 2010, Boehner has been repeatedly battered by Tea Party conservatives for making any effort to reach consensus with President Obama and his Democratic counterparts in the House and Senate.

Such hardcore opposition has made legislating impossible as conservative ins…

Judging Harpernomics

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["We asked three economists to judge Stephen Harper on his handling of the economy." It's most fun to read Ian Lee's (conservative) critique of Jim Stanford's (progressive) interpretation of the Harper record. Lee basically complains that Stanford compares apples with oranges then proceeds to compare bananas with cranberries, arguing that the contemporary international record conclusively demonstrates that Canada is one of the brightest children in an extraordinarily dull class. By the way, even though he constantly refers to himself as one, Stephen Harper is not an economist. *RON*], 26 September 2015


Economist at Unifor

Conservatives traditionally claim they are the best economic managers, and they are playing that card again in the current federal campaign. This time, however, it is proving less effective. Opinion polls now indicate no clear difference between the Conservatives and their opponents o…

Chemical exposure linked to rising diabetes, obesity risk

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[Via my friend Harry. Human health under the corporatocracy. There is mounting evidence that very commonly used endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as as bisphenol A (food can linings and cash register receipts) and phthalates (soft plastics and make-up) increase the risk for diabetes, obesity and hormone-related cancers (e.g., of the prostate and breast). But, in an environment where governments and corporations live a cozy co-existence there is little funding available to pursue such research. *RON*]

Medical X-Press, 28 September 2015

Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society - diabetes and obesity, according to the executive summary of an upcoming Scientific Statement issued today by the Endocrine Society.

The statement's release comes as Society experts are addressing a global meeting, the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM4), in Geneva, Swi…