Harper is a serial abuser of power. Here are 70 facts to prove it.

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By Rabble Staff, rabble.ca, 16 October 2015

Let us be clear: Stephen Harper is a serial abuser of power.

Over nine years of the Harper government has seen the most outrageous abuses of power in Canadian history.

Who was the first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament? The Harper government.

Which party violated election laws or ethics at least 17 times? The Harper Conservatives.

And the list of abuses goes on.

Now, Tyee founding editor David Beers and contributors, have compiled a 70-item list of Harper's corruption and scandal in a free, downloadable PDF Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power.

The list paints a detailed portrait of the Harper government's record of breaching ethics and breaking laws and is an excellent refresher for those perhaps suffering from political amnesia during this never-ending election campaign.

Look, we know that rabble isn't always (re: never) Harper-friendly, so please take a read of this opinion-free, sticking-to-the-facts list.

Don't believe us? Here's a little taste of eight abuses of power by the Harper government from the Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power compendium:

1. Conservatives engage in abuse of process with omnibus bills

These massive bills pushed legislation through Parliament at a scale Parliament has never seen. Many, many people condemned these bills as an abuse of the democratic process because they blend and bury controversial laws.

2. Conservatives decimate federal libraries

The Harper government suddenly closed seven world famous Department of Fisheries and Oceans archives, chaotically chucking rare literature. This was apparently to save less than half a million dollars. However, it seems like the real reason was to restrict environmental information.

3. UN blasts Canada's treatment of immigrations and refugees

Indefinite detention and poor mental health support for immigrants contributed to the UN's scathing report of the Harper government's changes to Canada's immigration and refugee system.

4. Conservatives muzzle Canada's science community

Dubbed the "Death of Evidence" top scientists were heavily monitored and denied freedom of speech.

5. Revenue Canada attacked charities

If a charity or non-profit organization didn't adequately align with the Harper brand, they were probably on the receiving end of a politically motivated audit.

6. Conservatives force through anti-union bill

Conservative senators overruled their own speaker in order to push through this unconstitutional, privacy-invading bill on unions.

7. Conservatives convicted of crimes

Michael Sona went to jail for the robocalls scam and Dean Del Maestro was sentenced for his election spending violations. What other illegal activities did the Conservatives get up to?

8. Fair Elections Act ironically makes elections unfair

Pierre Poilievre's bill has stripped power from Elections Canada and made it harder or impossible for millions of Canadians to vote. It's up there as one of the most anti-democratic things the Conservatives have done.

Um, yep. And that was just eight things!

Download and read Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power right now.