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Christy Clark admits Site C not needed for LNG; Cracks forming in her support for project: Bloomberg

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[Desperate back-pedaling pretending not to be desperate back-pedaling. *RON*]

Posted in Common Sense Canadian, 10 December 2014

According to this Dec. 10 story from Bloomberg, BC Premier Christy Clark remains bullish on the beleaguered LNG industry – but, more notably, she has finally given up on the notion the Site C Dam is needed to power LNG plants. Her comments here show cracks forming in her government’s support for the $8 Billion-plus dam:

British Columbia will prioritize LNG over a proposed hydroelectric dam, the C$8.5 billion Site C project, if labor estimates show it will put LNG projects at a disadvantage in securing workers, Clark said. The power project can probably go ahead when the government decides on it by the end of 2014, she said.

“LNG is our priority in British Columbia and we don’t need to do Site C in order to fuel up the LNG industry,” Clark said, adding she ran for office on a pledge to establish the sector. “Hopefully, w…

Obama Asks Congress For Unlimed War Authority

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[While you were busy worrying about all those articles on torture by the CIA... *RON*]
Posted by "B", Moon of Alabama, 10 December 2014

In August 2046, after three years of space travel, thirteen divisions of U.S. Marines landed on Mars to fight remnants of the Islamic State who recently started to spread through the colonies there. Confronted with protests over the costly measure the president pointed out that the U.S. Congress Resolution for Unlimited War, adopted in February 2015, gives him the sole authority to determine the location, size of force and length of the war against ISIS.

The above may sound a little crazy but it definitely could happen should Congress provide Obama with the authorization he is now asking for:
Secretary of State John Kerry urged Congress on Tuesday not to preclude the use of ground forces to fight the Islamic State as lawmakers consider setting limits on the nature and extent of American involvement in th…

Canada Hasn't Blocked Global Trade In 76 Endangered Species

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[Let's see if we can make Conservatives an endangered species in 2015! Harper is once again doing everything he can to eradicate any residual admiration that the world may still have held for Canadians. "It's unprecedented," said Sheryl Fink of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. "I can't think of any explanation for it. I've been told no other country has ever taken such an action." *RON*]
By Bob Weber, The Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 12 December 2014

Recently released documents indicate the federal government has reservations about restricting international trade in endangered species — more of them than almost any other government on Earth.

The papers show that Canada has opted out of nearly every resolution to protect endangered species taken at last year's meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Delegates from 180 countries voted to extend protection …

There's no shortage of issues a human rights commission could tackle in B.C.

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["British Columbia is the only province in Canada that does not have a Human Rights Commission. That makes us the weakest province when it comes to fostering human rights awareness and preventing discrimination." *RON*]
By Shelagh Day & Gwen Brodsky,, 11 December 2014

British Columbia is the only province in Canada that does not have a Human Rights Commission. That makes us the weakest province when it comes to fostering human rights awareness and preventing discrimination.

Currently B.C. only has a Human Rights Tribunal, which mediates and adjudicates complaints about discrimination after it has occurred. The Tribunal does its job well. But the onus to identify and report human rights violations rests on individual British Columbians, who must know their rights, navigate the complaints process, and handle the risk of failure. We know that the complaints that get to the Tribunal are only the "tip of the iceberg," …

What Happened to Income Inequality in Canada in 1995?

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[Just a bit of a curiosity. In 1995, when NAFTA was implemented, income inequality took a great big upward swing everywhere across Canada.

Greg Sward, Huffington Post, 8 December 2014

In a previous post on this subject, I showed that the distribution of incomes in Canada has trended very slightly since 1976. Although I think the dataset I used is a good start, by no means does it offer a complete perspective on the issue of income inequality. One of its limitations is with respect to the top bracket of earners. To illustrate with a hypothetical example, suppose that the proportion of earners in the top bracket did not change over time, but they captured the vast majority of income gains. This trend would not be picked up in the data I used. If instead, the majority of income gains were captured by any other bracket than the top, we would see one bracket shrinking and another growing. It is only with the top bracket that the data has this bl…

U.S. report slams Kinder Morgan’s enviro transgressions, including on Burnaby Mountain

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[Citizen Kinder. Bribing a ship captain, oil spills, and million-dollar fines among the transgressions highlighted by a U.S. report on Kinder Morgan. *RON*]

Mychaylo Prystupa, Vancouver Observer, 9 December 2014

The Seattle-based think-tank Sightline Institute released a report Tuesday highlighting Kinder Morgan’s enviro-transgressions across the energy giant's continent-wide network of pipelines and export terminals.

The company's recent troubles on Burnaby Mountain in Canada were cited as a major reason for updating the second edition of this report. More than 100 people were arrested last month -- including scientists, environmentalists, First Nations and other people young and old -- for disobeying a court order designed to protect the company's drillers on the mountain.

The story was not widely reported in U.S. press, the think tank lamented.

Voices from the “Dark Side”: The CIA Torture Debate

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[Members of the Bush administration have rushed to rebut the Senate torture report. Former Vice President Dick Cheney called the investigation’s main findings “a bunch of hooey.” The investigation drew a similar rebuke from three former CIA directors and three former deputy directors. Se also: Bush’s Recollection Of Torture In Autobiography Conflicts With Senate Report as well as Torture report ‘full of crap,’ says Dick Cheney, as CIA steps up campaign to discredit Senate investigation and Krugman's American Evil and Only CIA Agent Jailed for Torture Program Is Whistleblower Who Confirmed Its Existence. *RON*]

By Robert Collins, Frontline / PBS, 10 December 2014

With the release of a Senate investigation into the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation” following 9/11, the debate around torture has retaken center stage.

In an executive summary of the 6,000 page-report, Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee found that the CIA misreprese…