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There are only 2 gold mining permits in Haiti. The first one in 50 years just got issued, to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s brother

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[À propos of Europe watching on while 1,000 refugees drown in the Mediterranean. *RON*]
Investment Watch Blog, 19 April 2015

Hillary Clinton’s brother landed lucrative gold-mining permit in Haiti after Bill Clinton helped country recover from earthquake devastation
Book due out in May describes alleged sweetheart deal that netted VCS Mining a gold concession that hadn’t been issued to anyone in 50 yearsTony Rodham, Mrs. Clinton’s brother, sat on the company’s boardAnother board member co-chaired a relief effort with former President Bill Clinton following a devastating 2010 earthquake‘Clinton Cash’ is the latest from Peter Schweizer, who turned heads in 2011 with an expose about insider trading by members of Congress An unusual nexus of mining interests, relief work in Haiti, and a former U.S. first family is raising new ethics questions that could affect Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, was a board member of…

Why Europe Lets People Drown

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[Destroying Libyan fishing vessels, which compete with European trawlers for a dwindling catch, is a win-win situation for the global corporatocracy. You address the problem by creating and punishing an external bad-guy, while the military gets to look useful and decisive. One comment by a reader gets to the point: "The containment of human desperation behind borders is the prime driver for global capitalism. The higher the concentration gradient of suffering and poverty, the higher the profits." See also NY Times, Rising Toll on Migrants Leaves Europe in Crisis; 900 May Be Dead at Sea. For a real baloney-fest, see UNHCR's Mediterranean boat capsizing: deadliest incident on record ("UNHCR welcomes the EU responsibility-sharing measures". *RON*]

By Raúl Ilargi Meijer, The Automatic Earth, 21 April 2015

That Europe let almost 1000 people die in the Mediterranean in one night shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, at least not t…

Chinese mobile phone app lets you hire thugs to carry out beatings

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[Logical extension of Uber. *RON*]
By Liam Bourke, Shanghaist, 21 April 2015

Well it looks like there really is an app for everything now. Chinese mobile phone application 滴滴打人 (Didi Da Ren) was reportedly being used to solicit the services of online mercenaries to dish out beatings—for a price.

Want China Times has revealed that users were able to post ads seeking a thug—mostly gym coaches, retired soldiers, gangsters and crooks, according to the app's description.

The concept of the app came about from an online talk show gag, the report said. A satirical video shows the app's premise in action, as a helpless nurse and schoolgirl enlist burly bodyguards to beat down on their tormentors. Disturbingly, it appears as if the joke may have actually become reality.

A Kunming reporter who placed a fake listing on the app to investigate was sent the phone number of a thug in Shanghai. The man claimed to be able to put anyone in hospital, and would …

Bank of America tries to seize widow's home while forgetting to mention that her loan was insured

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[Corporate swine in action. They sold the couple mortgage insurance then, when the husband died, failed to mention that the insurance should pay off most of the mortgage, continued to charge the widow the premiums, and threatened to foreclose on the home. *RON*]
By Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos staff, 17 April 2015

Laura Coleman Biggs and her experience with Bank of America is absolutely criminal. When her husband George Mitchell passed away, 12 years ago this month, Ms. Biggs continued paying off her mortgage. 
George “Kenny” Mitchell had taken out a special lender-pushed insurance policy to pay off most of his loan if he died.

But when he passed away on April 26, 2003, the subsidiary of Charlotte-based Bank of America did not arrange a payoff of the $100,000 policy and continued to charge his widow an insurance premium every month along with her mortgage payment.Pretty bad. But the story is even worse than you already know it is. See, the only rea…

Patient Wait Times Have Doubled Over the Past 20 Years

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[Barua says we should "seek out better ways to eliminate unnecessary (and harmful) delay" but does not say how. It won't happen by pumping ever more dollars into the 'too much, too late' system we now have - that is, buying more specialists and hospital beds and larger emergency departments. It will happen by supporting health earlier in the sequence of things - health promotion, prevention, chronic disease management, shared care between GPs and expensive specialists. But the foxes are in charge of the hen-house, since hospital CEOs run the health authorities - this must change before anything else. *RON*]
Bacchus Barua, Fraser Institute / Huffington Post, 20 April 2015

You know things are bad when the best you can say is "at least it hasn't gotten any worse." That, essentially, is the main takeaway from the Canadian Institute for Health Information's updated report on wait times for healthcare in Canada.

Federal Budget 2015: What's Really So Bad About Running A Deficit?

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[Don't drink the ideological cool-aid. Running a small deficit when rates are so low to make high-return investments, such as public transit, is a good thing. More importantly, we need to recognize that the lion's share of our debt has its origin in our banks, and act accordingly! *RON*]
Althia Raj, Huffington Post, 21 April 2015

OTTAWA — What’s wrong with the federal government’s running a deficit?

Scott Clark, a professor, consultant and senior bureaucrat who served as deputy minister at Finance under Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government, believes Canadians have been tricked into believing that only bad fiscal managers run deficits.

“Everyone has become indoctrinated with the view that if a government were to run a deficit that would be a bad thing, that deficits are a bad thing,” Clark told The Huffington Post Canada. “Poor Mr. Mulcair is even afraid of saying the word deficit.”

Canadians should be more demanding and critical, Clark said.…