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Flaherty cites terrorism when asked why CRA is auditing environmental charities

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[He's got the wrong terrorists. He should try auditing the Fraser Institute to see if less than 99.9% of it's activity is politically motivated. See also Charities push back against Harper government repression*RON*]
Matthew Millar, Feb 11th, 2014

A flicker of hesitation crossed Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's face as he paused to formulate a response to a question that many have been asking since last year: why is the federal government focusing its financial audits on charities that oppose oil pipeline projects?

When he finally responded to the Vancouver Observer, he almost appeared to lump environmental advocacy groups in the same category as charities funded by terrorism.

“We don’t choose who is audited by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). That’s up to the CRA," Flaherty said. “We do give policy direction; and one of the policy directions is that charities are not to be permitted to accept money from terrorist organizations, in Canada…