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What the Site C Dam is really for: an explosion of new fracking wells

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[I've been saying this since the day the project was proposed - it's impossible that the co-location with the largest fracking zone in the Province is coincidental. Site C is not purely about addressing future energy requirements for ordinary British Columbians. *RON*]

Warren Bell, Vancouver Observer, 11 August 2014

The idea that the proposed Site C Dam on the Peace River is going to be used for supplying electrical energy to all of British Columbia is utterly naïve.

I say this because the site of this proposed project is directly over the Montney Formation shale gas deposit, with reserves of 449 trillion cubic feet of marketable natural gas, 14,521 million barrels of marketable natural gas liquids (NGLs) and 1,125 million barrels of oil.

The Montney Formation is the largest shale gas deposit in British Columbia. It straddles the Alberta-BC border; and is next to numerous other shale gas deposits on both sides of the border. At present, ther…

Gag order to be imposed on new RCMP transparency office

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[This would be funny if it was not such a symptom of a sick system. The RCMP and the Conservative government have no insight at all into how sick their organizational cultures really are. Also this group reports to a Minister, not to Parliament, meaning it is not truly a public oversight body. *RON*]
By Amy Minsky,  Global News, 12 August 2014


OTTAWA — The federal government is developing a commission to help restore public confidence in the RCMP – but it will be shrouded in secrecy.

Planning documents for Public Safety indicate anyone working for the RCMP’s new Civilian Review and Complaints Commission will be required to take an “oath of secrecy.”

“This oath ensures that these persons pledge not to disclose any information that they come across in the course of their duties to anyone not legally entitled to that information,” the document reads.

The federal government is revamping the complaints commission, it says, b…

Russia is Puny

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[Of course if Russia is puny, Canada is mini-puny! :-) Canada, at about 2% of the global economy, is actually slightly smaller than Russia, but not hugely so. *RON*]

By Sam Ro, Business Insider, 11 August 2014

Russia's recent activities have captured the attention of the world.

Its role in destabilizing Ukraine has earned it economic sanctions from the U.S. and the European Union. And Russia has returned fire with economic sanctions of its own, including sweeping bans on food imports from the West.

While these sanctions are likely to affect Russia and some of its trading partners materially, they are also likely to have a surprisingly small impact on the global economy as a whole.

"In principle, the size of Russia’s economy — less than 3% of global GDP — suggests a limited impact on the global economy," writes Barclays' Christian Keller.

Keller offered this eyeopening chart of how Russia fits into the bigger picture. As you can see, …