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Majority of Canadians want fracking moratorium, says EKOS poll

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[Support for a moratorium is strong regardless of party affiliation, income group, region, age. *RON*]

Council of Canadians website, 8 October 2014
Today, the Council of Canadians released the results of an EKOS Research poll that found most people, regardless of political affiliation, support a fracking moratorium. Seventy percent support “a national moratorium on fracking until it is scientifically proven to be safe.”

“Regardless of age, region or education, people from coast to coast are calling for an end to fracking,” says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson for the Council of Canadians. “Communities understand very well the impacts that fracking has on water sources, climate and public health. With the moratoriums in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, it’s clearly the way communities want governments to go.”

Significantly, this support for a moratorium cuts across party lines: nearly half of Conservative voters support a moratorium. The highest su…

Sotheby's Hopes to Exploit Income Inequality for Profit

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[Ah, me! What to DO with all that money? *RON*]

David Ebony, ArtNet News, 28 October 2014
Sotheby's hopes to profit from income inequality to boost its revenues and share value, so reports The Street's ValueWalk.

The article references the auction house's online profile, which highlights its position as a public company that redistributes to stockholders the surplus capital generated by the booming sales of fine art at auctions in recent years. The value of Sotheby's stock, however, has dipped in 2014, from a high of $53.5 to $37.6 per share, reflecting a decline of 30 percent. Despite, or perhaps due to, the recent slip in its stock price, the company, according to the report, is now a viable investment opportunity.

ValueWalk cites the persistent economic inequity in the country that has only gotten more extreme in recent years. The much-discussed hypothesis that fine art is the most attractive investment for the super-rich, combi…

Huge demo planned for France could be anti-austerity tipping point

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[We will see what the turn-out actually is in about two weeks. *RON*]

Ramin Mazaheri, Press TV, 27 October 2014

Economic austerity has not been forced on France yet. That helps explain why the demand for political change has not been as fierce in the country. But with austerity seemingly locked in until at least 2016, many in France are starting to plan bigger and bolder forms of social protest.

The opposition to austerity policies in France may be reaching a tipping point, as France’s unions and social associations are calling for a nationwide mobilization on November 15.

The 3A Collective, or Alternative to Austerity, believes that millions of people are dying for a chance to manifest their displeasure with the historically-unpopular President Francois Hollande.

But even though hundreds of associations, unions and prominent personalities have already committed to marching on November 15, France’s media seemed to wilfully ignore Collective 3A’…