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National Gas Industry Hires Family Members of Leading Politicians

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[Yeah, not much conflict of interest here, right? When the Chinese do this, it's called "corruption." Also from the In China That Is Called Corruption Department: Snarky Lawmaker Reminds Former NSA Chief That Selling State Secrets Is Illegal. *RON*]

Written by Lee Fang, DeSmog Blog, 26 June 2014

In May of last year, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, now considered the favorite to win West Virginia’s open Senate seat, stood on a small platform in Charleston, behind a row of tiny trophies in the shape of drilling rigs.

She was there to congratulate the Energy Corporation of America, a major gas exploration and distribution company, on its plans to open a new building in the state capital.

The company needed new space to accommodate over a hundred new employees in coming years.

“I am honored to attend the groundbreaking celebration of theECA’s new eastern headquarters,” Capito told the crowd, according to an ECA press release. “This privatel…

Mapping Militarism

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[An article about the Mapping Militarism web site which, as the name suggests, provides mapped information about the distribution of many kinds of military activity around the globe. A number of the maps are surprising and a bit disconcerting. *RON*]

 By David, 6/26/14

World Beyond War has created a set of online interactive maps to help us all see where and how war and preparations for war exist in the world today. You can find the maps we've created thus far at and send us your ideas for more maps here. We'll be updating some of these maps with new data every year and displaying animation of the progress away from war or the regress toward more war as the case may be.

The following are still screen-shots of some of the maps available in interactive form at the link above.

This map displays annual spending on war and war preparations. When you view the interactive version, the key at th…

Canada Is Warming At Twice The Global Average And We Still Don't Have A National Plan

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[Another one I sent to Harper. Yet, despite the dramatic changes that have already taken place and which loom on the horizon, the report says... "There are relatively few examples of concrete, on-the-ground adaptation measures being implemented specifically to reduce vulnerability to projected changes in climate." *RON*]

By Michael Bolen, Huffington Post Canada, 06/26/2014

Canada has been warming at roughly double the global average over the last six decades, setting the stage for dramatic changes to the economy, environment and our very way of life. But government and business have been slow to react and Canada still has no national plan to address climate change.

That's the message in a new 259 page report from the federal government on how Canada is adapting to a warming world. And "adaptation" is the key word in the study. Rather than look for ways to slow down it down, Canada's federal government appears focused …

Beijing muzzles dissidents - by sending them on all-expenses-paid luxury holidays

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[I imagine the police must view this as a pretty choice assignment! Maybe we can sell this to Harper as a method for cracking down on Aboriginals and environmentalists? *RON*]
Chinese dissidents forcibly sent on luxury package holidays to remote islands - with armed guards - during sensitive political events By AFP, 26 Jun 2014

As top Communist leaders gathered in Beijing, veteran Chinese political activist He Depu was obliged to leave town – for an all-expenses-paid holiday to the tropical island of Hainan, complete with police escorts.

It is an unusual method of muzzling dissent, but Mr He is one of dozens of campaigners who rights groups say have been forced on vacation – sometimes featuring luxurious hotels beside sun-drenched beaches, trips to tourist sites and lavish dinners – courtesy of the authorities.

It happens so often that dissidents have coined a phrase for it: “being travelled”.

Mr He, 57, had not been charged with any crime, but offic…

Supreme Court Ruling Grants Land Title To B.C. First Nation

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[This is a landmark decision. The Province and the Feds had both been arguing that Aboriginal title should be restricted to small sites that were intensely used (e.g., a particular fishing spot, a salt lick), but not include any of the surrounding territory. First Nations had been arguing that they used and defended all the territory in between these spots and that any other definition would be a mockery of the whole concept of title - and they have been proved right by the Supreme Court. This will make it far more difficult for government to force resource development projects on First Nations - it remains to be seen how it works out in all its details, but this will undoubtedly create a major barrier for Harper and Company. See also Landmark Supreme Court ruling grants land title to B.C. First Nation ("the most important aboriginal rights case in the country’s history")Council intervenes in Supreme Court case that could derail Nort…

Putting Us All at Risk for Measles

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[The people I've spoken with who believe that vaccinations will harm their children are utterly impervious to logical argumentation. "I'm entitled to my opinion," is as much of a response as I've ever gotten. I believe that there needs to be legal consequences before their behaviour can be changed. *RON*]
By Pauline W. Chen, M.D. New York Times Blogs, 26 June 2014
One of my 11-year-old twin daughters recently came home from school distraught. When I asked why, she lifted her foot.

There was dog poop on her sneakers.

She watched as I flicked away the doggy detritus with a twig, then scrubbed the sole of her shoe with an old brush and hot water. “We don’t like to pick up Buddy’s poop, either,” I could hear her telling her sister, “but we do it because it’s gross to leave it on the sidewalk.”

When I handed her the shoe, cleaned and as good as new, she beamed. “Thanks, Mom,” she said, lacing up. But after a few test twirls in the y…

If a Firm Declines Under a Female or Minority CEO, a White Male “Savior” Will Soon Arrive

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by Andrew O’Connell, Harvard Business Review Blog, June 26, 2014

When Fortune 500 companies are performing weakly, white women and people of color are more likely than white men to be promoted to CEO, say Alison Cook and Christy Glass of Utah State University. But if these leaders’ tenure is marked by declining performance, they are likely to be replaced by white men, a phenomenon the researchers term the “savior effect.” In only 4 of 608 transitions over 14 years was a woman or minority appointee succeeded by another woman or minority CEO.
SOURCE: Above the Glass Ceiling: When Are Women and Racial/Ethnic Minorities Promoted to CEO?