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Stephen Harper must be soooo jealous...

'Judo Knight' Putin shows off martial arts skills in wrestling bout

Pakistan rape victim sets herself on fire

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Woman dies from her wounds after setting herself alight following release of key suspect in Punjab, says her brother.

From Reuters, 14 Mar 2014

The victim of a gang-rape in Pakistan has died after setting herself on fire in protest against a police report that led to the release of a key suspect, a doctor and her brother said.

College student Amina Bibi died on Friday after dousing herself with petrol and setting it alight on Thursday outside a police station near Muzaffargarh, in the Punjab.

The Pesticide Industry vs. Consumers: Not a Fair Fight

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[Better living through chemistry. By pouring money into politics, pesticide companies have beat back attempts to protect the public. *RON*]
Lee Fang, The Nation, March 11, 2014

This story was reported in partnership with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

In a small regulatory office 
in Sacramento, California, in 2007, a handful of farmworkers and scientists gathered to explain to state officials why chlorpyrifos, a widely used pesticide, should be considered a toxicant under Proposition 65, a state law that pro
hibits businesses from discharging substances known to cause birth defects and reproductive harm into the drinking water.

Chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide, was first developed as a cousin to the nerve agents stockpiled during World War II. The chemical has been banned for household use for more than a decade, and studies have shown that infants born to mothers with high levels of chlorpyrifos in their bodies have si…

Surgeon rebuked for flame-retardant falsehoods

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[What scientific expert testimony means in the era of the corporatocracy. Disciplinary charges filed against doctor who made misleading statements about burned babies. *RON*]
By Sam Roe and Patricia Callahan, Chicago Tribune, March 13, 2014
In a stern rebuke of a noted surgeon, the state of Washington has issued disciplinary charges against Dr. David Heimbach, who told lawmakers misleading stories about fatally burned babies while testifying in favor of flame retardants.

Medical licensing authorities allege that Heimbach, whose activities were exposed in a 2012 Tribune investigation, fabricated testimony, failed to disclose his ties to the chemical industry and falsely presented himself as an unbiased burn expert when he was in fact collecting $240,000 from flame retardant manufacturers.

This Chart Shows How Much More Wall Street Made Last Year Than All Of America's 1 Million Minimum Wage Workers

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Hunter Walker, Business Insider, March 13, 2014

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released his annual report on securities industry compensation in new York City Wednesday and the results show just how large the divide is between Wall Street and Main Street.

Based on DiNapoli's findings, securities industry workers in New York City earned more in bonuses last year than the total earnings of all the full-time minimum wage workers in the United States combined. The graph above shows just how much bigger Wall Street's bonus pile was than minimum wage earnings.

Canadian Doctor Gives U.S. Senator A Clinic On Public Health Care

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By Michael Bolen, Huffington Post, 03/13/2014

Dr. Danielle Martin just became Canada's newest hero.

Martin, who serves as vice president at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto, was in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to answer questions from a U.S. Senate subcommittee on different health care systems around the world. Republican Richard Burr, an anti-Obamacare Republican from North Carolina, took the opportunity to try and score a few points for high-cost private health care.

But Burr didn't exactly get the responses he was looking for.

The highlight?

Burr: “On average how many Canadian patients on a waiting list die each year? Do you know?”

Martin: “I don’t, sir, but I know that there are 45,000 in America who die waiting because they don’t have insurance at all.”

Watch the video above to see Martin's other priceless responses. You can view a full video of the subcommittee testimony her…

Alberta partners with oilsands to develop kindergarten curriculum

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[No different than places like McDonald's, who use toys to lure young children to eat their burgers, except McDonald's doesn't get taxpayer dollars to do this with. *RON*]
By Carol Linnitt,, March 13, 2014

The province of Alberta has recently released a development plan for public schools that enlists Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada in the creation of future Kindergarten to grade three curriculum. Oil giant Cenovus will partner in developing curriculum for grades four to 12.

The oil and gas industry's involvement in the province's educational development is creating concern among opposition parties and environmental organizations.

NDP Education Critic Deron Bilous called granting partnership status to industry "appalling."

"Kindergarten to grade three is a very formative time in a child's education where their minds are still developing. It is outrageous and appalling to have oil and gas compani…