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Scientists Discover Huge ‘Bathtub Ring’ Of Oil On Sea Floor From BP Spill

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[I'm glad they at least had all that horrible mess cleaned up and they aren't fighting in court against those fines to compensate for the havoc they created - high sarcasm alert. *RON*]

By Emily Atkin, Think Progress, 28 October 2014
Scientists have discovered yet another unforeseen effect of BP’s historic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: a 1,235-square-mile “bathub ring” of oil on the deep ocean’s floor.

Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science on Monday showed that approximately 10 million gallons of oil settled and coagulated on the floor of the Gulf near the Deepwater Horizon rig, which spilled a total of 172 million gallons of oil into the ocean in April 2010. That oil left a footprint on the ocean floor about two times the size of the city of Houston, Texas, and approximately the size of the state of Rhode Island, the study said.

Study author David Valentine told the Associated Press that tests to deter…

Burnaby to appeal NEB decision granting Kinder Morgan access to city-owned land

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[I love what Mayor Corrigan's doing. It is dopey of me, but I just twigged to this fact. The municipal elections are just around the corner and this must be costing Burnaby taxpayers an arm and a leg. I wonder what the response is going to be? The polls suggest the voters on are Corrigan's side. I continue to hope for the best! *RON*]

By Vivian Luk, Canadian Press, The Vancouver Sun, 28 October 2014

METRO VANCOUVER - The City of Burnaby is refusing to back down from its fight with Kinder Morgan, saying it plans to appeal a National Energy Board decision granting the energy giant access to a municipal conservation area.

The city has tried in recent months to block the company from conducting survey work in the area on Burnaby Mountain -- Kinder Morgan's preferred route for the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But the energy board ruled last week that Burnaby can't stop the company's activities because the geotechnical wo…

TransCanada’s $4b pipeline gets B.C. environmental assessment certificate

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[TransCanada Corporation says that the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office has issued an environmental assessment certificate for the $4-billion Coastal GasLink pipeline project. Permit decisions from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission are expected in early 2015. *RON*]

By Daily Oil Bulletin, Business in Vancouver, 27 October 2014

TransCanada Corporation says that the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office has issued an environmental assessment certificate for the $4-billion Coastal GasLink pipeline project.

As anticipated, the certificate was issued with a number of conditions resulting from the assessment by the EAO of environmental, social, economic, heritage and health components deemed pertinent to the project.

“Achievement of an environmental assessment certificate is a significant milestone for both Coastal GasLink and TransCanada,” Russ Girling, president and chief executive officer of TransCanada, said in a news release.…

5 Reasons To Quit Calling These Guys Terrorists

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[A good editorial. *RON*]
Sandy Garossino, Business Owner, Community Advocate, former Crown prosecutor, Huffington Post, 26 October 2014

This week Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo were murdered. Their Canadian-born killers (who won't be named here) appear to be recent converts to Islam. They don't (as far as we know) seem to know each other, or to be part of a co-ordinated offensive on military targets.

Cirillo's murderer was known as a crack cocaine addict on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, where he suffered mental health issues and had penny-ante run-ins with the law. His last offence, in 2011, involved attempting to rob McDonalds with a sharp stick, but the employee at the counter wouldn't give him any money.

Vincent's killer was born and raised in Quebec, yet underwent such a dramatic physical transformation during his conversion that neighbours who'd known him for a decade didn't recognize h…

Africa Must Better Target Tax To Tackle Income Inequality: IMF

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[Funny how the IMF is content recommending this for Africa but not Germany. *RON*]
by Lorys Charalambous,, 27 October 2014

Tax reforms could remedy rising income inequality in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) seminar.

The "Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa" seminar, held on the sidelines of the 2014 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, explored practical areas where taxation and public investment can contribute to more equal income growth.

Antoinette Sayeh, Director of the IMF's African Department, said Governments should look to raise enough revenue before addressing inequality: "In sub-Saharan Africa, the revenue-to-GDP ratio is still relatively low compared to other parts of the world. You cannot have the fiscal space to spend on things that will help reduce inequality if you do not have enough revenue," she said.

Additional revenue can be generated …

UK child poverty soaring due to Government’s austerity measures, Unicef says

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[United Nations says that more than one in four British children now live in poverty because of austerity policies, and that the number has been sharply rising. *RON*]
ADAM WITHNALL, The Independent, 28 October 2014
More than one in four children in the UK are now living in poverty – and the number is rising sharply because of the Government’s harsh austerity measures, a charity has said.

Unicef claimed the Coalition’s performance on child poverty was “disappointing” compared to 18 other wealthy countries that have actually cut down on the issue despite the recession.

But the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has hit back at the organisation, saying it is “drawing distorted comparisons” in its study that ranked the UK just 25th out of 41 developed nations for allowing the effects of the international economic crisis to hurt vulnerable families.

Unicef’s global report found there was an “unprecedented increase” in rates of severe material depriv…

B.C. LNG Strategy Won’t Help Solve Global Climate Change: New Pembina Institute Report

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[The B.C. government has claimed that LNG exports offer the “greatest single step British Columbia can take to fight climate change” — here's why they are wrong. See also B.C. LNG Not The Climate Change Solution Gov't Promises: Report*RON*]

 Emma Gilchrist, DeSmog Blog Canada, 27 October 2014

The B.C. government’s claim that LNG exports offer the “greatest single step British Columbia can take to fight climate change” is inaccurate in the absence of stronger global climate policies according to a new report released today by thePembina Institute and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

Natural gas does have a role to play in a world that avoids two degrees Celsius in global warming, but only if strong emissions reduction policies are put in place in the jurisdictions that produce and consume the gas, says the report, LNG and Climate Change: The Global Context authored by Matt Horne and Josha MacNab.

“Natural gas is often describ…