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In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party

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[In case you ever thought otherwise. The audio quality is extremely poor; there is a transcript at this location. *RON*]

By: Jason Easley, Politicus USA, 27 August 2014

In a leaked audio tape of the Koch brothers top secret June 2014 retreat, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) not only admitted that the Republicans would be lost without the Kochs, and revealed who the real power is in the GOP.


[The audio file was both enormous in size and of very poor quality. You are far better off linking to this site, where there is a full transcript - plus you can still access the audio file here if you feel you simply must hear it. *RON*]

McConnell opened his remarks by saying, “Is this working? I know it’s been a long, but very inspiring day. And I want to start by thanking you, Charles and David for the important work you’re doing. I don’t know where we’d be without you, and um, and I want (inaudible) for rallying, uh, to the cause.”

Mitch McConnell has vot…

We're taking your online privacy concerns straight to the B.C. Legislature and we need to hear from you.

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[Privacy does not only matter to people who have done something illegal or that they otherwise want to hide. We all need space to develop our thoughts that is separate from the surveillance and judgment of society. This is the very same same reason that our Cabinet and board of corporations demand that their deliberations be private. Privacy also safeguards democratic societies by giving people the right to choose what information about themselves they share with government. This furthers autonomy, self-fulfillment, and provides a relative freedom from the abuse of totalitarian power. We are different people when under surveillance than we are when enjoying some privacy. The breathing room provided by privacy is essential to being a complete, fulfilled person. *RON*]
By Eva Prkachin,, 26 August 2014

Ever wanted to have your opinions heard by key decision makers in B.C.? Now's your chance. Our own David Christopher has been invited to…

Wildlife falls prey to our insatiable need for natural resources

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[Wildlife versus Mammon - who do you suspect will win? *RON*]
By Cara McKenna,, 27 August 2014

Despite suspected ongoing impact to animals where the Mount Polley Mine breached several weeks ago, professional wildlife response teams can't get in to assess the area.

It is believed that chemicals still in the environment from the spill -- which released millions of cubic metres of potentially toxic waste into central B.C. waterways -- could impact millions of birds, among other animals in the area.

Exasperated responders say it is just a piece of a much larger problem that will only grow with the economy's reliance on natural resource development: wildlife has zero protection under Canadian environmental legislation.

"There's no regulation, there's no laws, we can't even get in the door to see what's happened to the wildlife," said Oiled Wildlife Society vice-president Coleen Doucette, who has been working to…

Will Burger King buying Tim Hortons mean money for Canada? Wrong!

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[It ought to be called a "Tab Inversion" rather than a tax inversion since it simply leaves regular taxpayers paying more of the tab. This business move by Burger King involves a loss for the US government without any corresponding gain for the Canadian government - in other words, a pure increase in profit for Burger King. *RON*]
By David MacDonald, 26 August 2014

Big news this week that Burger King, a U.S. company, is planning to buy Tim Hortons, a Canadian one. This is another in a string of "tax inversion" deals where U.S. corporations move their corporate headquarters from the U.S. to elsewhere to avoid U.S. taxation. They don't actually change anything or move anyone outside of their accounting fairyland. Instead, they just check some different boxes on their income tax forms and "poof" -- save millions in taxes.

But the loss of U.S. taxes from BK is Canada's benefit right? Turns out, not so much. The onl…