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How All of Us Are Paying a Heavy Price for Corporate Greed

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[The business model of internalizing profits and dumping their labor costs on society is unhealthy for the economy. *RON*]
By The Thom Hartmann ShowAlterNet, 23 July 2014

There’s a new epidemic spreading across America.

It’s an epidemic of corporations turning to a business model that helps them get the maximum amount of indirect support from the federal government - by having We the People - the taxpayers - subsidize their workforces.

Basically – they get rich – while the rest of us pay.

On October 1st – United Airlines – the third largest airline in North America – is reported to be planing to outsource 630 of its gate agent jobs at 12 airports to private companies.

The move by United will affect airports in Salt Lake City – Charlotte – Pensacola - Detroit and Des Moines.

It will mean that hundreds of unionized United employees who were making up to $50,000 per year and who were able to live comfortable, middle-class lives - will be forced to find…