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Christy Clark’s LNG-fueled Fudge-it Budget…and the enabling NDP

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[Politics in BC: the sound of one hand clapping. An excellent broadside by Mr. Mair on how the utter policy vacuum of the Liberals is matched only by the complete flaccidity of the NDP. *RON*]

By Rafe Mair, Common Sense Canadian, 13 February 2015
Welcome to Ruritania! Where is Peter Sellers when we need him?

We now have a legislature pretending to act like big kids do, leaders acting as if they really are in charge, a government out of control, and an opposition dedicated more to supporting the government than to raising issues.
Through the looking glass: Clark’s surreal throne speech

The Throne Speech was really quite funny when you think of it. The more LNG companies withdraw their undertaking, the more money we make. The fewer the LNG plants developed, the more jobs we’ll have. The worse our environmental record is in fracking for LNG, the less it matters.

If we go on having companies withdraw from LNG in BC, God knows how much money we’ll all mak…

Paris passes vote to sue Fox News

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[Good! The idiots at Fox News will not understand anything other than being taken to court. Their 'news' stories spin lies to throw gasoline on the flames of anti-Islamic hatreds. *RON*]

Associated Press / Business Insider, 12 February 2015

Paris City Council authorized Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Wednesday to sue U.S. broadcaster Fox News for reporting there are "no-go zones" in the French capital where non-Muslims and police fear to venture.

City officials voted to file a lawsuit at a French court for defamation regarding comments on Fox News and a map it broadcast with eight such so-called off-limits areas circled in red. The report came when Paris was on high alert after attacks by Islamic radicals last month.

Fox was widely mocked for that report and for comments describing the English city of Birmingham as "totally Muslim." The broadcaster later apologized for "some regrettable errors."

Hidalgo vowed to "sa…

Discarded Russian submarines could cause a nuclear disaster in the Arctic

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[A huge collection of potential Chernobyls: "According to the Bellona Foundation the Soviet Union dumped "19 ships containing radioactive waste; 14 nuclear reactors, including five that still contain spent nuclear fuel; 735 other pieces of radioactively contaminated heavy machinery; 17,000 containers of radioactive waste," and three nuclear submarines in the seas. Maybe things will end with a bang and a whimper. *RON*]
Jeremy Bender, Business Insider, 13 February 2015

The Arctic could become a site of future turmoil, and not just because of the emerging geopolitical tensions and militarization in the region.

Beyond concerns of a frozen conflict in the icy north, there is the additional fear that the Barents and Kara Seas could become the location of a slow-motion nuclear disaster. Until 1991 the Soviet Union used the seas as a junkyard where it would dispose of its nuclear waste.
According to the Bellona Foundation, citing the Norweg…

Proof That the FDA Isn’t Protecting Americans’ Health

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[On the extent to which the FDA hides clinical trials researcher's egregious deeds and helps to keep them out of scientific publications. *RON*]
By Nick Stockton, Wired, 12 February 2015

Making drugs is tricky business. It’s also expensive, so it’s no shocker that labs take scientific shortcuts when trying to get a treatment to market—where it can start earning back the millions of dollars spent in development. Whenever the FDA catches falsified data or unreported side effects, it issues a warning letter to document the bad research. That’s good. But a new study shows the FDA also goes to extreme lengths—from bureaucratic obfuscation to outright redactions—to hide any links between that negligence and any particular drug. That makes it impossible to tell if these letters are doing anything to protect consumers.

What Kinder Morgan is Keeping Secret About its Trans Mountain Spill Response Plans

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[Kinder Morgan says they can't share emergency spill response plans with us because of commercial and security reasons - but Americans get The Full Monty. Washington state has details from Kinder Morgan for every unique section of their pipeline, worst case scenario plans, who is responsible for cleanup and extensive emergency timelines. But that kind of information is too sensitive for us here BC, so says our National Energy Board. The government of BC has the power to stop this nonsense by setting up a fair and independent pipeline review. It's time for Premier Christy Clark to act. Sign your name for a BC-led review: *RON*]

Carol Linnitt, DeSmog Blog Canada, 12 February 2015

Kinder Morgan, the company currently seeking permission to nearly triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline to carry Albertan crude to the west coast, has engaged in a protracted fight with the province of British Columbia in an ef…