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Report: Whites More Likely To Be Named CEOs Than Equally Sociopathic Black Candidates

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[The Onion gives me a grin just about every day. You don't really need to read past the title, but it is pretty funny, "These are heartless sadists who have put in countless hours of backstabbing and forsaken all ethical constraints in order to bolster their own power, and yet time and time again they are denied a place at the top of the corporate ladder simply because of the color of their skin." See also God Shoots Himself While Cleaning Gun. *RON*]
The Onion, Issue 51, 10, 10 March 2015

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Shedding light on the striking lack of diversity within the highest ranks of corporate America, a report from the Executive Leadership Council released Tuesday reveals that white individuals are far more likely to be named CEOs than equally sociopathic black candidates.

Despite widespread evidence that minority executives are just as misanthropic and unprincipled as their Caucasian peers, the study found that less than 1 percent of F…

TPP at the NABE

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[Krugman is opposed to the TPP, but not stridently so. An interesting piece. 'Globaloney'! :-) *RON*]
Paul Krugman, New York Times, 11 March 2015

I was in DC yesterday, giving a talk to the National Association of Business Economists. The subject was the Trans-Pacific Partnership; slides for my talk are here.

Not to keep you in suspense, I’m thumbs down. I don’t think the proposal is likely to be the terrible, worker-destroying pact some progressives assert, but it doesn’t look like a good thing either for the world or for the United States, and you have to wonder why the Obama administration, in particular, would consider devoting any political capital to getting this through.

Actually, I was glad to see Larry Summers weigh in on the same subject in yesterday’s FT. Reading that piece, you may wonder what just happened – did Larry come out for the deal or against it? The answer, I think (slide 1), is that he basically supported an idealized …

Russia says has right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea: report

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[Each side is willing to take the world to the brink in order to out-testosterone the other side. *RON*]

By Vladimir Soldatkin & Thomas Grove, Reuters, 11 March 2015

(Reuters) - Russia has the right to deploy nuclear arms in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine last year, a Foreign Ministry official said on Wednesday, adding he knew of no plans to do so.

"I don't know if there are nuclear weapons there now. I don't know about any plans, but in principle Russia can do it," said Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of the ministry's department on arms control, was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

Steven Blaney: “Every time the right of Canadians or other people could be infringed, CSIS will need to go and seek a warrant from a judge.”

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[This is great. In effect Bill C-51 says, "every time we want to break the law and disregard the constitution, we must receive permission from a (friendly?) judge to do so." *RON*]
Dana Wagner,, 10 March 2015

The above title is a quote from Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Conservative MP for Lévis in an interview on March 5, 2015
Steven Blaney misused one word, and that makes his statement misleading. Under the proposed anti-terrorism law, CSIS must seek a warrant for activities that “will,” not “could,” violate the Charter or other law. FactsCan score: Misleading

Since the government tabled its anti-terrorism bill C-51 in late January, critics have called for amendments to increase the oversight of new powers given to Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The law changes CSIS from a surveillance agency to one with powers to disrupt security threats. The government has responded th…

Half of the US Senate Just Committed Felonies, Could Face 3 Years in Prison

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[Arguably this could be considered treason. *RON*]

Nick Bernabe,, 10 March 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, D.C. — Congress has really outdone itself this time. On Monday, neoconservative Republicans in the Senate were apparently so eager to go to war with Iran that they broke a federal law known as the Logan Act in the process. The Logan Act has been around since 1799 and has remained mostly unchanged, created to keep rogue members of Congress from undermining foreign relations.

How did Senate Republicans violate the Logan Act? Well they did that by being war mongers. But more specifically, when 47 members of Congress signed onto a letter that was sent to Iranian officials in an attempt to undermine the peace deal with Iran, they clearly violated the act — and also all committed felonies. According toCornell University, the act reads:
“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, d…

EXCLUSIVE: B.C. Government Should Have Deferred Site C Dam Decision, Says Chair of Joint Review Panel

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[Farcical. I hope this story gets broad exposure. Both our provincial and federal governments make a mockery of democracy in their single-minded pursuit of energy projects. "I think the province was determined to go ahead with the project from the beginning." The chair of the panel tasked with reviewing the Site C mega dam — the biggest infrastructure project on the books in Canada — has some strong words for the B.C. government. *RON*]

Emma Gilchrist, DeSmog Blog Canada, 10 March 2015

In his first interview on the Site C dam, the chair of the federal-provincial panel appointed to review Canada's largest current infrastructure project said the B.C. government was unwise to green-light the project without a review by theB.C. Utilities Commission and would have been better off to delay the decision by a few years.

“There’s a whole bunch of unanswered questions, some of which would be markedly advanced by waiting three or four years,” Ha…