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On a hiatus!

[I'm off for four weeks of fun and frolicking. I won't post here again until 10 June at earliest. Sorry, but life is too short to not have good times along the way! See you in one month. :-) *RON*]

Shell's Chukchi exploration plan wins federal approval

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[So, Obama has okayed Shell Oil's arctic drilling plans. See the previous article. The argument in favour of this used to be that oil prices were so high that they could justify high-risk drilling. What is the excuse now? That the price is so low and will stay there? The US continues to try to grossly over-produce oil and blame falling prices on OPEC. On a similar note of 'Corporatocracy Uber Alles" (especially the environment) see Forbidden Data: Wyoming just criminalized citizen science. *RON*]

Yereth Rosen, Alaska Dispatch News, 11 May 2015

Federal regulators on Monday approved Royal Dutch Shell’s plan to resume oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean three years after a series of mishaps, mistakes and legal problems forced the company to temporarily shelve its drilling program.

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s approval for Shell’s drilling plans in the Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska is conditioned on additional permit…
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[Crime and the corporatocracy. No one goes to jail, and the $6+ billion will simply be surgically removed from your and my retirement. *RON*]

Laura Noonan, Martin Arnold, Caroline Binham, Lindsay Fortado and Gina Chon, Financial Times, 11 May 2015

Five of the world’s biggest banks are finalising agreements to collectively pay more than $6bn for allegedly manipulating foreign exchange markets, with an announcement expected as soon as Wednesday.

Switzerland’s UBS will pay less than $800m, people familiar with the situation said. The highest fines will be borne by the UK’s Barclays, which is expected to agree to pay about £2bn, or about $3.1bn. JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland and Citigroup are all expected to pay as much as $1bn each.

UBS’s payment is lower because the bank alerted the US authorities to issues in the forex markets. Barclays’ fine is higher because the lender was not part of a $4.3bn November settlement with the UK’s Financial C…

OPEC says you can forget about $100 oil for at least the next 10 years

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[The corporatocracy eats itself. Americans over-produce oil in a weak market, then beat their chests and rail when OPEC refuses to take the fall for them by dropping their production to protect US prices. Obviously this makes OPEC an evil cartel that messes with the American concept of the free market, which applies to everyone except Americans. *RON*]
Akin Oyodele, Business Insider, 11 May 2015

Don't expect oil to go above $100 per barrel within the next decade.

The 12-member oil cartel OPEC has this grim forecast in a draft report presented to its staff last week that the Wall Street Journal read.

Here's the Journal's Benoît Faucon and Summer Said (emphasis added):
"The report, seen by The Wall Street Journal, predicts that oil prices will be about $76 a barrel in 2025 in its most optimistic scenario, a reflection of OPEC worries that American competitors will be able to cope with low prices and keep pumping out supplies. It also…

Canadian Government Says Free Speech is for Offending Muslims — Not Opposing Israel

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["When the views being suppressed are ones amenable to those in power (e.g., cartoons mocking Islam), free speech is venerated; attempts to suppress those kinds of ideas show that 'they have declared war on any country, like ourselves, that values freedom, openness and tolerance.' We get to celebrate ourselves as superior and progressive and victimized, and how good that feels. But when ideas are advocated that upset those in power (e.g. speech by Muslims critical of Western nations and their allies), the very same people acquiesce to, or expressly endorsefull-scale suppression. Thus can the Canadian Prime Minister pompously parade around as some sort of Guardian of Enlightenment Ideals only, three months later, to act like the classic tyrant." See Harper Government Threatens BDS Supporters with Hate Crime Charges*RON*]
By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 11 May 2015
(updated below)

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Janu…

Stephen Harper: “For the first time in history, this country actually has GHG emissions that have been falling.”

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[Come election time, Stephen Harper's grand new policy on the environment is to lie about his actual policies for the environment. There is no better sign that he knows he's deeply in the wrong. *RON*]
By: Brandon Bailey on May 11, 2015

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister and Conservative MP for Calgary Southwest, in a interview on December 17, 2014
Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen annually since 2010. While emissions did fall from 2007 to 2009, it was not the first decrease in Canadian history. FactsCan Score: False

In a year-end interview last December, Stephen Harper claimed Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling for the first time in history. Arguing Canada had made “a substantial contribution to confronting” emissions, the Prime Minister said, “for the first time in history, this country actually has GHG emissions that have been falling.”

A similar claim surfaced more recently. In his budget speech in April of this yea…

Coal a sunset industry

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[Conservative politicians argue that 'socialist' approaches fail because governments don't know enough to pick winners and losers and ought to let the free market decide what's best. Yet the Harper government constantly intervenes on behalf of its friends and supporters in the corporatocracy, even when it involves all-around loser industries like coal. Also, this one, on what a good neighbour the Port really is: Metro air pollution authority contested in court*RON*]

by Frank Bucholtz - Surrey North Delta Leader, 8 May 2015

The coal port proposed for Fraser Surrey Docks is changing shape. The company that operates the docks is now proposing that coal be loaded directly onto ships, rather than being transported by barge to Texada Island, and then loaded onto ships.

Fraser Surrey Docks has amended its proposal for a coal export terminal, and public input on the change is being welcomed until May 19.

CEO Jeff Scott says the change…

Dr. John O’Connor Fired? Why?

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[It will be interesting to hear what the explanation is for this. John O'Connor was among the first and most prominent whistle-blowers concerning the health effects of the Tar Sands on the Aboriginal community in Fort Chippewa. *RON*]
West Coast Native News, 10 May 2015

From: “Caroline Adam” <>
Date: May 8, 2015 at 2:51:37 PM MDT
To: “‘John O’Connor'” <>
Cc: “‘Richard Ibach, Dr.'” <>, “‘Manish Joshi'” <>, “Blue Eyes Simpson” <>, “Flossie Cyprien” <>, “Margo Vermillion ” <>, “Paul Tuccaro” <>, “Roxanne Marcel” <>, “Trish Merrithew-Mercredi” <>
Subject: Termination of clinical on call – consulting coverage – Fort Chipewyan

Good afternoon Joh…