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U.S. gunman kills three young Muslims; motive disputed

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[If a mentally-unstable Muslim killed 3 young Christians, would we be seeing delicate wording like ‘motive disputed’ in the headlines and studious avoidance of the word ‘terrorism’ in the article? *RON*]
By Colleen Jenkins, Reuters, 12 February 2015

(Reuters) - A gunman who had posted anti-religious messages on Facebook and quarreled with neighbors was charged with killing three young Muslims in what police said on Wednesday was a dispute over parking and possibly a hate crime.

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, a full-time paralegal student from Chapel Hill, was charged with first-degree murder in Tuesday's shootings around 5 p.m. two miles (three km) from the University of North Carolina campus.

The victims were newlyweds Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, a University of North Carolina dental student, and his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, and Yusor's sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19. All were involved in humanitarian aid programs.

Students at UNC, where Yusor…

The Austerity Con

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[It's a long piece, but I think Wren-Lewis does a good job of explaining complex macroeconomic concepts for the general reader. In many ways the last five years can be thought of as a triumph for mainstream economic analysis, á la Paul Krugman, since everything these non-neo-classical economists predicted has come true. *RON*]
Simon Wren-Lewis, London Review of Books, 19 February 2015 edition (online version)

‘The government cannot go on living beyond its means.’ This seems common sense, so when someone puts forward the view that just now austerity is harmful, and should wait until times are better, it appears fanciful and too good to be true. Why would the government be putting us through all this if it didn’t have to?

By insisting on cuts in government spending and higher taxes that could easily have been postponed until the recovery from recession was assured, the government delayed the recovery by two years. And with the election drawing…

Harper may have just turned Indigenous activists into terrorists

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[Everything about this Bill is scary. Will it be illegal, and constitute a terrorist act, to vigorously and vocally oppose Harper's support for Israeli imperialism über alles, anything that the Harper government sees as affecting the economic stability of Canada, or protesting pipelines (i.e., "interference with critical infrastructure")? Using any of these so-called 'criteria' could web sites such as this one be closed down by deeming critical articles to be 'terrorist propaganda'? *RON*]
By Pamela Palmater,, 12 February 2015

Prime Minister Harper's Conservative government has introduced Bill C-51 The Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, which it claims is needed to protect Canadians from terrorism. Experts and commentators have called the bill, which will create a secret police force for Harper: terrifying, illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial and totalitarianism. In case you don't know what totalitarianis…

Sun News Network Shuts Down

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[Right-wing Canadian news network, unable to compete in a free market, fails and blames it on government. See also BREAKING DRIVEL! Mud on its face, a big disgrace, Sun News Network perishes from the earth and Sun News Network to close permanently ("The network was 'run by insiders who did not know a thing about television' said a Sun News employee.) *RON*]
By The Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 13 February 2015

TORONTO - The Sun News Network went off the air at 5 a.m. ET Friday after negotiations to sell the troubled television channel were unsuccessful.

No on-air announcement was made as the screen went dark and was replaced moments later with the Sun TV logo.

The closure of the conservative-angled news channel follows months of uncertainty surrounding its fate, after Postmedia Network Canada Corp. announced plans to purchase the Sun Media newspapers and websites from Quebecor for $316 million.

The Sun News channel was not inclu…

The Greek Economic Crisis, The Social Impacts of Austerity. Debunking the Myths

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[It would be a mistake to think that most of these outcomes were not the intended result of the policy. *RON*]

By Lionel Reynolds, Global Research, 13 February 2015

The new SYRIZA-led Greek government, elected on an ‘anti-austerity’ platform, has presented its proposals for an alternative debt management regime to an emergency meeting of Eurozone finance ministers in Brussels.

Various options continue to be discussed, including a ‘bridging’ loan to meet short-term cash needs in advance of a comprehensive settlement; swapping some of the debt for ‘growth-bonds’ – a kind of perpetual bond that only pays the holder a dividend when there has been ‘growth’; a partial write-down of a portion of the debt; and a downward revision of the memoranda stipulated primary surplus targets.

The German government continues to stand firm against any re-negotiation of the ‘bailout’ terms initially ‘negotiated’ in 2010. These mandated that, in return for an (eventual) t…

Parts of Ottawa terror and money-laundering law ruled unconstitutional

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[The Supreme Court upholds lawyer-client privilege and says lawyers, notaries and law offices can’t be forced to reveal clients’ funding sources. There were always and will always be ways to obtain this information while not running roughshod over the fundamental principles of justice. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Joe Oliver says ‘more can be done’ to disrupt terrorist financing, requests investigation. *RON*]

By: Tonda MacCharles, Ottawa Star, 13 February 2015

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday on a long-running dispute lawyers had with Ottawa terror and money-laundering law.

OTTAWA—The federal anti-terror anti-money laundering law that forces lawyers to track and identify clients’ funding sources and allows warrantless searches of law offices is unconstitutional, says the Supreme Court of Canada.

In a ruling Friday, the high court settled a 15-year-long dispute between Canada’s legal profession and the federal government, and stripped out…