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Oxygen-starved 'dead zones' with no marine life up to 100-miles long discovered in the Atlantic Ocean

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[The phenomenon of oxygen starved dead zones, well known in the Gulf of Mexico, and in that case caused by the rampant run-off of fertilizers from industrial agriculture, is now also being seen off the coast of Africa. The cause of these eddies, on the other hand, appears not to be clear. *RON*]

Sophie McIntyre, The Independent, 3 May 2015

Swathes of oxygen-deprived water up to 100 miles long, unable to sustain any form of animal life, have been found in the Atlantic, scientists have said.

Researchers of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in Germany discovered the unexpectedly low oxygen environments several hundred kilometres off the coast of West Africa.

A paper, published in Biogeosciences, describes 100-mile-long eddies of swirling water spinning their way across the Atlantic for months at a time.

The group of researchers led by Dr Johannes Karstensen have suggested that: ‘the eddies propagate westward, at about four to five ki…

A simple guide to the real differences between the Democratic candidates for president

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[From the I-can't-believe-she's-running department, for comparison, Carly Fiorina, the Republican's apparent answer to Hillary Clinton: What does Carly Fiorina believe? Where the candidate stands on 10 issues. Hillary is studiously mumm on bank reform, so if you seriously belief she will pass campaign reforms I have a bridge in Manhattan I'd like to sell you. And, although the press has written Sanders off totally, his fund-raising has been going insanely well. *RON*]

By Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post, 4 May 2015

Democrats might not get the competitive primary that many had hoped for, as Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who announced he would seek the Democratic nomination Thursday, is unlikely to beat Hillary Rodham Clinton at the polls.

That said, Sanders is a serious candidate, with decades of political experience and a devoted, if small, following, who holds substantively different views from Clinton on…

Texas shooting: the group behind the Muhammad cartoon contest

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[There is, of course, no such thing as hate-fuelled fanatics provoking other hate-fuelled fanatics in America - it's all "Freedom of Speech". Pamela Geller is the co-founder and prolific blogger for the American Freedom Defense Initiative which rails at the ‘Islamification’ of America. "Atlas Shurgs, a reference to one of Geller’s heroes Ayn Rand, was one of the blogs referenced in the online manifesto of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik." *RON*]
Bridie Jabour, The Guardian, 4 May 2015
The co-founder of the group behind the contest to award $10,000 for the best cartoon depiction of Muhammad is a New Yorker who runs a blog that campaigns to stop the “Islamification” of America.

Pamela Geller used her blog Atlas Shrugs to declare “this is war” in the hours after the shooting of two gunmen at the contest. The event had been organised by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group she set up with Robert Spenc…

Israeli soldiers cast doubt on legality of Gaza military tactics

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[No surprises here, just documentation: "The rules of engagement [were] pretty identical," added another sergeant who served in a mechanised infantry unit in Deir al-Balah. "Anything inside [the Gaza Strip] is a threat. The area has to be 'sterilised,' empty of people – and if we don’t see someone waving a white flag, screaming: "I give up" or something – then he’s a threat and there’s authorisation to open fire ... The saying was: 'There’s no such thing there as a person who is uninvolved.' In that situation, anyone there is involved." See also Glenn Greenwald's Samples of Israeli Horrific Brutality and War Criminality in Gaza. *RON*]

Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, 4 May 2015
Testimonies provided by more than 60 Israeli soldiers who fought in last summer’s war in Gaza have raised serious questions over whether Israel’s tactics breached its obligations under international law to distinguish and pro…

Harper Is Free Expression's Biggest Rival

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[Yesterday was international World Press Freedom Day ("Every year, 3 May is a date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession."), celebrated in 100 nations, though you'd never have known it in Canada. The stealth state: controlling the message, fighting the watchdogs, and silencing opponents is the order of the day in Harperland. *RON*]

Arnold Amber, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression /Huffington Post, 4 May 2015

It was a wonderful start for a new federal government. The first piece of legislation Stephen Harper's Conservatives placed before Parliament in 2006 was an omnibus bill that promised a new era of openness, transparency and accountability.

The legislation was a breath of fresh air for Canadians who had bee…

Harper Says It's 'Really Inspiring' To Be With Men And Women Taking On ISIS

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["Just don't come whining to me if you get permanently disabled!" Harper aided and supported ISIS as they toppled the government in Libya: ISIS now controls Libya, with Harper's help. Harper also supported ISIS as they tried to kill president Assad in Syria and topple the government there: they failed. *RON*]
By Mohamed Omar, Huffington Post, 3 May 2015

It was "inspiring" to be around the men and women taking on the Islamic State, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says in the latest instalment of 24 Seven, a government video series.

The brief 23-second clip — a minute shorter than a previous video on the Canadian Pork Council's budget — was shot in Kuwait and shared on YouTube Sunday.

"Here I am in Kuwait, I've been in Iraq, spending time with the men and women who are taking on ISIS and it's been really inspiring," Harper says in the clip.

"They're great people and it's also so wonderful to …