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The Islamic State Is the Newest Petrostate

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[I just ran across this one from last month. The Islamic State, the world's richest terror group, is reaping millions of dollars a day from selling stolen oil to shady businessmen across the Middle East. "They've gone from being the world's richest terrorist organization to the world's poorest state," said Michael Knights, a Middle East expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. *RON*]
By Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy, 28 July 2014
The homicidal maniacs of the Islamic State, like many shady and not-so-shady groups before it, are apparently getting into the oil business. And it seems to suit them as they reportedly are making millions of dollars per day off of it.

The militants who have conquered broad swaths of Iraq and Syria are turning to good old-fashioned crime -- oil smuggling, in this case -- to underwrite its main line of work. The money it can earn from illicit oil sales further bolsters the group&…

Peter MacKay Wears Gun Shirt From Group That Wants To Repeal Canada's Firearms Laws

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[Our version of the Tea Party fools. First his comments on women in the work force, then on judges, now this. Guns deaths per 100,000 population, averaged over the years since 2009:           USA 7.30 deaths per 100,000           CAN 2.38 deaths per 100,000           UK 0.25 deaths per 100,000. *RON*]
Michael Bolen, Huffington Post, 27 August 2014

Peter MacKay was photographed wearing a "No Compromise" T-shirt that symbolizes a gun lobby group's goal to repeal Canada's firearms laws and legalize the possession of all semi-automatic weapons.

The Justice Minister was captured wearing the shirt sold by Canada's National Firearms Association (NFA) at a Conservative fundraising event in Edmonton on Friday.

MacKay was photographed alongside NFA employee Ericka Clarke and Canadian Forces veteranKurtis Gaucher.

Most claimants lose EI appeals; dismissal rate remains high in new system

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[Tribunals have been replaced by a single person - a Conservative government appointee, often someone who has donated money to the Conservative government. In person interviews have been replace by telephone calls. The rejection rate is over 80% and expected to rise, and the unemployed are expected to document that they have conducted a complex and comprehensive job search strategy even if they work in areas with few work opportunities. *RON*]
By Lee-Anne Goodman, The Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 27 August 2014

OTTAWA - The plight of jobless Canadians denied employment insurance benefits hasn't improved under the federal government's new social-security tribunal during the first year of its existence, documents show.

The general division of the tribunal made decisions on 1,075 employment insurance appeals from April 1, 2013 — its first day of operation — until mid-March of this year.

Of those appeals, 866 of the original rulings to deny…

Fraser Institute Blasts Canada's 'Biased' Labour Relations Laws In New Report

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[All ten Canadian provinces lag behind all fifty US states on 'labour flexibility'? Thank goodness! Finally something we can be proud of. Also see: "Charitable" Fraser Institute accepted $500k in foreign funding from Koch oil billionaires. Hello? CRA? Where are you now? *RON*]
Sunny Freeman, Huffington Post, 28 August 2014

Just when it seemed that the debate over right-to-work laws had calmed, Canada’s most well-known conservative think-tank has released a report blasting the country’s “biased” labour relations laws for stalling jobs and investment.
After assessing various labour relations laws in the private sector for their “flexibility” — defined for the purpose of their index as “less bias towards favouring unions over employers” — the latest report, released Thursday by the Fraser Institute, found that all 10 provinces lagged behind the 50 U.S. states.
The index focused on private sector unions and studied three categories: or…

Protecting public debate through anti-SLAPP legislation

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[With public dialogue having become increasingly unsustainable, much of our politics is actually taking place through the courts. *RON*]
 By Pro Bono,Shelina Ali,, 28 August 2014

Last week, Greenpeace Canada filed a defence in a claim by Resolute Forest Products Inc. This was the result of a failed motion by Greenpeace to have Resolute's claim for intentional interference with economic relations dismissed by the Divisional Court of Ontario, together with an order requiring Greenpeace to pay $20,000 in costs. According to Resolute's claim, Greenpeace widely distributed the Unsustainability Report on Resolute, together with other targeted communications to customers, investors and stakeholders, which harmed Resolute's business, goodwill and reputation.

In response to the filing of its defence, Greenpeace stated that Resolute benefited from filing its claim in Ontario instead of Quebec where Resolute's headquarters were locat…