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A Simplified Way To Tax Multinational Corporations

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[This is a great idea! Even the trickiest corporate lawyer would have a hard time wiggling out of this new fair and universal proposition. *RON*]

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future, 15 July 2014

You’ve been hearing a lot about corporations “renouncing their U.S. citizenship” through “tax inversions.” This is when a company buys or merges with a non-U.S. company and claims to no longer be based in the U.S. to get out of paying certain taxes. The company does, however, keep the same employees, executives, buildings, sales channels and customers it had inside the U.S. before the switch.

The epidemic of tax inversions represents just one of many ways corporations are dodging their taxes by taking advantage of our outdated and rigged corporate tax system. It is time for a serious debate about corporate taxes, and on Monday a new report by District Economics Group economist Michael Udell offered a bold new alternative that is so radically si…

Tories soften prostitution bill provision by expanding legal discussion areas

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[This is the by-now standard issue Harper approach. Go six steps beyond what the public would spontaneous have recommended, then slowly back off a half-step to great fanfare. If they follow the playbook, in less than 12 months they will re-introduce that half-step in an omnibus bill and hope no one notices, or that we are all too worn down to pursue it. *RON*]

Josh Wingrove, The Globe and Mail, Jul. 15 2014

The federal government is backing off a key provision of its proposed prostitution law by expanding the types of areas where sex workers can legally discuss a transaction, The Globe and Mail has learned.

The actual buying of sex, however, is still on track to be criminalized, leaving critics warning sex workers will still face limits that could threaten their safety.

The change is included as an amendment proposed by government and set to be voted on Tuesday, when the House of Commons justice committee is scheduled to meet for clause-by-clause de…

Does the Government Have a Hand in Which Charities Get Audited?

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[We are expected to believe that it is an utter coincidence that the groups the Canada Revenue Agency is targeting are a 100% match for the priority groups on Harper's personal Hit List: environmentalists, human rights groups and humanitarian aid groups. *RON*]

Blake Bromley, International Charity Lawyer, Huffington Post, 11 July 2014

Concern is growing in Canada over the politicization of the Charities Directorate at Canada Revenue Agency. On the same day that the issue was covered by the Globe and Mail and the CBC, CRA emailed everyone on its "Charities and Giving" list the Director General's speech at the Canadian Bar Association's National Charity Law Symposium entitled "The importance of an independent and effective charities regulator in Canada."

In this speech the Director General says that lawyers and accountants she met while attending a conference of international charities regulators in Australia in Apri…

CSEC Commissioner Calls For Safeguards On 'Five Eyes' Info Sharing

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[The CSEC Commissioner admits he has no idea what concrete steps, if any, are being taken to protect the privacy of Canadian communications information provided to the so-called Five Eyes intelligence community. "The report says that beyond 'certain general statements and assurances' between CSEC and its foreign sister agencies, the commissioner's office was 'unable to assess the extent' to which the four partners 'follow the agreements with CSEC and protect private communications and information about Canadians in what CSEC shares with the partners.'" *RON*]
By Jim Bronskill, CP / Huffington Post, 07/14/2014

OTTAWA - The watchdog that keeps an eye on Canada's electronic spy agency says it cannot be sure the intelligence service's Five Eyes partners abide by promises to properly protect information about Canadians.

A newly declassified report shows the federally appointed watchdog has recommended that D…

Northern Gateway Decision: 2 More Legal Challenges Filed

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[If the Hartley Bay band wins title (and they have at least as good a case as anyone else) Harper will need to get their permission for Northern Gateway - which would not be forthcoming - or he will have to offer proof that the project is in the national interest. See also Northern Gateway facing legal doom: eight new First Nations lawsuits*RON*]
By Dene Moore, CP / Huffington Post, 07/14/2014

VANCOUVER - The Gitga'at First Nation will ask the Federal Court of Appeal to recognize the band's aboriginal title along the proposed tanker route where ships would be carrying oil from the Northern Gateway pipeline as part of a legal fight against the proposal.

The band filed an application with the court on Monday, bringing to at least five the number of groups seeking judicial review of the federal cabinet's decision approving the project.

"The Gitga'at put forward evidence of title to specific areas in the Douglas Channel,"…