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25 years later, oil still stains Alaskan sound

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[Pollution persists, otters and whales still struggle, and no one knows what happened to the herring. "The damage persists in quite remarkable ways." I sent this one to Christy Clark. *RON*]
By: SEAN COCKERHAM , McClatchy News Service, StarTribune, March 22, 2014

Prince William Sound and its wildlife continue to feel the effects of 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

WASHINGTON – Andy Wills was sleeping on a friend’s couch in Cordova, Alaska, on March 24, 1989, ready to head out and harvest spring herring in Prince William Sound.

“My buddy had just handed me a cup of coffee in the morning,” Wills said. “And there’s the Exxon Valdez on TV, spilling oil.”

“We were like, ‘No!’ It was just the start of a nightmare,” Wills said.

The herring of Prince William Sound still have not recovered. Neither have killer whales, and legal issues remain unresolved a quarter of a century later. Monday is the 25th anniversary of the disaster, in which the tanker Exx…

Some facts about how NSA stories are reported

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[The Intercept is Greenwald's new venue at *RON*]
By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 23 Mar 2014

(updated below)

Several members of the august “US Journalists Against Transparency” club are outraged by revelations in yesterday’s New York Times (jointly published by der Spiegel) that the NSA has been hacking the products of the Chinese tech company Huawei as well as Huawei itself at exactly the same time (and in exactly the same way) as the US Government has been claiming the Chinese government hacks. Echoing the script of national security state officials, these journalists argue that these revelations are unjustified, even treasonous, because this is the type of spying the NSA should be doing, and disclosure serves no public interest while harming American national security, etc. etc.

True to form, however, these beacons of courage refuse to malign the parties that actually made the choice to publish these revelations – namely,…