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Medical Marijuana Patients Allowed To Keep Growing Pot (For Now)

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[Not Harper's best or most favourite week in the courts. *RON*]

By James Keller, Canadian Press, Huffington Post, 03/21/2014

VANCOUVER - The Conservative government's plan to move medical marijuana plants out of patients' basements and into commercial facilities was dealt a significant setback Friday, after a Federal Court judge ruled anyone already licensed to grow the drug may continue to do so.

Judge Michael Manson issued an injunction exempting patients who are licensed to possess or grow medical marijuana under the current rules, either for themselves or someone else, from new regulations that would have made the practice illegal.

A group of patients behind a constitutional challenge asked for an injunction to preserve the status quo until their legal case goes to trial.

The federal government announced its plans to overhaul the production of medical pot last year, arguing the current system had grown out of control and was rife…

Turkey Goes Out of Control

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[A good overview of the current set of political problems in Turkey. *RON*]

Christopher de Bellaigue, The New York Review of Books, APRIL 3, 2014 ISSUE The Rise of Turkey: The Twenty-First Century’s First Muslim Power
by Soner Cagaptay
Potomac, 168 pp., $25.95

Gülen: The Ambiguous Politics of Market Islam in Turkey and the World
by Joshua D. Hendrick
New York University Press, 276 pp., $49.00
I˙mamin Ordusu [The Imam’s Army]
by Ahmet Şık
298 pp., available at

Two pilots who are flying an airplane together start punching each other in the cockpit. One ejects those members of the crew whom he believes to be close to his rival; the other screams that his copilot isn’t a pilot at all, but a thief. At that moment, the plane spins out of control and swiftly loses height, while the passengers look on in panic. These are lines from a recent newspaper column by Can Dündar, a Turkish journalist, and I can think of no cle…

Lawyer Rocco Galati Wonders Why He Had To Clean Up Harper's 'Mess'

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["...the Supreme Court in 1951 ruled specifically that the Constitution doesn't belong to either government. It belongs to the citizens and it's there that we find our protection." Harper resents the existence of the Constitution and what he has referred to as "activist judges." *RON*]

By Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press, Huffington Post, 03/21/2014

OTTAWA - Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati was in the middle of a month-long sojourn on the Indian subcontinent when word reached him Friday that he'd brought down a Supreme Court appointee and rattled the legal underpinnings of the Conservative government.

But the man who first challenged Prime Minister Stephen Harper's choice of Justice Marc Nadon for the top bench was not in a celebratory mood after playing David to a constitutional Goliath.

"When I started this I was very, very clear and convinced that I was right and that this was as clear as a bell to me,"…

Science Journal Set To Retract Paper Linking Climate Change Scepticism To Conspiracy Theorists After Sceptics Shout Libel

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[Climate deniers, when found in a research study to be prone to conspiratorial thinking, gang up on the authors and publishers, propose a series of conspiracies to account for the results, and threaten defamation lawsuits. *RON*]
 Graham Readfearn, DeSmogBlog, March 20, 2014

A psychology journal is said to be preparing to retract a scientific paper that found a link between conspiratorial thinking and the rejection of global warming science after climate sceptics claimed the paper was defamatory.

DeSmogBlog has learned the paper's four authors, led by Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, the chair of cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol, have signed gagging orders preventing them from discussing the nature of the complaints about their work, carried out when Lewandowsky was a professor at the University of Western Australia.

News of an alleged pending retraction, by the Switzerland-based journal Frontiers in Psychology, has leaked onto…