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Is the Euro Compatible With Democracy?: Berlin doesn't seem to think so.

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[An excellent piece on Germany pushing everyone around so it can bend the rules to do things it's own way yet while... "The Germans lean on eurozone authorities to get off the hook, and the European Commission bows to Berlin. But voters elsewhere want to change things, even just in their own countries? Nein, nein, nein: There is no alternative." Suddenly rules are rules, and an agreement is an agreement. *RON*]

By Philippe LeGrain, Foreign Policy, 6 March 2015

“New elections change nothing,” asserted Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, ahead of the Greek vote in January that swept into office a radical-left government pledging an end to austerity and demanding debt relief from its eurozone creditors. The new Greek administration, Schäuble insisted, must accept the terms struck by its predecessor. By and large, Greece’s new government has done so, despite its electoral pledges. How, then, can the destructive policies impos…

Counter-Terrorism Work Has 'Sidetracked' 300 RCMP Criminal Probes

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[What is distressing in this is the evident attitude that this is somehow inevitable, that this policy decision is not purely a matter of (largely political) choice. *RON*]

CBC / Huffington Post, 7 March 2015

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says he thinks the full, unedited version of Parliament Hill shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's self-filmed video will eventually be released.

In an interview airing Saturday morning on CBC Radio's The House, host Evan Solomon asked Paulson if 18 seconds from the beginning and end of the video made on the day of the shooting would one day be made public by police.

"I think so, eventually. I would like to think so," he said. "I can't give you a time estimate, I don't think anything is lost in terms of what Canadians are seeing from Zehaf-Bibeau."

Train carrying crude oil derails near Gogama, Ont.

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[Ultimate the only solution is to leave it in the ground. This is the 4th train derailment in northern Ontario this year. Note also how fear-mongering federal Minister James Moore says B.C. communities have a choice between crude oil pipelines and deadly exploding trains. Click here to see how the rail industry says... no thanks.*RON*]

CBC News, 7 March 2015

Several cars have caught fire after a Canadian National Railway train carrying crude oil derailed in northern Ontario, prompting officials to advise nearby residents to stay indoors and avoid consuming water from local sources.

Ontario Provincial Police were called to the scene at approximately 2:45 a.m. ET. The Transportation Safety Board said 30 to 40 cars derailed four kilometres southwest of Gogama, Ont., and there were no initial reports of injuries

Several cars have caught fire, police said, and others entered theMattagami River System.

The cause of the derailment is still under investi…

5 conservative voices ring "alarm bells" over what Harper's terror bill will do to civil liberties

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[You know you need to be worried about a Bill when... See also David Suzuki's Let’s Not Sacrifice Freedom Out Of Fear and this one in which Privacy Commissioner slams anti-terror legislation Bill C-51 and this one Bill C-51 'May Fail In Its Obligation To Protect' Canadians, First Nations Chief Warns. Who is left other than Harper that supports it? *RON*]

By Press Progress, 2 March 2015

Still think Stephen Harper's terror bill sounds like a good idea?

Forget that four former prime ministers and a handful of Supreme Court justices have openly criticized the bill. And nevermind that 100 legal experts wrote an open letter calling it a "dangerous piece of legislation" that threatens "the health of Canadian democracy" and Canadians' rights and freedoms.

Here's what should really scare Harper's Conservatives: several prominent small-c conservative voices are ringing "alarm bells" over the terror…

WIN! Compliance withdraws its application for the Raven coal mine

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[This is a genuinely important win. The Raven coal mine protesters have shown up at every protest I've been to or seen on television for the past several years - they have really been working hard. It's great to see a positive return on their efforts! *RON*]

Brent Patterson, Council of Canadians, 4 March 2015
The Council of Canadians Comox Valley chapter has been opposing the Raven coal mine for almost five years.

The Globe and Mail now reports, "A controversial proposal to mine more than 16 million tons of coal in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island has been withdrawn in the face of growing criticism about the negative impacts it could have on rich shellfish and salmon grounds. Stephen Ellis, president of Compliance Coal Corporation, said his company has backed out of the B.C. environmental assessment process for the proposed Raven coal mine not because it’s environmentally risky, but because there is so much public misunderstandin…

Zombies in the oilpatch

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["A study released recently concluded that solar will be the world’s cheapest energy source within a decade.... there will be no place even for bargain-basement oil in a residential market where solar is building market share" Meanwhile, see how The rush to hoard oil is getting so intense that there's a market forming for oil storage futures contracts. *RON*]
By Mitchell Beer,, 3 March 2015

You know times are tough when a company built on the promise of rapid growth and untold riches tells its primary suppliers the party’s over.

But that’s what happened last month when Steve Laut, president of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL), told a business audience in Fort McMurray, Alberta, that Canada’s oilsands industry is headed into a “death spiral” unless producers can get a break on costs.

Oilsands producers, said Laut, were making three times the profit in 2004 — when a barrel of oil cost about US$40 — than they were w…

Canada’s Corrupt Corporations: World Bank’s Corrupt Companies Blacklist, Dominated By Canada

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[An old article but a good one via my friend David. Lavalin has a large amount of political influence with the Harper government; they are regular recipients of large federal government contracts. *RON*]
By Global Research News / Huffington Post, 5 January 2015

Canada has the dubious honour of being home to the largest number of firms on a World Bank blacklist of corrupt companies.

But virtually all of that can be attributed to one Canadian company — SNC Lavalin, the construction and engineering giant whose name is becoming a paragon of Canadian corruption.

Of the more than 600 companies now listed as barred from doing business with the World Bank over corruption, 117 are Canadian, the most of any one country. And of those, 115 represent SNC-Lavalin and its subsidiaries, the Financial Post reports.

Among the listed SNC subsidiaries are Candu Energy, which designs CANDU nuclear reactors, and Evergreen Rapid Transit Holdings, the SNC-Lavalin compa…