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CIA Director: We’re Winning the War on Terror, But It Will Never End

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[There's nothing like job security. Ka-ching!! *RON*]

by Micah Zenko, Council on Foreign Relations, 8 April 2015
Last night, Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan participated in a question-and-answer session at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. The first thirty-seven minutes consisted of an unusually probing exchange between Brennan and Harvard professor Graham Allison (full disclosure: Graham is a former boss of mine). Most notably, between 19:07 and 29:25 in the video, Allison pressed Brennan repeatedly about whether the United States is winning the war on terrorism and why the number of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups has only increased since 9/11: “There seem to be more of them than when we started…How are we doing?”

Tom Cotton: Military Action Against Iran Would Take Only 'Several Days'

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[And from the Idiots Who Never Change Their Tune Department. Also note well the Hilary Clinton quote at the end. *RON*]
Domenico Montanaro, National Public Radio. 8 April 2015

Sen. Tom Cotton, who orchestrated a letter to Iran's leaders disapproving of any potential deal with their country, called the president's underlying assumptions in making a deal "wishful thinking."Carolyn Kaster/AP

Sen. Tom Cotton accused President Obama of holding up a "false choice" between his framework deal on Iran's nuclear program and war. He also seemed to diminish what military action against Iran would entail.

"Even if military action were required," the freshman Arkansas Republican senator said on a radio show Tuesday hosted by the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins. In the comments first picked up by BuzzFeed, Cotton also said: "the president is trying to make you think it would be 150,000 heavy mechanized troo…

The Financial Pressures of the Middle Class

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[From the You Knew This, But Here's The Proof Department. From 1989 to 2013 the median income of the middle class fell by 27 per cent; the lower class lost 54 per cent, while the upper class gained 22 per cent. *RON*]
William Emmons & Brian Noeth, Federal Reserve of St. Louis, 7 April 2015

Many references to the “middle class” are based on a simplistic definition, such as the middle 50 percent of families by income or wealth. While this may be effective for discovering, for example, trends in wealth distribution over time, these definitions uncover little about the characteristics of individual middle-class families and about how these families fare over time. A recent report from the St. Louis Fed's Center for Household Financial Stability sought to provide a demographic definition of the middle class and found that the middle class may be under more financial pressure than has been otherwise reported.

Senior Economic Adviser William E…

The Oil Industry Doesn't Want You to Have Better Transportation Options

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[This is a key reason why Christy Clark pulled a Pontius Pilate and washed her hands of making a political decision concerning the Metro transit plan, which it is her job to do. She is still occupied with kissing up to big oil & gas and knows full well that the public has a knee-jerk response of voting down tax increases. *RON*]
David Suzuki, Huffington Post, 8 April 2015

Brothers Charles and David Koch run Koch Industries, the second-largest privately owned company in the U.S., behind Cargill. They've given close to US$70 million to climate change denial front groups, some of which they helped start, including Americans for Prosperity, founded by David Koch and a major force behind the Tea Party movement.

Through their companies, the Kochs are thelargest U.S. leaseholder in the Alberta oilsands. They've provided funding to Canada's pro-oil Fraser Institute and are known to fuel the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory, which claims a 1992 U…

What happened when Canada stopped counting its numbers

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[The triumph of ideology. This, obviously, was the plan: "With its long-standing yardstick gone, the fogginess of new data means less and less is known about one of the world’s major economies as each year passes." Five years after leaders killed the long-form census, researchers can't tell you what direction the country is going in. Yet, given Mr. Harper's avowed concern for our privacy, we are awash in funds for spying on Canadians. If you are able to, please give your support to the good work being done by Evidence for Democracy. *RON*]
by Leyland Cecco, Al Jazeera America, 2 April 2015

TORONTO — When a major Western country stops counting its numbers, bad things can happen.

In June 2010, the Canadian government unveiled a grand experiment in data collection. In the name of privacy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper ended the mandatory long-form census for the country and swapped it out with a voluntary survey.

Five years later, t…

Glaciers in Canadian Rockies Could Shrink By 95% by 2100, Study Finds

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[It's worth scanning the original article to see the number of climate change deniers trolling to get a rise out of DeSmog Blog's regular readers. See also Suzuki on The Common Sense Canadian, Canada takes water for granted amid melting snowpacks, glaciers, and Stephen Hume at The Sun, Time now to talk about looming water scarcity (i.e., stop giving it away Christie Clark. ]
Robert McSweeney, Carbon Brief / DeSmog Blog, 7 April 2015
This blog originally appeared on Carbon Brief.

The Canadian Rockies, which sit as a backdrop to many a stunning vista, could be almost entirely devoid of glaciers by the end of the century, a new study suggests.

Researchers modelled the impact of rising temperatures on glaciers across western Canada.

The results show widespread ice loss by 2050, and ice all but vanishing a few decades later.

Around 27,000 square kilometers of Western Canada is covered by glaciers, an area similar in size to the amount of ice in t…