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Justin Trudeau backs Kinder Morgan oil pipeline to Vancouver

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["Mr. Trudeau’s energy policy is getting harder and harder to distinguish from that of Stephen Harper." *RON*]
Posted February 24, 2014 by Common Sense Canadian in Canada

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sat down recently with Metro Calgary, discussing everything from legalizing marijuana to funding public transit – but it was his response to this question that was of particular interest to The Common Sense Canadian: “Can you clarify where you stand on pipelines: Northern Gateway, Keystone, and pipeline policy in general?”

As we’ve noted in these pages on numerous occasions, Mr. Trudeau’s energy policy is getting harder and harder to distinguish from that of Stephen Harper. Herewith, Mr. Trudeau’s response to Metro:

HSBC's message on bonus-capping: stuff you, Brussels

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[The HSBC CEO got a pay raise of $48,600 per week. HSBC actually lost money this year, not that this has any imaginable connection with the need for ever-higher bonuses for bankers, regulations be damned. *RON*]
The EU's new rule on pay was misguided – but the bank's determination to get round it is still shameless and arrogant
"Dear shareholder, this new EU law capping bonuses is silly so we've decided to exploit the enormous and very obvious loophole. Stuff Brussels: we're not paying ourselves less. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated."

That was not, of course, how HSBC presented its new remuneration policy and system of "fixed-pay allowances", which will ensure no senior executive is disadvantaged by meddlesome politicians in Brussels. Instead, there was the usual line about the need to remain "competitive" with banks not domiciled in the EU.

BC Gov't Brags Budget Keeps Taxes Low, but for Whom?

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[In terms of total tax burden, only rich single people come out ahead. This doesn't include those household costs that the government gets to decide for us, e.g., ICBC, Hydro. This is government for the 1%, by the 1%. *RON*]

Not many families at all, when MSP premiums and other fees are included.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Feb 2014,

British Columbia Finance Minister Mike de Jong today presented what he characterized as a "boring balanced budget" while forecasting more spending in coming years and setting out a framework for taxing the promised liquefied natural gas industry.

He boasted of B.C. having the lowest income taxes in Canada, though budget documents show the total provincial tax burden goes up significantly when Medical Services Plan premiums and other fees are included.

Please Advise! Why Does Libs' Gas-Powered Budget Stink?

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[Originally I was just going to post the cartoon, which I enjoyed! But what the heck, here's the story that goes with it... See also Has LNG Become Political LSD in BC?*RON*]

Might be all those magic beans you're passing, Burgess tells BC money minister.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Feb 2014,

[Editor's note: Steve Burgess is an accredited spin doctor with a Ph.D in Centrifugal Rhetoric from the University of SASE, situated on the lovely campus of PO Box 7650, Cayman Islands. In this space he dispenses PR advice to politicians, the rich and famous, the troubled and well-heeled, the wealthy and gullible.]

Dear Dr. Steve,

The government of B.C. has delivered its economic plan. I call it the "Triple B" -- a boring, balanced budget. I forecast a surplus of $184 million for 2014-2015 unless, you know, stuff happens.

But I write to you today, Dr. Steve, on a personal matter. Regarding our Super Bowl bet: I guess I look pretty foolish fo…

Canada's Real Problem with Intrusive Foreign Interests

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[Yet Harper frets in public about how foreign interests are hijacking the Northern Gateway process, and has initiated CRA investigations against environmental nonprofits - which Anderson points out would not be tolerated in the US itself. *RON*]

With key Harperites so tied to US conservative institutions, who's in control of our vast natural wealth?

By Mitchell Anderson, Today,

How much is Canada worth? About $33 trillion according to one recent reckoning, based only on our oil and timber resources. Those two commodities alone make Canada the fourth richest country on Earth, and number two on a per capita basis -- just behind Saudi Arabia. Divided between 35 million Canadians, every one of us is close to being a millionaire. Like the TV commercial says, you're richer than you think.

That $33 trillion does not include any of Canada's natural gas, wheat, fish, gold, potash or diamonds. Yet according to some bean counters, Alberta's …