Letter to the editor: heads must roll over Mount Polley disaster

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Cheryl Baron, Vancouver Observer, Aug 8th, 2014

Heads need to roll for this. We have never had anything like this happen in our province.

It took our Premier nearly four days to come out of hiding and go to the disaster site. Yet she's had plenty of time this summer to interfere in the teacher negotiations and write letters about the conflict in the Middle East.

Compare that to the reaction of Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi when his city flooded last year. He immediately returned from Toronto and spent the next 43 hours working hard to assist; making his "home" the front seat of helicopters or in front of news cameras. He had to be forced to go home and take a nap.

The Environment Minister's office couldn't tell us when she would make a statement, or even if she would. The Minister of Mines tells us in one breath that he's so upset he's losing sleep, and in the next, tries to tell us that inspections haven't been cut for the last five years. But he neglects to mention his party has been government for the past fourteen years! Or that this company has had 14 inspections and five warnings before the disaster.

First Nations reps had to chase the company for 5-6 hours to get any response, even though Imperial had signed an agreement to inform them immediately if something happened on the mine, which is in traditional territory. And when they finally did connect with Imperial, they were met with "chaos" in the office and no indication that the company had any kind of contingency plan for dealing with this type of event.
Imperial Metals' president now tells us the water is nearly safe to drink and there is likely no damage to aquatic life, even though dead fish, with peeling skin, are floating everywhere. Forgive us if we don't believe him.

Is there a single Liberal with any integrity in this government?


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