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Canadian Forces to stockpile military equipment in Arctic ‘hubs’ for faster response in case of emergency

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[Oh, right, this is about saving a stranded cruise ship - we're preparing for an actual war over primary resources with Putin. 13 per cent of the world’s undiscovered oil and a third of its untapped natural gas lies in the Arctic, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and Russia has already laid claim to it all. *RON*]
David Pugliese, Postmedia News, 21 August 2014

The Canadian Forces will develop a network of sites throughout the Arctic in order to stockpile equipment if needed and move troops and gear quickly into the region in case of emergency, according to documents obtained by Postmedia News.

The military hopes to have the sites in place by 2018, with the concept tested in the coming weeks.

“A series of Northern Operations Hubs will be created with the view to facilitate initial rapid deployment and up to 30 days sustained operations in the North,” wrote Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare in outlining his plan, produced in August 2013.

Beare is he…

Nobel Laureate: 'Historians Are Going To Tar And Feather Europe's Central Bankers'

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[On the negative economic impact of austerity. *RON*]
Myles Udland, Business Insiders, 21 August 2014

Peter Diamond, an MIT professor who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2010, told The Telegraph that "Historians are going to tar and feather Europe's central bankers."

Diamond told The Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that "Young people in Spain and Italy who hit the job market in this recession are going to be affected for decades. It is a terrible outcome, and it is surprising how little uproar there has been over policies that are so stunning destructive."

Diamond spoke to The Telegraph at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings held this week in Germany.

On Thursday, Markit published its latest flash PMI report for the eurozone, with the reading falling to 52.8 in August from 53.8 in July. In Germany, manufacturing PMI fell to 52.0 from 52.4, while these readings in France fell to 46.5 from 47.8. A reading over 50.0…

SFU expands water study in the Peace

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[I'd like to know why we need to find out about things like this from a US magazine. *RON*]

Elaine Anselmi, Alaska Highway News

Simon Fraser University is expanding its water study in the Peace Region. Photo By Courtesy Photo

Rural residents in the Peace River area are being asked to put their water to the test and allow researchers from Simon Fraser University (SFU) to dip into their wells and springs.

“It gives you that baseline that’s really necessary, especially when you have industry wanting to work on your land, or maybe even just seismic [vibrations] can sometimes disturb the water – sometimes for a short time, sometimes for an extended period,” said Peace River Regional District (PRRD) chair Karen Goodings. “It’s really important to have a baseline to ensure the quality, as well as the quantity.”

According to a 2013 BC Oil and Gas Commission report, approximately 11 per cent of the water used for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, came…

Mount Polley and the Problem with De-Regulation

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[An excellent interview by CFAX 1070's Ian Jessop of Damien Gillis (co-founder of the Common Sense Canadian web site) on the Mount Polley mine disaster and consequences of the BC Liberals' de-regulation policy on the environment and economy. Why not enough 'red tape' leads to too much red ink for shareholder and taxpayers. *RON*]

US Labor Market Less Flexible Than In 1990

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[America is losing one of its most important economic strengths. Essentially they are saying that labour, as a market, is failing owing to the low level of transactions that are occurring because capitalists are not creating new jobs so workers are sticking to their existing jobs like grim death. This will lead to lower employment, wages and productivity. *RON*]
 Howard Schneider, Reuters / Business Insider, 22 August 2014

Labor stagnation?

The U.S. labor market has become steadily less dynamic since 1990, with workers seemingly locked into particular jobs and a more sluggish process of job creation and destruction in the private sector, according to research to be presented to global central bankers on Friday.

The research by two top labor economists portrayed the United States as potentially losing one of its notable economic strengths — the robust flow of workers between jobs, and the churn of employment as companies succeed and fail.

They said t…

Harper: Missing Aboriginal Women Cases Should Be Solved Through Police, Not National Inquiries

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["We should not view this as sociological phenomenon." I hope Harper gets pilloried for this statement; he certainly deserves it. (An early response: Wynne: Harper's Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women Comments 'Outrageous'This is an astoundingly clear statement of the Harper world-view. And, seemingly, he is totally blind to the fact that the police who are investigating these crimes are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Is he utterly blinded to reality by his ideology, or does he know exactly what he's saying and is evil? *RON*]
By CP / Huffington Post, 08/21/2014

WHITEHORSE - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says police investigations, not a national inquiry, are the best way to deal with crimes involving missing and murdered aboriginal women.

The death of a 15-year-old aboriginal girl found wrapped in a bag and dumped in the Red River has prompted renewed calls for a national inquiry.

Tina Fontaine had be…