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Details of terror plot emerge after Ottawa man’s guilty plea

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[This is completely terrible. Yet I somehow suspect that (in distinct contrast with the problem of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada) Mr. Harper will be prepared to make the leap to a 'sociological' rather than a 'criminal' interpretation of these events. *RON*]

Colin Freeze, The Globe and Mail, 17 Sep. 2014,

He is the type of terrorist the government has been warning about: a fanatic who returned from a war zone with bomb-making skills and a plan to set off explosions in Canada.

Yet Hiva Alizadeh, a 34-year-old living in Ottawa and trained in Afghanistan, never got a chance to execute his plan. The scheme had involved 56 detonation devices he’d built with instruction from Taliban-aligned fighters and smuggled into Canada.

“If Allah wills, we will break their backs in their own country,” he was caught saying in Ottawa, on a wiretap, before his 2010 arrest.

Such evidence was kept secret until Wednesday, when Mr. Aliza…

It’s a disgrace our kids were used as weapons to achieve the inevitable in teachers' deal

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[It's those final three paragraphs: "But I guess it could have been worse. If the Chinese consulate hadn’t officially complained about the strike disrupting the education of their international students, it might have dragged on even longer. Premier Christy Clark said the Chinese pressure played no role in the sudden urgency to get a deal. Sure it didn’t." *RON*]

By Michael Smyth, The Province, 17 September 2014

Province reporter Cassidy Olivier and columnist Michael Smyth discuss the details of the new six-year labour deal between B.C. teachers and government.

Ever since the escalation of the teachers dispute last spring, it was pretty clear where the parties needed to move to achieve a settlement.

The union had to back away from some its more extreme demands. In return, the government had to increase the amount of money to assist special-needs kids.

And the two sides had to figure out a way to tip-toe through the minefield of their on…

Burnaby's Mayor slams Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion in scathing speech

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[A good read on the tribulations of municipal democracy versus the corporatocracy. You never, ever hear a mayor speak like this. Derek Corrigan has plainly been radicalized by the behaviour of the Kinder-Morgan corporation. See also: Burnaby loses injunction to stop Kinder Morgan survey work. *RON*]

Mychaylo Prystupa, Vancouver Observer, 15 September 2014
In a wide-ranging speech at an anti-pipeline rally, Burnaby's Mayor made his opposition to Kinder Morgan very clear. He gave a blistering attack on Kinder Morgan, the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, the National Energy Board, and the growing influence of multinational corporations.

His talk comes as his city is engaged in a legal battle over whether to allow the Texas-based energy giant from mowing down trees in a Conservation Area on Burnaby Mountain, to allow for test drilling for a proposed bitumen oil pipeline.

Standing beside council members and leaders with the Tsleil Wau…

Federal government puts polar briefings on ice

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[Ideology über reality; one of Santa's 12 warning signs of totalitarianism. An older piece I just ran across. "Newly released federal documents show Tories have been thwarting scientists' efforts to keep Canadians informed on Arctic ice levels." *RON*]

By Margaret Munro, Postmedia News,, 18 August 2014

Federal scientists who keep a close eye on the Arctic ice would like to routinely brief Canadians about extraordinary events unfolding in the North.

But newly released federal documents show the Harper government has been thwarting their efforts.

In 2012, as the Arctic ice hit the lowest point ever recorded, scientists at the Canadian Ice Service were keen to tell Canadians about the stunning ice loss.

“Less ice doesn’t mean less danger. In fact the opposite is true and there is greater need for ice information,” Leah Braithwaite, the service’s chief of applied science said in an August 2012 memo to Norman Naylor, a strate…