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Op-ed calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran

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[The sweet smell of insanity in the right-wing Israeli press. "20-30 nuclear bombs will assure the job gets done," opinion piece on right-wing Israel National News site says. *RON*]
By Times of Israel Staff, 11 March 11 2015

Right-wing media outlet Israel National News published an opinion piece Tuesday calling on Israel to launch nuclear bombs at Iran and Germany, only days after the outlet came under fire for publishing a piece accusing a war widow of killing her husband over her pro-peace views.

In the opinion article published Tuesday, the author claims that only through nuclear annihilation of Iran and Germany, with 20 or 30 nuclear bombs each, can Israelis prevent the state’s destruction.

“If Israel does not walk in the ways of God’s Bible,” author Chen Ben-Eliyahu wrote in Hebrew, “it will receive a heavy punishment of near complete destruction and doom and only a few will be saved.”

One of Israel’s missions is to remember the crime…

Estimating Burden and Disease Costs of Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union

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[The corporatocracy's making you sick. Big Ag's chemicals, particularly the endocrine disruptors (which are everywhere in our plastic household products) are both making us sick and costing the economy hundreds of billions of Euros per year. Another example of those good old 'externalities' that capitalists love to ignore like crazy. *RON*]

By Leonardo Trasande, R. Thomas Zoeller and others, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 5 March 2015

Received: December 05, 2014
Accepted: February 09, 2015
Published Online: March 05, 2015



Context: Rapidly increasing evidence has documented that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) contribute substantially to disease and disability.

Objective: The objective was to quantify a range of health and economic costs that can be reasonably attributed to EDC exposures in the European Union (EU…

Exclusive: Chris Hedges on Bill C-51 and the corporate state

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[Terrorism as a tool of totalitarianism. "None of these bills are about terrorism. Terrorism is the excuse. That's what 9/11 was and that's what this gunman who carried out this attack on Parliament Hill -- they seize on that the same way, for instance, the Nazi party seized on the Reichstag fire to strip away civil liberties in Germany. What people forget is that the next day, after the Nazis essentially eviscerated all civil liberties for the German population, everything appeared normal. Everyone went to work; came home; had dinner. They had ceded to themselves this kind of power in the name of fighting terrorism." *RON*]
By H.G. Watson,, 15 March 2015

This weekend, protests were held in communities across Canada to protest Bill C-51, a bill that would increase powers for CSIS.

Journalist and author Chris Hedges has spent much of his career working as a foreign correspondent in war zones across the globe, and has writ…

‘Worst Is Yet To Come': Economic Bad News Could Hit Just In Time For Election

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[We're hovering around the edges of another recession, this time oil-induced. Just watch. Harper can be counted on to attempt to deflect this discussion by stepping up the fear- and hatred-driven rhetoric around terror and Russia. He might even find this a good time to bring up fighter jets again! *RON*]
By Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 16 March 2015

Six words that appeared in several economists’ analyses over the past several days should give pause to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s political strategists: “The worst is yet to come.”

That was the sentiment following StatsCan’s release of unemployment numbers for February, which showed the jobless rate ticking up to 6.8 per cent as the country lost a net total of 1,000 jobs.

It was actually better than the 5,000 lost jobs economists had been predicting, but the experts don’t see this as a sign that Canada will come out of the oil price collapse unscathed.

“We think that worst of the effects from…

Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander delivers a troubling speech on Ukraine

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[Cries of "Freedom!" and "War!" are terrific political distractions from bad government, especially when you're trying to grab some fringe swing votes. But when the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration shares a podium with a speaker from a group with "combined radical nationalism and neo-Nazi features" you really need to wonder. *RON*]
By David J. Climenhaga,, 16 March 2015

One of the principal talking points of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his supporters in the federal election campaign that is now for all intents and purposes under way is that the Conservatives are statesmanlike and mature, while Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is a crazy kid who could do or say anything and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is an angry old man.

But when the media's not around, nobody can match our Conservatives for recklessly immature and angry rhetoric.

Indeed, listening to a recent speech to the Ukrainian Canadian …